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Poetic T Apr 2016
It groans at the anticipation of what
is wanted in moments it is fulfilled in
yummy goodness that is plentiful but
It lingers on echoes that talked to its
yearning "FEED ME TILL FULL.

But a belly is a misunderstood thing
for not always is it hunger, but where
thirst creeps in. It talks in code that
need too be drunk upon, till dehydrated
fades away, that means real thirsty to all of us.

It talks so much like an echo of what
it had digested but now no longer full.
"My belly is singing a sad song,
It rumbles like a lion does roar.

I'm found through cupboards, standing
on the sideboard to see what delicacy's
can be ingested to make my belly proud.
but my belly makes a gurgle a little too loud.

My mummy pops a head a foot a hand
waving at me as my tummy rubbles on.
Then she listens to it playing its sad song,
A little tummy needs yummy to fill it up.

A filling sandwich, a drink of milk to get
my thirst filled up. Then my song sings no
more as a tummy now filled up. "Burp,
that was a thank you it liked it very much.
for my kids :)
Poetic T Mar 2016
My feet what can I say, well they're not the bravest
little things, not small but average I think.
well I put them out the sheets and what did they
do scurry back in was it cold was it warm, who knows?

All I know is that it was pitch black darker inside than
outside because stars twinkle down little light bulbs
of above slightly lighting things gently down below.

My feet what can I say, that flat foot that wanders
wherever it goes I don't know, my body just follows
those ten little digits and the  flat palm of my feet.

I am but a traveller on this journey they don't mind
when it's light, this is their favourite time. But  a "BOO,
and I'm standing there while my feet are running away
In to the horizon and then I follow in the distance.

My feet what can I say, they're not the bravest of appendages,
When they get spooked they run a mile in under a minute.
But the only problem is what are they connected to when
they leave. "I'm like I be back in a whileeeeeee!!!,

I'm out of breath but there on the spot jogging up and down
and for what a sneeze a shout and then there out. I put my
hands on my knees to keep them eased, to the spot they must
stay I look down and i know that they want to walk, run off again.

I can't blame it, just on the palms of my feet those dam digits
they have their own thoughts. Like a centipede they linger in
the thought of moving where I want to stand in a static form.
But we think we are in control but look below it's those appendages.
Poetic T Feb 2016
He was the only one that made the yarn trees blossom,
From silken leafs to flowers grown. Then as petals tumbled
Yarn cascaded upon branches and hung. So rich in colour
Were these pieces that they glided upon gentle breezes.

So many colours flowed and creation was gathered each
Picked delicately as not to fray to keep whole. Some of wax
Were covered while others were light like a feather and felt
like air when sewn. All was plucked till blossom fell once more.

He had knitted the cows from birth they were but a yarn
Now they had grown extra stitching with each passing year,
To help them expand and grow. Upon fibered grass they did feed.
Each one was of a different fibre for milking  purest silk.

Everyday the cows would be milked, and white silk did flow
Into buckets collected and off to be designed maybe into
An elegant swan, A dove, butterfly of white did fly upon its
Creation wings so light its beauty fluttered and flowed.

But Farmer stich had other animals, others to create the
Things needed for twine is fine, but to knit we must have
Buttons to hold. And with that they were fed on pellets
Of plastic proteins and quality was a must.

Every day they laid many a egg. Farmer Stitch would
Hold them to the light to see if they had a flurry of
Buttons inside each one different when cracked open.
Some with one hole, two holes, three, rare was a four.

Farmer stitch was a man of sewn words, he would fasten
His thoughts into ideas. When yarn had flowed upon
The breeze, and eggs did buttons fall from. Many a thing
Would be made, and now this yarn is over till again sewn.
Poetic T Feb 2016
Years had past since PTD's cases, all was now
Play and fun. But the little man missed
The chase of what could be found
Of what was hidden from view. He was
A bright young fellow now
Six years old.
Words are longer as gurgles faded into
Memories past thoughts. He had come
Home to mummy,

"How's my little man,

"I have a loose toothy peg Mummy,

"Well no playing,
"As we don't want it lost for the tooth fairy,

So little man played with his cars
"That was close the baddies nearly caught us,

He played till it started to get dark, then heard
His mummy calling from down stairs.

