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Juan Bot Feb 22
The color of hate
The light of darkness
God's failed abortion.

Glass shattering,
Babies crying,
Earth breaking,

   He laughs.

Smoke polluting,
People dying,
Unhappiness increasing,

    He cheers,

Disguised as a vegetable,
A thick carrot,
Promoting good eyesight,

    But he blinds us all.

The rat stumbles into cities,
Dashing into homes,
Spreading the plague,

    He bites.


   He wins.

We unite,
We rise,
We fight.

    He falls.

Chopped to pieces,
Diced, seasoned, and cooked,
Roasted salad.

Parker Poole Mar 2018
To impeach or not to impeach: that is the question
To bar myself against his merciless beliefs
Or to deal with a worse evil by the name of Pence
His speeches of deportation and his turning of the laws
With his tiny hands and orange face is deplorable, despicable!
The destruction by the racist himself to LGBT+’s civil rights
Has wrought havoc for the transgendered, has instilled fear into us
To impeach or to keep
Pence, a sidekick, a partner in crime to the man in question, a worse evil
Hatred of us, boiling beneath his republican skin
Conversion therapy becoming an option, scarring and scaring the youths
Homophobia on the rise after the biggest triumph for us
Laws passed in June of 2015 no longer holding meaning
This man spreading his opinions to the new generations
To keep Mr. Trump would save us from a meaner man
But what would save us from the man who helped make America racist again?
There’s misogyny, bigotry, and racism filling the office
Violence, arrogance and white supremacy filling our country
Supported by Russia, the KKK, and racist republicans
Trump has taken this land into violence, fear, and hatred of one another
He has made public shaming against those with disabilities appropriate
And his voters have accepted this America as a great one
People are beginning to revert back to their prior nativism views
But to us Pence is a worse evil
Threats, pain, and fear still running deep within our communities
Shootings, violence, and property damage are just to name a few
Running rampant in our communities, egged on by this Vice President
Though Lord Voldemort may be terrible
Behind him is a line of Red Racist Bigots to replace him
Due to this, the Evil Man will have to be kept
And impeaching cannot take place
I wrote this last year when we had to make a poem matching Hamlet's soliloquy about an issue in the world today. These are my own personal opinions and I don't wish to demean anyone else's. Thank you for reading.
Em Jan 2018
Yes all lives matter
but not all lives
have been marginalized.
There's no right end of a gun
One dies and
another is shunned
One is black and the other is white
Can we stop
and stand
and fight
For ours, their's, everyone's

This is not a discussion
about one man's arms
but of another man's life.
"Are you are reptile,
or a mammal?"

<licks lips and rubs chin>


<grips knee with left hand>

"When smelling a blooded roast beef... you get hungry and share?"

"Or do you eat the guests first?"

<holding long-blade carving knife>

"You see, I like to think that you're both bugs, that you bug me and neither of you have any power what with my holding this weapon?"

<waves knife around erratically>

"Also, I don't like sharing..."

I only throw
my banana
at Chel-Sea

I only throw
my banana
at Chelsea

I only throw
my banana
at Chel-sea

Brent Kincaid Aug 2017
Pity the petty Democrats
As they pit themselves against adults
They fractionate and dissimilate
And blame others for the results.

They blow almost all elections
And sleep through their terms.
Their programs for the country
Are anything else but firm.

Pity the pitiful Democrats,
They defeat their own favorite causes.
For Republicans running for office
It’s like the Dems are Santa Clauses.

They blow almost all elections
And sleep through their terms.
Their programs for the country
Are anything else but firm.

Pity the pretty Democrats!
For all the best of reasons
I call them Dummocraps.
Their strengths are never in season.

They blow almost all elections
And sleep through their terms.
Their programs for the country
Are everything else but firm.
I harp a lot at the Repugnatants because they are such crooks and apostates, but I realize I need to spend some time kicking Dummocrap ***. So here is the first. There will be more because they are incapable of smartening up.
Lawrence Hall May 2017
Neither a Menshevik nor a Bolshevik Be

                                     What is’t you do?
                           A deed without a name.

                                 -Macbeth IV.1.48-49

This is not a matter of recusancy
To wish a blessing on your houses both
That in the Grace of God you amend yourselves -
But go away and do it somewhere else

And take with you your posings and your twootings
Your alligator shoes, expense accounts
Your plastic soldiers all saluting you
And your designer plots of great import

And leave good folk alone to their good work
With sweat-stained hands in clean domestic peace
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