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i can cut you out
like a cancer
consuming my heart

but that doesn't mean
i'll forget you
and everything you are
sitting here
writing about
the ocean
the moon
the mountains
all of god’s great creations
that i worship without seeking to own
just like your beautiful soul

but truthfully
i’m bored

what i really want to write
what i really want to do
is you
in the ocean
under a full moon
i want to scream god’s name
as you take me to new heights

it’s monday
in my time away
i've been thinking
if love is love
why am i sinking
under the weight
of loving him
or am i dragging myself under the waves of pain, helpless

if i didn't i would float up and away, alone
it's kinda sad now really,
that such a fleeting feeling,
can mean so much the moment that it fades

and i'm really quite agreeing,
to the words that could be meaning,
that it's up to me whether I choose to go or stay
i choose to stay
  Feb 2 Danielle L Cook
The shame
Lies in more
Than the eyes
Where does
The truth hide
When everything
Was a lie...
Say, we're human
Make mistakes
We all do
So many miles,
So many trials,
No one the same
We're all part
Of a different
  Feb 2 Danielle L Cook
there were lessons buried
deep beneath every inch
of my rocky past

and i am so glad i made myself
stay and dig into every misstep
before walking away
into this field of daisies
i finally got the dirt out
from under my fingernails
...and i’m so grateful it was ever there
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