"Little man time to get ready for bed sweet heart,

"Ok mummy I'm changing now,

A jumper did fly socks also too,
Trousers flew in the air landing waist
Side up on his head too.
Times of an imagination as he runs around.
But in to jimjams he must now do,
his favourite ones were
Captain Carrot Space Ranger.
He has all the books reading them to sleep
His favourite story before he slumbers in to dreams.

~Captain Carrots Space Race~

Trix sat in his comfy seat, his friends
All waiting for his words of as the race was
Set in the dust nebula
Its dark in space only stars glitter.
But in the dust cloud it was like rainbows blossomed
A light show of the universal beauty.

Right my fluffiest friends its time to launch.
Rockets ignited and away they went,
Captain Trix was nibbling on a cucumber stick.
Then from no where the naughty
  Cat Captain Frost
Bashed and knocked at their ship, and off the
Race course they fell. They tumbled into a pocket of

Darkest space. Captain its  dark  in here, the lights
Faded and all was dark.
  Trix  could hear teeth chattering.

Be calm my friends, there is nothing scary in the shadows.
Take out your carrot coins, and nibble, chew,
And with that, once finger licked and all was chomped
All that was heard was trix voice, right can we all
See? yes captain carrot vison is a go.

They set a course out of this darkest place and
Out they popped into normal space, colours gleamed
As they saw they were in last place.
Rockets burst into action and they flew in
And out, weaving through the clouds
One pasted, two pasted, three pasted
Now they were in second place.

Who should be in first place naughty  Captain Frost
He had a coat as white as snow. but that was
As far as his niceness did go. He was a naughty
Kitty and everyone did know.
Sir he is blocking our path, we cant get through
Ok secret decoy time fluffy friends.

Cats attention set adrift sir, and into space it wondered,
In sight of Captain Frosts view. Out came the holding
Claws, and the space wool did bobble and excitement
Was the pleasure of kitties day. While they entertained
Themselves, Captain Trix did glide on past.
Full speed ahead as they race past the finish line.

Yawns were the calling of the night as the story
Ended as eyes blinked soon to be shut

"Mummy Captain Carrot [Trix] won the race,

"Yes he did darling and that's why meanies are always last,
"Sweet dreams my baby now off to sleep,

The night drew on as eyes slept through, and little
Mans dreams were of carrots and rabbits
That whizzed through the night sky, ZOOM.
Morning broke through his curtains and
Yawns did come and go. Slippers were
On as cold it felt, and downstairs
He wondered dressing gown and all.

"Mummy what's for breakfast?
"Was that me Mummy?

"Open wide little man, goodness me....,
"There is a gap where there should be a tooth?

"O' no I have a missing toothy peg,
"***** trained detective is on the case,
"I think I may need a new name?
"Junior Trained Detective,
"No that's not right does ring true?
"Buddy The Trained Detective.

"That's the nickname you gave me mummy,

"That's excellent little man, I love your choice,

His mummy smiles and gives him a hug and
Kisses his forehead, they search under his pillow
"Nope? Mmmm... may have to get out the cap
And magnifying glass -o

"Mummy this is too small for me?

"Don't worry little man I thought this day may come,

Out of a box she pulls his new hat out, he tries it
On, perfectly it fits on his head and his detective
Days have started again. Fist my bedroom under
The pillow I will seek my tooth be it here or there.
But pillow case removed quilt removed o' so slowly
For a tooth we don't want to lose it, but nothing appeared.

