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i might be done writing here forever.

i'll miss you.
a note for really just one.
  Aug 9 Danielle L Cook
his smile:
as tight as his belt
her lips:
as red as her throat

and it makes them more noticed,
but no less alone
eat something, please. <3

  Aug 9 Danielle L Cook
A catalyst for change.
Spared by
romanticized what if's
and shadow selves
who pass bets on
I am a cause
by the razor thin wire
I walk.
How can I make
my pain
easier for you
to consume?

shall I dice it
into bite sized pieces
or melt it down
into liquid,
so you can eat it
with a spoon?

is there a way
to arrange
the blood aesthetically
on the plate?

do you need a glass
of lemonade,
chaser for
that bitter taste?

tell me how
I can make this easier
for you
  Jul 18 Danielle L Cook
if you can smile
as you pull the knife
out of your back
and choke down the blood
you coughed up,

does that mean you’ve grown
strong enough

or inhuman enough?
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