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Alienpoet Dec 2022
I am so nasty
people stand aghast
I am so bad
you feel a draft
on a summers day
murderous glances pave the way
I am sick, I am ill
babe with every hero it’s a battle of wills

I am so abrasive
I am like invasive surgery
I am so evil I burn bibles and call it purgatory
the devil herself could learn from me
I want pounds of flesh so burn with me

I am deathly shade
stalking the sun
I am the nightmare
in the night you run
I am evil
I told you to die
but chances are you’re petrified

I am so dishevelled
I make Darth Sidious look sprightly
Sith Lords can’t fight me
With just one flick of my fingers
death lingers
I am psychologically deranged
so psychopathically strange
you wondered if I was ever sane
I just got back from Frankenstein’s lab
I killed the hulk yes I am that strong and bad
I framed Sherlock Holmes
and made him into an ****** addict
cause all my plays our that strategic
I even cheat death
in fact I own Azrael’s blade
I am villain the one you crave.
Alienpoet Dec 2022
The whisper of a shadow song
Morning star no glory
just a story
I am just lived backwards
hidden track words
scars like lines across paper
can I save her?
I am not what you think
drinking from a cup of agony

no God can save me
but death won’t enslave me
I am midnight verse
nails won’t surrender to my skin
the truth they told you the lies worn thin.
Alienpoet Jun 2022
Over the surface of feeling
skin healing
from cuts bruises and scars
what happened to us being made of stars?

we sit in black holes
no money for energy bills
it’s a battle of wills
to survive
we strive
Just to be alive
and yet our dreams perish
yet we should cherish
each other.
Alienpoet Jun 2022
Drink from a disheveled
unlevelled cup
there’s no money
no loot it’s been stolen
siphoned away
By billionaires tax havens
and tax breaks.

Dread and decay
drove democracy away
corporations own us all
we live in a brand
and we are brandwashed
squashed underneath
advertising signs
that shine neon.

They will soon
charge us for peeing on
the ground while *******
what year is this?
next week if we are unlucky
so plucky rebels
Pray tell us
how to change this nightmare dystopian future
where the rich eat the poor
and we can’t see further than are pants draw
because we are so blind and ignorant
we think this is bliss
but we missed the part
where the handmaids tale imitates art
as America goes back 50 years in attitudes to the past
and we screen cast
Utopian visions which aren’t going to happen
as our futures end
eaten by the kraken of capitalism.
Alienpoet May 2022
Her heart and soul filled with fire
all she yearns for is desire
never caged in a wire
Her wisdom hidden
from prying eyes
The patterns she has given us
a sequence
Her love touches our lives with frequency
yet we haven’t seen her for what she is
her love hisses and fizzes
like a chemical reaction
Yet her divine spark lights the dark in an interaction.
Alienpoet May 2022
In the nightmare
we lose ourselves
not wishing to look in each other’s eyes
left versus right
only millionaires and billionaires can afford to fight
male versus female
drop the hate to relate
life sold cheaply over internet wars
our nation
a nation of locked doors
and hate driven speaking drivel
I love you all but your minds locked into
Facebook culture wars
media ******
ratings soar
go viral be the virus
or inspire us
it’s your choice
war is afforded to the rich
if your poor dig your grave or ditch.
Alienpoet Apr 2022
If only we could be lifted
a chance to love
I threw mine away
in the cold shadowy day.

I would of gave you grace
bled my out stretched arms
given up all my magic charms
for one night with you
I am a poet I feel things deeply

And yet I can’t imagine a world where we are together
your eyes of soft radiance glowing
all seeing all knowing
your smile lights my dreams
candle lit scenes
and forever I hear your voice
entangled in my head like my dreams.
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