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Nickols Oct 2023
Mortals may think that death is the finally ending.
For you, my love; it's merely the beginning.
Tessa Savanna Mar 2021
I never dreamed of resting nor dying,
Seeing wreath of flowers and casket,
Laying down not hearing voices,
Eyes closed and won't open up,
Lips locked and won't unlock,
Unable to smell,
And cannot feel,
It scares me,
Scared of?
Death is
It's peaceful,
It is fated,
For us every one,
It's not just for humans,
But even for animals,
No exceptions for trees and plants,
Even for the stars and galaxies,
And death is a freedom we cannot stop.
Asominate Mar 2020
Flesh sees flesh
Spirit sees spirit
It takes one to see one
But no one's there to hear it
Jay M Jan 2020
Stolen in the night
Children hushed of fright
Lullaby sung
Bow strung
Arrow nocked and ready
Hands once shaking, now steady

Hush, dear ones
The mortal shuns
What they do not understand
Beatings, mockery, barely able to withstand
What they throw at us
The things they discuss

We are different
Unique, standing out in the crowd
Going against the current
In mystery, we are shroud

Ravens caw
Tales of woe
Mortals gape in awe
Yet that was a time ago
Now they point fingers
And the terror lingers

Hush, children of night
They understand not our plight
So spread your wings
Take flight
Do not accept their rings
Do not be bound to them
It is us they condemn

Show them no mercy
For never did they show any
An age old controversy
Stealing the lives of many
For a pretty penny

Rest now, children of mine
You are safe and sound
Rest those heads of thine
They lay in their caskets in the ground
Worry not my darlings; hush now
Close your eyes, and drift off
They are gone, it matters not how
Just rest now, hush
There is no rush
Hush, children, hush

- Jay M
January 4th, 2020
Inspired by Lullaby of Woe by Ashley Serena.
Crys Jul 2019
I don't want forever with you
I want worthwhile
because mortals can't live eternally
but we can
make our love
worth our time on earth
-i don't ever want to let you go
A M Ryder Jun 2019
Only mortals
Have told me

That it would ****
To live forever
s Willow Jan 2019
The old crystal cript,
dead and bare trees
line the path of bones.
Doorways and windows
glow red
expelling Blue fire.
Dreams run.
Demons escape
and joins
the mortals.
Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
...Some are afraid to die in their beds
But I afraid
To die in their heads...
emmie cosgrove Apr 2018
Once walking through the clouds of heaven
An angel did spy on the ground below
Curious to learn the ways of the mortals
She shed her halo and carefully packed up her wings
She bid the comfort of heaven farewell, eager for more
And fell to Earth
The world greeted her, ablaze with flames
These flames began to burn around her heart
Promising to keep the Angel warm whilst she ventured on
Heaven envied the joy that the Earth did provide
And heaven wept
Rain poured from the sky
The fire that the Angel fell so in love with had started to die out
As the flames faded, she grew weak
But a spark had always lived inside the Angel
It ran through her blood
She unpacked her wings and attached them to her back
She knew the spark was there
She had grown weary of heaven’s jealousy
And knew it was time to battle
The Angel’s fire was so strong it put out the rain that had tried to **** her
Her wings were aglow with orange and red
For the fire didn’t control her, she controlled it
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