There's more to a woman than her body and curves.  At the core of her brain is a thunderstorm that rains down wisdom, knowledge, and understanding flooding the soul of man with love in it's truest form.
There's more to a woman than her physical beauty.  She's a living breathing ocean with waves of compassion leaping from the depths.  Sweeping man up in her current allowing him to swim in her essences that is woman.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum

Oh how wonderful words are.
They can empower, they can uplift, they can entertain giving someone the courage to attain their dreams.
Oh how powerful words are.
They can cut deep, they shatter dreams killing one's ambition to never achieve.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum

Greed the pimp of Lust stands before her with an outstretched hand and ask

"Where is my currency?"

Lust reached into her pocket and gave Greed the gold bills.

"Greed you act like you don't trust me" said Lust.

"Lust you are my wife and the whore who I pimp.  We are a couple that were wedded in darkness.  Trust you?  I do but not a hundred percent.  I'm all about wealth and power and you're attracted to wealth and power.  You're going to be taking a shower in wealth and power" said Greed.

"I'm going to see to it that you keep your word Greed.  We may have been wedded in darkness but we are still husband and wife.  You're great with currency and I see your willingness to obtain your goals.  You promised to put power in my hands and lay riches at my feet.  Remember that" said Lust.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum

Greed and Lust as people and married.

Vile = Veil = Evil = Levi = Live
Lust = Slut
Hate = Heat
God = Dog
Art = Rat = Tar
Slow = Owls = Lows
Life = File
Blue = Lube
Fire = Rife
Psalm =Palms
Words = Sword
Ram = Arm
Stone = Notes
Time = Emit = Mite
One = Neo
Seven = Evens
Raw = War
Salt = Last
Door = Odor
Read = Dear = Dare
Snake = Sneak
Star = Arts = Rats
Ear = Are = Era
Leap = Plea
Low = Owl
Heart = Earth = Retha
No = On
Hatred = Red Hat
Dad = Add
Robe = Orbe
Verse = Serve = Sever
Dan = And
Cool = Loco
Mary = Army
Baby = Abby
Stain = Saint
Name = Mean
Tea = Eat = Ate
Male = Lame
Car = Arc
How = Who
Meat = Team = Mate = Tame
Stare = Tears
Teacher = Cheater
What = Thaw
Part = Trap
State = Taste
Scared =sacred
Written by Keith Edward Baucum


As He And I take a dip into each others solar eclipse  
He sips from my faucet that drips
and not the one located between my thick thighs and hips
but from the truth that flows from the softness of my lips.
In that moment he Indulged in Truth's kiss.
As he was overcamed by a state of bliss.
Thats when He knew That God must Exist.
Now to him I say this.......
"Lets Go beyond Us
As I allow you Undress my Conscious
Make love to my thoughts
As you diminish my distraughts
Lick my intelligence to taste the saccharine nectar of my Essence
As I give you this mental erection
You will be headed in the right direction
And there will be no need for a condom for our protection
Just dive into my purely unadulterated love and affection
Make your understanding stand at attention
Stick your knowledge in my head's dimension.
Giving me all its been missing
as I not only hear but Inventively listen.
Love me good and so deep
That upon me your heart begins to seap
And My my eyes begin to weap
Make my cerebellum climax until it reaches its peak.
Keep going deeper until you hear all the words I dont speak.
Have you found the Subtance in which you seek?

See into the depths of my soul until you see A light of shimmering glittering Gold.
Touch my psyche with a gentle caress.
Until you uncover the glory of my nakedness.

now its spiritual fire burning with Red hot flames from within inscreasing my soul's desire.

I let him see the quintessential part of me that in just a short time I had courageously bared.
And He allowed me to breathe in the fresh air from his atmosphere
As I tasted his words like freshly cut herbs
And He explored all my bountiful roads to learn all my turns and curves
As he Disect my unwritten literature to understand my creative verbs.
We fly beyond the clouds like 2 lovebirds.
I have become the many pages of his diary
As he shares his most private moments between him and me so secretly.
I feel like my my world is being pulled into his force of gravity.

And yet the question I ask is,"Is he into me?"
But I can already answer that by his his energy.
While he's staring into my eyes endlessly.
My universe has been shaken by the waves of his charismatic frequency.
As we are luxuriating in our Unfiltered Raw level of Intimacy.

When I see into your eyes I see our futures that lies
As if I was looking into the mystery of a crystal ball
answering attentively to loves call.
And it was there That i find
You are one of kind,
A materpiece crafted into a divine design
I can tell by the way Your eyes locked into mine
Although we didnt touch we had become like a braid as both our souls interwined
you send chills quickening up my spine
Its like my body, soul, and mind can sense you are the essences of Greatness defined.
As I examine your mind
It was like was like watching the sunrise
As your lips sing me lullibies
And I become mesmerized
As you give me butterflies
Then My palms fit perfectly in your palms
As My soul sings to your soul a scriptured praise from psalms.
My heart unfolds
And my truth gets told
My femininity surrender to your masculinity.
As I dive into deepest depths of your ocean's bottomless sea
Swimming in it endlessly

I become Intoxicated by your Testoserone
While you get high off of my sweet smelling Pheromones.
Your vibes make me Fantasize
About the sensual exercise you could do while sipping from the rivers that flow from in between my thighs
And from the womb of My belly I let out a beautiful cry
As I am being Submerge in your love as if im being Baptized
Then he Lifts me high like A diamond in the skies.
I take a deep breath in and SIGH
Because no man is better than my Handsome guy as I get high of his Chocolate supply.
Oh me oh my!

Its the beauty of black love between the Black Man And Woman
Its the shimmering shades of Melanin to Melanin
The contact of Skin to skin
Caressing each others souls from within.

A Queen needs her Royal King
Just like the violin needs its strings for without it its just a wooden box that doesnt mean a thing.
A God for the Goddess
Thats Honest and modest
And a Venus for Mars
And A consolation for the Most Majestic Shooting stars.
Thier powerful engery turns into a love song traveling distances so far.

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