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Wuji Mar 2015
I didn't get to class on time cause I wanted to sleep.
And I was too tired to go out to eat.
Man this has been such a long ******* week.
But the shortest and most delightful parts is when I'm asleep.

I didn't have to time study cause I needed sleep.
My presentation was half assed cause I wanted to sleep.
And every single day I nap the hours a way.
All in the good name of sleep.

It's the thing I do the most,
But also the one thing I need.
If I had to choose a from courage, a heart or a brain,
I'd ask to lay under that house that brought Dorothy.

Cause all I want and need is sleep.

I missed my date this afternoon since I was asleep.
She can't wait for me to come over so we can sleep.
We'll lay in bed alone with two heads and many dreams.
Wishing for uninterrupted sleep.  

Cause **** 8ams,
And **** alarm clocks.
The city is moving,
But I just want it to stop.

When the snow falls down and city shuts off,
Then I sleep my day away after a night of drinking slop.
Let's take a nap.
Wuji Jan 2015
I almost died last night,
I only died that night.
I filled myself to the brim with poison,
And I swear I died that night.
Stumbled around the treehouse,
I swear I had no sight.
I had all my friends worried,
That I would die that night.
So now I'm hearing stories,
the truth comes out of my plight.
How I did and said stupid things,
and how I almost died that night.
I'm sorry to burden you with my body,
I'm sorry I vomited on the floor.
I'm sorry that I layed in your bed,
Drenched in used Chipotle.
I'm sorry I called you the wrong name,
but everything about me that night was wrong.

I almost died last night,
but I'm still alive.
Throw up in my hair,
tears in my eyes.
Sorry isn't good enough.
Wuji Jan 2015
Ran my mouth for hours,
wrote tons of ****** "poems".
Thought I was just so much better than everyone else,
but **** we're just all here.
Not going to lie,
I've changed since I last wrote.
Ya I found a girl,
but man I've just broke down.
Started to numb myself,
Can't even tell if I'm wearing a frown.
So out of it,
and I never want to be in.
I'm just so hungry,
but the last thing I want is to eat.

At least I'm cool now though.
I'm cool.
Just wanted to go ice skating.
Wuji Oct 2014
Found someone new, so like you I'll say, "*******".
Already have blood on the carpet. Drat.
Wuji Oct 2014
Anchor dropped,
You hugged it tightly.
Swear you won't let go,
As you sink to the seafloor.

Don't you know,
You can't breathe from that far below?

I offer to raise the chain,
To pry you off and dry you.
But down there, words don't reach you,
You're filled with salt and cold water.

I'll smile through the waves,
Got this feeling that the current could change.

One day you'll be beached,
The waves pushing you closer and closer to shore.
I'll be there with that same smile and warm embrace,
The water trickling from ears you'll listen once again.

For now though you're still submerged,
Deny everything all you like, I know who you are girl.
You're still reading my love, you care. Talk to you soon.
Wuji Oct 2014
Walking out from behind the tape,
I'm watched with each step I take.
They see me wear my soul on my skin,
They don't know where to begin.
Point out the faults, point out all I've done wrong,
They hate the sight of a man who should be gone  .

I walk to them with sliver platter in hand,
Serve them the ideals and beliefs I got in cans.
They eat every bite and the aftertaste fights it's way back up.
Wow, they sure do hate it but they can't get enough.
After a couple rounds of give and take,
They stand up and tip quite poorly, what do they think I make?

They demand to know how I could serve them such trash.
You call this you? You aren't  ****. Why did we even ask?
Tell me that I'm wrong, tell me that I can't be,
Stop smiling, stop loving! ****, I think they want to crucify me.
An hour later I stand out on the cross,
I'd be sad but whatever, I  served all I got.
I put it all out there, and I don't want you to say a thing. Admire your impact, you bring this out of me.
Wuji Oct 2014
You, yes you.
I feel so bad.
You lost the ability,
To love what you had.
Not one complaint,
You just fell away.
I feel bad for you girl,
You should have stayed.

I was great for you know,
We had it quite down.
But you ****** up,
And I don't know what to do now.
You left your master,
And got a new host.
You think he hurts as much as me, but think back to before college,
Bet he hurts you at April level at the most.  

You forget the sting,
You forget the taste.
I don't mean to scare,
But I'm so lonely in this place.
You know I have control and I'd never hurt you so,
Give yourself back to me and let our animals take over.
Let's sort out our feels through fighting, and get it all cleared away,
We'll claw and slash and bleed more for each missed day.

I know it's a new year.
I know you don't plan to be here.
But I swear I still have some space left in your mind,
The space that wonders what we could be if you gave me the time.
"The thing that makes me feel confident is that  we are so compatible that we could only stay apart for so long before wed be drawn back to each other" Your words my love, I believe they still are true.
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