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Autumn Whipple Feb 2018
I look(ed) in
the clouds
and search(ed) for dragons.

they dance(ed)
and love(ed)
and sang above me.

I laugh(ed) and cry(ied)
all night, and in day
I look(ed) for dragons.

Up, up up
up in the clouds I look(ed)
to where they say(id)
I can find my dragons.

but now I'm old(er0
and sad(der)
and i'm afraid

as I look(ed) up
that I've lost my dragons.
losing youth childhood and some of the wonder
Autumn Whipple Feb 2018
it bubbles and burns
the softness I yearn
leaves its mark inside me

its sweet and its raw
of earth, and claws
and fizzles deep inside me

flowers grow better
sunk in seltzer
poppies bloom inside me

petals caress
like a maid's wedding dress
up my throat, inside me

they say I'm in bloom
so I consume
the soda, now deep inside me.
Autumn Whipple Feb 2018
blue and white
cast upon you
like rice at a wedding
they follow
but how to ward them?
when you ache
and plead
with yourself
your empty bank account,
for something you find beautiful
in another
yes, the evil eyes are always watching
they are yours.
this was for a prompt where you didn't name the seven deadly sins, so this one can have every adjective but the word envy. I chose the evil eye, because that represents the stain jealousy casts on others.
Autumn Whipple Nov 2017
Who would you be without words.
Without the innate ability to weild
A sharp and bitter taste
To be left without them
No more music no books no conversation no jokes no movies
You've lost the solace of words
You've lost the shield of language
You're losing it.
Even a dog recognizes it's name.
But soon you won't.
Who what when how
Its all words
Without them
What are you.
Autumn Whipple Nov 2017
My words are lost.
I speak
But now I stutter.
I think
But nothing comes out.
My words are gone.
I can't remember what
I used to write.
My words have run.
I am smart
Was smart
But now
Autumn Whipple May 2017
Getting older
Doesn't mean I've grown up
My coming of age story
Won't be one that's read in English class.
Is adulthood a dramatic change
Or a series of small steps?
What defines me as a child
An adult
Will others one day examen my life, circle a section, and say,
Yes, this is where she had her coming of age.
I'm an adult but I don't feel like anything's changed in Me.
Autumn Whipple Apr 2017
I was sitting on the car with my family the other day
Pink Floyd was on the radio
And we were discussing sadness and
When my mother said she didn't like to listen to sad music
I realized
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