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Annie 16h
Fearing the suns final eclipse,
men turn the night to day
but anguish also narrows wits
and scares foresight away
little wisdom stays
to the panicked men
the hunter hunts
the victim flees
and dread does still remain

Three things can´t be trusted
In the fright that walks the night
The oath of men, the fire’s light
And the sounds of hidden life

Little does the darkness care
About the stranger’s dread
Like dancing shadows in the flame
The restless feelings spread
The blades and armors shining bright
and blinds the fighters eye
And in the dark
The shadows waits
To hunt the hunters pride

Three things are deceiving
In the light of lanterns spark
The strenght of blades, the might of men
And a gleaming in the dark

A voice wails from the shadows deep
Out of the towering trees
And like a hunted animal
The fighters boltness flees
The howling sound like hunting horns
Fills heart and bones with fear
And  in the dark
The glistening eyes
Are glaring bright and clear

Three things are most perilious
The dread that walks the night
The wicked howl that warns you
And the eyes that shine too bright

The warriors cried and ran away
and turned around no more
And spared no thought in silence
What they were panicked for
And as the soldiers fled away
The monstrous beast draws near
A cat, a dog, a donkey
and a rooster does appear

Three things never change its kind
under the darkness ban
The sounds, the eyes and shadows
That fear any armored man
Fun lyrics to the song 'Threes' by Mercedes Lackey.
Annie 2d
All of my thoughts are melting
Inside my mind into a lake of dreams
In which I only see reflections
Of thou and all of thy belief

I cannot touch thy picture clear
Or grasp beneath the surface
Unless I blight or chase away
All what thou hold and bear

I can't do anything but listen
For any silent sound
Watch every detail of expression
And stay on trusted, solid ground

Unless when every light but thy
Vanishes before my eye
I see you everywhere but here
And search for thy embrace
That I can only find inside
The mere of thoughts inside my mind
I take a dive, I fall asleep
And search thou in my dreams
Inside a long forgotten place
Of inner peace and faith

I take thy hand
I hear thy voice
Until I understand
About a young man, understanding his faith and connection to his god in a dream. (Fictional)
Annie Feb 1
My mind got wrapped into a spell
Entwisted by two hands
And slowly, my resistance fell
Into a man’s presence

My toughts began to twist and spin
Into thin fingers touch
And faster, I’m entangling
Into a frantic clutch

Out of two dark, abyssal eyne
I drew new force and energy
And realised I can’t decline
A kind of curiousity

And fled myself into a vibe
Both flustering and soothing
Until I found myself beside
A control I confide
Annie Jan 27
Return, I say
Is no purpose
No point of my desire
But mind and heart
Choose different
And thwart all they require

Now all the facts
Speak clear against
And none therefore my travel
But all my soul yearns
And spreads doubt
Of all I have to settle

I hear your words
And feel your gaze
And clearly understand
But tough, I wouldn't disagree
My heart still speak against

I will return
But not today
And neither to that place
When all my journeys
Circle back
To trusted room and space
Did you ever wish to return to a place of your past, even though it will hurt you?
Annie Jan 26
Ten years and more are not enough
I can still remember
Every torturing tainted touch
that forced me to surrender
Your hushing words, my rising fear
cutting like sharp searing threads
Your very gaze I still see clear
It burned into my head

Once you abused me

Long time I tried to Forget
the paralizing clutch
So long I tried to renounce
your  tantalising touch
But all I achieved, all I obtained
Is a constant Aversion
and irreversible pain

Once you abused me

Now you are gone
And your presence vanished
but the memories have won
Even if you´ve got punished
I´ll never enjoy the love of a man
And I´ll ever avoid intimacy if I can

Once you abused me

You´ve branded me once
turned me inside out
Now I´m wrecked to my bones
But I´ll say it out loud:
Once you abused me
But you´ll never do it again
Annie Jan 24
shadows raise inside the heart
of hungry childs with ceasing guard
hope and strength turns into hate
until all their faith will break and fade

spirits whisper and ensnare
a boy that´s weak and unaware
and his mind turns cruel and foul
as he touchs an alien soul

then shades will grow
under his feet
rawling down the empty street
to the children, to the old
those who cannot ward the cold

and slowly, weakness raise to might
as childrens shadows steal a life
humanity gives way and fades
for every soul he steals and raze
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