Jcjuatco Dec 2012

Dragonflies dancing
in bliss of summer weather;
in swarms they gather.

Flies around flowers
green, winged creatures of nature;
old mystic creatures.

Roams in tall grasses,
through seasoned swamps they hover.
Pleasant winged wonders.


Gazing through the tallest
green nettles

I realized they do
not bite me

Cause it was not the day
for stings and aching

Cause i had the black
mountain boots
and a heart
on my
sport gown

My hands reached
the Heavens
the white yello

Elder's Abundance

Where Scented Blossoms
Coloured my skin

And exposed my life lines

The coolest tangerine

I sat on the black soil
squished young grasses
and found the

My palm was a giant Plato
For it's snailish leg

On the left one
he was without weight
portruding forth
to his destination

Is it possible that
his house was
3,5 mm
Isn't it cute
that when streched
was 7 mm
at lenght

Visible horns
like 1 mm
and half of it

The upper
The downward

What are you looking at
My lines or me

If he climbs from my
left palm on the right one
It's ment to be

I'll visit the seaside

Fibbonacci House Spiralled
Inner layers with colours
outer still
and translucent

Is it possible
this tiny snail
thinks about me

It didn't work
It remained
on my heart's side

Then I moved this
cutest creature
on my right palm

Little little snail
you're not a match
to squeeze

From the right to the left
I thought to myself
he is she
i don't know
snail's so young
for sure it doesn't seek another snail

To cherrish and love

Climbed on my left thumb
Beautiful in motion
As a revolution
For better days

It is my heart's side
My vision became
Waffed all around on the deepest blue
White and puffy



Emerged out of


Had landed on a spider web
on the Verge
of Enchanted Forest
Where grave monument resides

was in the air
the invisible wings fluttered

My sharp vision
focused on
another three

They don't need los zapatos
They are not obsessed as
Imelda was

And i wasn't thinking
about that at all

This words are for you:
thank you for the music
but the dragonflies
buterflies I love

They were near my
one caressed among
tall grasses
one butterfly

not in oslo

Fibbonnaci Friend
who gave me this
Sharp vision

To see the magic
revealing all

Imagined by
Impeccable Space
Poetic Flame
K Balachandran Feb 2016

Against the thick black curtain on horizon
of  still, gigantic cumulus cloud formation
three flitting army helicopters deftly display
a shadow play on jolly life of dragonflies,
I am compelled to think, as I drive past this
along the road skirting  Bangalore garrison

J T Gaut May 2012

My sword and shield
Adorned on Ralph and Lauren
Cherry blossoms potions of health and well being
The hunt is on

St. George but an amateur
His quarry old and withered
These dragons of the modern age
Caught in mine eyes through reeds of tall grass

In a flash my blade swings
-nothing happens
but to the magic of illusion
I am a hero, a knight’ noble

In the retrospective
I’m just a boy swinging sticks at dragonflies
And in the retrospective
I hate the retrospective

A Freestyle Poem, scrawled in a friend's notebook after an improv poetry competition (of which I was not a participant)
MsAmendable Jun 2015

I never win,
Racing against dragonflies,
But I love it.

AmberLynne Jul 2014

Walking within
the confines of the trees,
we find ourselves
alone within nature,
partitioned off
from the rest
of civilization,
and in this moment
we dance
among the dragonflies.


We walk by the river side
wanting the sky to fall
planes fly tree line low
she ducks her head as we go
as I hold tight to her hand

She has the look of eloquence
her eyes burn into my eyes
and by the riverside
we spot a blue dragonfly
we watch it's shimmering wings as it flies

We stop for a few moments
to watch this baby fly
as we care for all
and none care for us
as we are just planes and dragonflies

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris

Haiku Hank Jun 2016

Steamy hot morning
Dragonflies flitting about
Under the sprinkler

Alva Cardona Sep 2016

Once in a lifetime,
we live and die the same day
Feel like dragonflies.

dragonflies return
to the place where they were born
my humble pond

Tonya Maria Jul 2013

I pick the plump ones
round, dark and sweet,
Fill my basket
for this evening's treat.
Dragonflies chase me
past bushes hung blue,
As rain falls in Georgia
my tears fall for you.
We planted these fruits
when you were a boy,
Today I collect them
with bittersweet joy.
The rain
it falls,
the bush
it bears,
I recall the memory
of you standing there.

It rained as I gathered berries.
His spirit dwells
there, in my garden.
spysgrandson Sep 2013

she spoke to me of dragonflies
and visits from the dead, and it made me
long to hear the voices of the lost,      
those without tongue to taste the wind
or form the wistful whispers
why had I seen only a butterfly,
against an ignorantly blessed, black sky?  
its colors a magnet to my eye, but silent  
even with wings whipping desperately  
as it was sucked into the abyss  
no words issued forth    
for my eager ears, to allay my fears
that there were no messengers
from the other side, or if there,
they chose not to take flight, or
find me worthy of their sad song  
what if the disbelievers were right?  
and once we lose sight,
and fall into deaf sleep  
there is no ether where we roam,
but only the dank dark decay  
the soundless feasts of bacteria
on the hopeless host

in some Native American Cultures, the dragonflies are seen as the souls of the dead
alexis hill May 2016

when the dragonflies escape
the sensation of being swept up
in kite sailing within and without
riveting curvatures
of wind breaks

there's nothing like catching
the breeze so proposing this
please sweet universe,
I ask of thee

let the dragonflies free.

when the dragonflies escape
you will embrace it
in every fiber of your being
with even

electricity flowing
up to the fingertips

you cannot shake this feeling
like the beating of fragile wings
poise and power
strokes the air so carefully calculated

I hope the both of us make it
to a safer existence where there is
virtue and inner peace then

why can't you
just release them

when we again understood
after such a long time
that we were already

already free to
begin with.

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