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Annie Apr 2022
The hallways narrow stretch along
Amany doors, heavy and locked
A suitable prison, to which I belong
With any passage but windows blocked
And I am imprisoned within

I´m not alone
Let alone with my thoughts
And the strangers away from my reach
But the strangest who attends  me
Is the only one I can speak

During day I may wander
Through the halls of the wing
From one locked door to another
Until sunset begins

Then I may granted visits
Of my warden and host
With conversations and matters
Concerning me most

For I can´t but think and ponder
About this evil true intends
That means naught but death to me
My love and friends

God help me,
For I have been used
My own hands have set free
The devil to the world
And the truth will die with me
Annie Dec 2020
sometimes I want to die
but I will breathe and breathe
and hold unto my life
and oh,
my heart will beat
unto another night

sometimes I want to sleep
a circling, endless time
to give up,
and complete
my final graceless tine
and break all of my creeds

sometimes I want to fight
a faceless,
nameless foe
I want to beat and bite
and all my temper grows
under cold and moony light

but mostly,
I just live
and I just want to be
a part
I take and give
to my own sake and belief
Annie Jun 2020
Lovely Blooms the flower of betrayal
If it's seeded in it's blood
Thus it always needs a victim
Living of it's own to rot

The traitors lilly is not poisonous
Though it spreads unto a touch
But as a flower of betrayal
It´s tainting weapons work as much

It´s seeds can rest and root forever
Or be in fruit within one year
The traitors lilly hides with others
Changing both color and appeal

Yet a single trait reveals her
More than any other mark
The traitors lilly has no feelings
And can´t do anything by heart

Search for the spark of hipocrisy
Inside a face of plastic smile
Until the mask of traitor lilly
Reveals the lilly´s weave of lies
Annie Apr 2020
A dance, my dance, between realities
My dance of seasons and of life  
A dance I often danced before
Until I felt that mind

That mind, her mind, so joyful
Her mind, so strange, so kind
A mind I never sensed before
Until I saw that face

This face, her face, so beautiful
Her face, her eyes so bright
A face, I never watched before
Until I touched that life

This life, this girl, I danced with
I saw her blazing eyes,
This life, I never knew before
I want to call it mine
To Terry Pratchetts 'Wintersmith'
Annie Mar 2020
Faithless, I walk through the night
Yet by a free will of my own
I broke all of my previous ties
Yet I don´t walk alone
I´m side by side with those I chose
With everyone I care for
With everyone I´m close

For those, I´m fierce to fight for
For those I try to change
Though maybe they are different
Though maybe they are strange
But they can be, all I am not
And all they value, they hold true
So everything I do, I do
To keep them safe and sound
Team free will ftw!
Annie Mar 2020
I had a dream
Leaping stone to stone
Above a stream
Beneath me faces
Of the dead and old
Around the mist
Of the silent cold

I ran from place to place
Enflaming candlelight
Step by step along
A never ending staircase
Arriving on the top of
A tower, left alone

Haunted by a wooden rockinghorse
I threw down marble stone

By which I made a sacrifice
To fires burning bright
That saved me with its blazing flame
Within this bitter night

(And when I woke I saw it clear
As morning sun after a storm
My memories I couldn't bear
Still stuck in me like roses thorns)
A dream I experienced after assisting my first ***** donation.
Annie Feb 2020
My argent queen, once I thought,
of pride and worth, and wrath
I looked upon your pale, fair face
And followed down your path
Once, I was torn and driven
between honor and disgrace
Until all hope and life and light
Dissolved beneath a haze

Oh Lady, all of my desire
I lost and earned again
Once in a day, once in a week
I whondered, here and then
How I got lost inside this mire
Of hopelessness and rage
I fled, I charged, I stashed
rushing to the deepest,
darkest stage

I called you lady, even then
Yet bitterness is gone
My fear and fume slowly recede
And every task is done
I still can hear your chant
When you are full and fair
But now, your voice is far and faint
My mind diverted and restrained
And I feel banned and bare
Under a new, seductive call
Ensnaring all my heart
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