"One place now searched with a keen eye,
"Now so many other places for it to hide,

He thought of where a tooth would place hide and
Seek from its home in the mouth, under the
Bed he thought.Torch in hand he wiggled under
The wooden from and what we he see but his
Car that vanished quite a while ago, I wondered
Where that went? a sweet, a pen, a coin for the piggybank.

"Mummy its not under or over the bed,
"I looked hard, but no where can it be found,

Little man was frustrated at the thought that the
Tooth fairy would not be rewarded with a tooth.
Right let me think? he thought of that night, it
Was their in bed, when story time was read.
It was their when mummy give him a kiss goodnight.
In the morning it was gone

"Captain Carrot,
"Trix where are you,
This is no time for hide and seek,

He found him tucked in his quilt, sleeping soundly.
"There you are sorry to wake you,
He looked in his hair "Nope not there,
Looked in his tail it was white and fluffy
"Nope not there,
He thought once again? if he were
Captain Carrot where would he keep his
Best friends tooth safe if it feel out in dreamy sleep.

A smile etched across Buddies face at the thought of
Where he would keep it safe for him.
In his little fingers did search around, and then
A little white rock, no a tooth was found.
Captain Trix had kept it safe in his uniform pocket.

"Mummy, mummy,
"The case Is solved I found my tooth,
"Detective work solves a puzzling case again,

"Where was it my little man?

"Captain Carrot had it snuggly warm in his space rucksack,

"That's fantastic,
"Now where does a tooth now found go,

She smiles rubbing his hair, off to his bedroom
He runs tooth proudly in hand.
Lifting his pillow he gently places it with pride
In the place where the tooth fairy could easily
Reach and find. Leaving a special present for this
Little boy who had found his missing toothy peg.

"I think I may keep this cap,
*"Let Buddy the trained detective solve cases again soon,
Poetic T Dec 2015
I walked in the forest one day and
What did my eyes see. I rubbed the
Left and then the right one
And still I saw what I did see.

"What the heck,
"What the heck,
"What the heck,

I saw a owl and a reindeer kissing
Under the mistletoe they looked up
And then the beck and lips meet and
When they did they kissed underneath.

"What the heck,
"What the heck,
"What the heck,

A I saw a star on the tree singing,
I listened with the left and I
listened with the right,

"Merry Christmas,
"Merry Christmas,
"Merry Christmas,

Did this star sing, and it glowed
Upon the words it that did ring.
It sang these words till Christmas eve.

"What the heck,
"What the heck,
"What the heck,

A reindeer did land on my snow covered roof,
and what words did I my ears hear,
I looked with eyes wide open
My eyes did glance?


Then I did awaken and snow was on my
Tree I ran down the stairs,
I opened the door and
My eyes did see presents
Sitting where none were the night before
Now I said three words.

"What the heck!
"What the heck!
"What the heck!

