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Amy Oct 5
she was once a 'good girl'
who followed the rules
which were created by fools
dressed a specific way
which led her astray
you took that as a chance
to lure the good girl in your trance
and stole all her sweetness
and left her rotten in the end
Amy Oct 4
“Lie to me again” she whispered,
                                                 “I love you” he replied
Jewels May 21
Honey oozing out of your mouth as you speak
Glazing my ear with a seductive coat of kindness
Brilliantly beguiling my cartilage into a counterfeit tenderness
Diffusing its blissfully pungent aroma into my nose
Pulling my face towards you
Gracefully tilting my chin up
Eloquently dripping down your lips onto mine
Allowing me to taste your divine ooze
I can’t see your faults I only see your sweet
Osiria Melody Mar 22
Of stupid guiles and intellectual foolishness,
You take my coherent words and set them afire
A conflagration of deceitful gossip,
Catapulting my integrity to the depths of oblivion

A succession of revenge, plot one to one-hundred,
Taking away everything meaningful in my life
Of successful failures and kaput achievements,
You take my benevolent actions and make them backfire

You see, my friEND, I fear you not for I'm smart
Stupid in your eyes, but powerful beyond your pride
E-N-D is all that you'll ever be for betraying me
You will become an obstacle of wrath in this road of life

You rob me of what it means to trust others wholeheartedly,
Frame me up like an obscene portrait in a prudish community,
Blame me like problems were never meant to be solved,
Throw me into a bottomless pit of relentless agony

Someday, you will realize that the friend that I once was
Will be the commencement of your impending suffering
Until nothing is left of your dignity, all witheringly ugly

Cut out those so-called "friends" who proclaim to be the "real ones" in your life; you deserve to have friends who aren't toxic at all.
Beinghonest Feb 2016
I think I'm the worst kind of guy...
But I don't mean to be.
It's just because I flicker from using my brain to using my heart.

I don't mean to mislead a girl,
I don't mean to break hearts,
I'm just searching for my one true love,
But it's harder than I imagined :

To go on this journey without leaving hearts broken.
Because I'm deceitful,
First following my heart,
Thinking you're the one,
Then following my brain,
Realising that we need to end things,
Because my conscience tells me I'm doing the wrong thing by holding onto you,
Even though you fill me up with so much joy and love...
It keeps whispering,
"You don't deserve her."
- just being honest
Mystifying Chaos Sep 2015
Her eyes reflected the tragedy she endured
She struggled daily to escape this hell hole
Her pain, was evident through the tears that rolled down her cheeks
Her cries were capable of making the strongest person weep.

She often wondered why...
Why was she so unfortunate to deserve such a fate?
Why she was not capable to give up on her life?

She burned in agony
She screamed in pain
She yelped for help, But no one came to her aid.
She was fed up but was still clinging onto some hope.

She tried to fight.... Oh how hard she tried to hold onto her life.
But he took everything away..
He stripped her from her innocence, caged her freedom and destroyed her pride.
And one unfateful day.. He even took her life.

One day, in broad daylight
He entered the house, staggering towards her with a knife.
He stabbed her, not once but twice.
Cursing her that she was reason people looked at him with spite.

He forced her into such a dark place where it's impossible to survive.
Her once porcelain skin turned scarlet.
Her struggle to survive, ceased to exist.
She was put out of her misery.
She was put out of her pain.

If only the people had believed her cries.
If only they had offered to help her fight.
Maybe.. just maybe She would still be alive.
Knights Aug 2015
Like vanilla spice
And as sweet as chocolate
Her lips were nice
But the rest was poison
She'll be plotting your demise
As you're hypnotized
Dee Bach Apr 2015
You may have torn me apart
Undressed me
For all your pleasure
Sang me a lullaby
To get your way
You are a devil in disguise.
Spewing lies as a natural language
The language of deceitful, cunning lies

The hell you put inside of me
I want out
But you don’t have the key do you
I’m trapped within myself
So you’re not the devil are you?
But the devils help.
The only devil lives with me,
Everyday.  **And you don’t even know.
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