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Elymaïs Jan 30
A tiny flower swayed silently in the wind.

He knelt and cupped the blue petal in his hand.

A voice he didn't recognise echoed in his ear.

A tear fell from his eye, but he didn't know why.
this is a legend of zelda fanwork lol
Annie Mar 2019
This is, where the dragons went
Not waiting, not dead
This is, where the dragons went
Dormant they lay instead
Packed tight in a place
With scaling filled space
And nevermore
They have been seen

This is, where the dragons rest
Not reality, not dream
This is, where the dragons rest
In occult shimmer gleam
As magic did fade
They left nothing but sage
And by degrees
They were forget

This is, where the dragons wake
Not brutal, not calm
This is, where the dragons wake
Summoned to our realm
Recalled to a spot
They slowly forgot
And conquering
They wander back
To Terry Pratchetts 'Guards! Guards!'
Jordan Apr 2018
Always the loser, never the star.
Always bullied, always ignored.
One day, he finds a SQUIP.
Says it'll help him be more chill.
Sound familiar? Here's the trick:

SQUIP is Keanu?
Well, who cares?
It will help,
Heere the Loser
Be more chill.

"That's... a girl's shirt."
Here, just follow my lead!
"So, come here often?"
Mr. Jeremy, just, say what I do!

"So, who is this chick?"
"Madeline Miller. She's... French."
"No she isn't, she just fakes it!"
Nice going Hamlet. Be more chill.

It's suddenly Halloween.
How'd it go by so quick?
Seems like just yesterday,
He'd been ignored.

Suddenly, he wasn't so forgotten.
He has a girlfriend,
Who loves him for him.
Her best friend though-
Is on a mission.

What happened at the party?
Some may ask.
It's complicated, though,
I'll tell you a flash.

Chloe kissed Jeremy.
Then did Jake,
Christine lost Jake.

"Rich set a fire!"
"He knew he was gay!"
"He fled to Bombay!"
Stop the rumors! Stop the taunts! Stop it! Stop it!

What the hell?
Is it seriously the play?
Seems like just yesterday,
"Rich melted his head!"

"This is too good for a **** school play!"
"They've all been SQUIP'd..."
"Am I bi...?"
"How bad are the rumors?"
"Michael, here to save the day!"

Find the Red.
Luckily he's so old school
Drinks discontinued drinks...!

Voices are gone...?
How could that be?
"Hey Christine?"
"Lunch, just you and me?"

That is the end,
Of this happy tale.
Now finally,
They're all living free.
I'm,,, unoriginal.

Hecc this is bad

— The End —