Jack Turner Sep 2010

Desperation mounts
At most 5 days in
I've started my search to find you
Though you are the best at this hide-and-seek
Not completely last, though I have no direct clues
Micaela Smith
She is my only link to what could be you

I feel a deep-seeded guilt
For how I pine for you
And though I suspect at what you feel
And have seen hints of what you think
I have no grounded proof that you hold love for me

And still I trust that my instincts are right
That I have a firm grasp on yours
And what I know to be yours on mine
So here I wait
For word of you to return
Or for my mind to draw me to madness
In which my search for you begins anew
And so here I wait
For either or to come
And all I can do now
Is let my mind whirl around you

Julie Butler Jun 2015

such a creature of my bad habits
but I repeat such good in you after this

your heartbeat like the quick of a revolver
while you slept
like I was inside, spinning until
I began counting us down
wondering how many bullets you'd saved

I drank from
the shot glass of your palm
& you made me
you made coffee

we went from
south to ocean
mountain to whiskey
with hands full of
what it is we're calling this
& I have your dress
what kind of souvenir is worry ?

your hand in the car
I could put us both in my mouth
and still make room for you
your mood filling my lungs with
ignoring tomorrow &
I ignored that with whiskey

& I am certain you don't know that it killed me
to kiss you goodbye again

Takhallus Sha'er May 2015

As if bound
and chained
to a rock
in the middle
of a vast, hot
I wait;
Praying for
a salvation
which might
come eventually...


I used to have Aspirations.
I used to have Goals,
But, now,
I'm just biding my time.
I used to try to Resist,
All the Negativity in the World......
All the Hatred and Prejudice
And Desecration of Planet Earth.
But, now, I realize
How powerless I am
So, I'm just biding my Time.
I used to Chase After
Love and Acceptance,
But, now, I'm aware
That Love comes when it's destined,
And people oftentimes can't accept you,
Because they can't accept certain aspects
Of themselves.
I'm just Biding my Time

betterdays Jun 2014

i just have to make it
to the end of this week
and then they are on
five weeks of exams
and semester break....

i can do this.....

yes it is true... sometimes
educators need the break
as much as you... counting
sleeps till friday....lol
AJSchuver Mar 2015

"Do you miss me yet?"
"Don't push your luck,"
And the smile fades.
But she knows the truth,
The price she's paid.
To keep his bed,
And steal his skin.
But he says "please",
And they know the truth.
Everything's eventual some say.

Antonio Nov 2015

Patience is a curse for those who've run out of time.

Brooke Davis Apr 2014

Loving you must be a crime,
cause i'm stuck in this prison biding time,
waiting for a visit,
a call,
a postcard,
anything to show that I don't mean nothing.

Do you even care at at all?
Poetry by MAN Jul 2013

cold blooded adapter smooth in its capture, venomous to those caught in its rapture
ultimate evolver unique in every state, to cocoon and assimilate into a new creature at such a fast rate
lifter of the heavy, for the weak there are plenty, paver of new roads that bring prosperity to many
soft to the touch we all wanna pet usually are to fast for anyone to get
plentiful is the swine for weak is their mind created for slaughter what a sad lifetime
all I can think is Mexican radio a snake with legs smoking weed in 80's videos
a bird who cannot fly makes me wonder why such a big bird won't even try


over time becoming content living in a situation not originally meant
submits to authority biding time as a follower till own goals become priority
slow rumble from the soul an intimidating stare with a glow, with a Grrr! everyone will know

M.A.N 7-14-13 trying something different with mind associations. The Dog is my Eastern Zodiac sign I was very intrigued when I read qualities  I will also be doing Scorpio next. I just added Scorpio and changed title these are my two astro signs I'm still going to do a stand alone Scorpio with a dark twist stay tuned. Funny side note I'm writing these associations and can do them all day while I'm in LA with family waiting to be seated at a Chinese restaurant Din Tai Fung in Arcadia CA ;)
Louise Apr 2014

She lived a life less worthy
a life, less worthy she lived
Forgiving not an option
determined not to forgive
Let the fury inside rise
rise against the fury
Scheme and plot a plan
Plan to scheme against 'him'
the less worthy
Biding now her time
her time, she will be biding
To execute her plan
her plan to execute 'him'
in hiding

Inspired by my friend who wants revenge on her ex
; )
Rachel Lyle Jan 2015

There once was a little hummingbird,
wings rapid, pulsating,
bleating, ceaseless in a cause:
either to fight or to flight,
run or to hide,
changes in the tide.

Come, with the palest of moons-
to infinity and beyond, sir,
infinity and beyond.

Come aboard the coaster,
just to pass the time,
care not for the ride-
just pass the time,
amongst the celestials,
biding our time.

Find our way to them,
to the divine,
heaven above, peaceful abode,
numbness no more, for,
You, I, and The Hummingbird are scheduled-

Pulling yourself out of a funk via spirituality and a good writing session, priceless.
Pokkuri Feb 2015

'Trapped in a lizard state'.
The singer's echoes,
the words too clear.
Like a lizard, I lay and wait,
biding my time.
Waiting for my prey to walk in the door.

To latch, and to never let go.
To playfully wrestle the bait.
But for now I am waiting,
staring at nothing.

I wonder if Lizards don't sleep much,
because of their dreams.
Cause if so, I am most definitely cold blooded.
Staring into nothing,
waiting for my prey.

If someone can interpretate this I'll be shocked (not a challenge)
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