As a smile crossed my face as
My mummy woke up, and we did open
What Santa had dropped down our chimney.
Poetic T Aug 2015
He was never as good as the other children,
At school they made him think he was to slow
For their games of
As how hard is it to find a slug when
A slippery, slimy trails left behind him.
He was never that fast always taking
Time to get to those places that
Others would speedily get too.
But what was the fun of missing
Always rushed past, he would take a
Moment to speak to those taking time
Out of a gradual slow day, until someone not
The slimly little trail, as they disappeared
Down a soggy path, anger turned to laugher
As they had the time of their life.
And on that day a new venture was played
A slowly little fellow,
Would slowly edge his way up the hill.
Once he was there, once he chilled out, they
Down the ***** with glee, a little fellow
He didn't run, jump, skip, only slowly walked,
But no one minded. It wasn't the climb up,
The school walk wasn't as slow anymore,
It was the speed that everyone went the other way down.
Poetic T Dec 2014
Upon a snow flake a word is centre
Caught within an exhaled
Revealed a moment
Of winters tale,
Each now like glass semi transparent
Every breath reveals another
But soon to white they turn
A story
From view, the little one
Ran, scarpered as fast as little legs can go,
Wait child what is the rush,
"A winters tale"
"I breathed upon it"
But the moment faded, the word was lost
They went out side
As gentle flakes feel,
She breathed upon a single tear of snow
As before the word glistened,
"Do you see"
"Do you believe"
Mouths ajar at what eyes just seen,
As before the moment passed
Word had faded as lost
In the fresh linen of snow,
Each was ready,
Inhaled breath
Words appeared, glistening within
Mothers word was
Father exhaled,
My brother sneezed upon one
"Ate one"
Then realised, exhaled on passing ones,
I waited, as many fell upon
My face, I exhaled
But as we breathed none did change,
Is what, then
Goofy barked, dog breath greeted
The word brought a smile to all,
They were still upon the blanket of white,
Each picked the chosen flake,
It was glass, as if the word etched,
Upon the mantle piece each sat,
"The Meaning Of Christmas Is Family"
We all smiled at the winters tale,
We each exhaled a breath and a story was told..
Poetic T Jun 2015
ONE* said to TWO have you
Seen THREE, then FOUR jumped
Out and FIVE nearly fell out the
Door, SIX was laughing so hard
Because of the fright, then SEVEN
Shouted it,s EIGHT now go to bed
Good night, NINE was exited
Because it was almost TEN, then
After this all were counted, but we
Will leave it till tomorrow, and then
The number fun can start once again.
Poetic T Jun 2015
ELEVEN* was tired because it was
Almost TWELVE, but ONE was
Up late TWO watch THREE come
Home, FOUR was tired because FIVE
Did snore but SIX pushed him out of
The bed he snored no more, SEVEN
Was up as bright as could be, its
Amazing what EIGHT hours of sleep
Can do for me, NINE was happy as it
Was almost TEN because ELEVEN
Was coming to brunch again, TWELVE
Did come along the day going so quick
So more numbers counted once again
Which will leave us at the first number once again.
Poetic T May 2015
The little vacuum was happy as could be, he was
Being treated to a trip where he had never been.

It was out side where the light was real, to feel the
Air on his hose, would it be sunny, cold, blustery.
Excitement was growing his cord extended with
Help of a friend the extension cord Barry.

So the door opened eager to see what could be seen,
Was the outside world all he had heard sites, sounds,
Smells, now he was cleaned regularly he could take
In the smells and sites he was about to see.

They stepped out side it was all he had dreamed no
Longer in the box time to play to be happy, there was
Big Garry the family car gave me a wink with the
Indicator when he saw me.

Time for a clean was spoken, As like me  not tidied up
Much, but now was his turn to smell fresh and clean,
Garry was big but not much older than me. Beep, beep
Went the horn, was that the neighbour couldn't be my
Car as I'm  not in the seat.

So we started to vacuum the mess was not the best but
Clean Garry would soon be, Then left alone as the phone
Rang, alone with Garry, then out of the corner I saw you.

Approached we were, I didn't like the look of this  person,
Specially as they had waited till we were alone. my Daddy
Told me never talk to those you don't know, as a stranger
Can be dangerous, not friendly.

He spoke saying hello who left you out here all  alone,
I hovered but could not be heard by my family, he was
Trying to take me where I wished  not to go, but I was
Not alone, I had my friend Garry.

Garry did honk his horn his alarm startled the stranger,
Running out, to what could be seen, saw  what was
Happening and came to protect me.

The police were called, flashing lights did I  see, told was
He never to leave alone things that are part of the family,
As strangers are danger don't you see, Gary was lucky
As no keys did he have on he.

So stranger danger we both learnt that day, never to be left
Alone for any time, as it only takes a moment to be lost to
Be taken by those that are not family.

*--This was the story of how a stranger should
Never be spoken to, or go with no matter what they
Promise to give. The only people to talk to are family
And the polite police men and woman who will get you
Back if left alone or lost away from family--
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