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SerZatarra Jun 2014
Have you ever felt that your life is wrong?
Like you're suppose to be somewhere else?
Like while you're mopping the floor of your lowly dishwasher job your vision blurs and the world around you convulses turning the mop into a spear swirling the sea of bubbles into blood and the far off voice of your boss mutates into the sound of your fellow warrior?
Or maybe when you walk into rain and the soft sound of the droplets on your skin turn into the rhythmic music of things against armor.
And as you look to make sit you're not going crazy the roar of an engine turns into the bellowing of dragons, horses and more.
These flashbacks transport you to another time where the world is mystic,
The pavement transmutates into dirt as the air around swirls into sudden shrills of strengthening speeches spurring you soulfully into skillful battle.
And as you speed forward leading the charge
of your battalion of skilled men a thousand large,
The flashback stops and you're in your time,
No armor on you skin..
Or lives on the line..
But your heart is still racing,
And you remember their names,
Of the boys you were leading,
On to glory and fame,
So was it a dream?
Or a memory from the past?
Or maybe it was from your life last.
Still working on this one :/
SerZatarra Jun 2014
You know what I hate?
all of this romantic over dramatic gush,
I mean come on people I just ate.
There you are smooching and touching,
running your fingers through her hair,
and later tonight you'll probably be *******..
Now don't get me wrong I have a girl,
and yeah she's kinda great..
and makes my world turn..
And the way her hair falls on her face
I just can't take it
it makes my heart race
and by the time i get home after being with her
and I'm alone in the dark
and my vision starts to blur
i think of the boy and girl and the touching,
the hugging the kissing
the feeling the *******
and i just can't help but
maybe realizing that maybe this romance thing isn't that,
Maybe that love is actually enticing,
not something to hate but something
So as I sit here alone in the dark,
it's twisting tendrils lulling me to sleep,
i think of her and I in a park,
hugging and kissing,
just her and me.
  May 2014 SerZatarra
Danielle L Cook
I long for the days where
Roamed the skies..
Where honor and passion were hand in hand with war..
SerZatarra May 2014
Goodnight green eyes,
Your dreams await you in Silver-Lined skies,
Dreams of dragons, and fairies, and me,
and hopefully just a touch of mystery.
The sliding colors slipping silently through silky seas,
gliding gracefully over gallant gull wings,
whisking you away with a gentle breeze.
You see dragons and pirates,
fairies and gypsies,
tricksy little gnomes,
and flamboyant pixies,
you see them all tucking away,
hiding in there homes as their thoughts start to stray.
and as you glide gracefully over the sea,
your thoughts start to wonder what tomorrow will be,
will there be adventures or heart ache and loss,
or maybe even a romp through the moss,
you might not know now,
but theres something you do,
that someone you love,
is waiting for you.
SerZatarra May 2014
Dear Luke,

It gets better.

I know you’re alone, I know you’re wondering how this happened,

How this shining star of a girl could just leave and expect you to forget her.

expect you to forget that night under the bridge where you opened your heart like an old rusted can using her smile as a can opener,

using her “loving” voice as leverage to pry open your protected memories for her to feast upon.

Dear Luke,

She’s ****.

A cratered asteroid oozing space goo like a toxic gas that makes everyone who inhales it hallucinate,

hallucinate her into a goddess sent to save you when really she’s a leech just using your heart felt emotion as transit.

pushing her ever closer to being seen as almost human.

Dear Luke,

Don’t let this parasite cloud your gaze,

for contact with such a creature leaves a bit of an aftermath, the gas it produces affecting your body in ways it would never expect.

the worst case I’ve seen in victims is that their minds are left in a traumatized haze,

fearing that all women are the same as this one.

Dear Luke,

I’ve sent you a doctor,

trust her I beg you, I know she’s actually a witch but she is the only one who is able to bring the light back into your eyes.

I can see it now, even just the small bit you’ve seen of her and you smile looks like that of a dying man who’s been given something to live for.

cherish her as she cherishes you.

Dear Zatarra,

I’ve made a full recovery,

The witch you sent me is actually an angel, I’m sure of it, the way the light refracts around her I swear I’ve seen her wings.

her voice has sewn its way into my skin healing every cut and burn like it never was, I’m happier then i thought i could ever be.

she doesn’t see it, but i guess that makes her even more beautiful.

Dear Zatarra,

Thank You.
SerZatarra May 2014
sixty four days ago I met this person,
she talked about how her world was stained glass,
constantly changing colors splits by streaks of grey,
like her emotions changing with oh so little class.
You see this person has social anxiety
she told me that the reason she ran outside when it rained
was so the water droplets could keep her company
those little spherical drops mixing with the tears from her eyes
so that if a passerby would happen to see her there
they’d think the water on her skin was merely the water from the sky.
forty four days ago I kissed this person
she warned me about the terrors that would come,
I told her that I’d stand against those demons
like Finn stands against Ice Kings ice rays
That I’d take her sorrows wrap them up in newspaper
tape it closed, kiss it,
and send them on a first class boat cruise to the land of disappear.
twenty four days ago she said that she loved me,
she told me she felt her stained glass was clearing,
that she hadn’t felt this safe in many phases of the moon,
and she told me that I kept on being surprising.
four days ago she called me crying,
said her world was crumbling like a sandcastle fighting high-tide,
that her mind was slipping into the rabbit hole
and the cheshire cat had plenty of holes in which for him to hide
she reminded me that she has social anxiety
yesterday it rained,
and I ran outside with her to keep her company
SerZatarra May 2014
How does someone burn down walls?
Walls set up to protect from false love calls?
Walls I’ve made thick and jagged,
So I wouldn’t be the only one left torn and ragged,
With Eskimo kisses,
Shy smirks,
Sneaking glances,
Wandering fingers,
A hug that lingers,
Stomach dragons,
A heart lifting laugh,
A smile in passing,
My walls start to incinerate,
Making all my worries out of date,
The pains of my past seem to melt away,
And are replace by a single word towards you..
Because the look from your eyes collide with the words from your mouth,
That react in a spark that i thought had permanently gone out.
How does one burn down walls?
Making me feel like they were never there at all..
It seems like you have learned the art,
Because you’ve burnt down my walls,
With your love sparks.
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