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Genevieve Jan 8
Oh me oh my
such tall tale lies

upstream and down
by this Political Clown,
***** made of brass?!! My ***!.

Washing Brains with numbskullish hate
this pathetic excuse of a man with reality
his base does not relate, Whether near or far
those believing his words it is garbage they do eat
allowing many behaviors and nicknaming mistreats.

oh me oh my
a sad tear to be cried days and nights so dim as he is,
It will take years upon years to fix the damage done
& finally after 5 dead including an officer of the Law!
This smug poor loser ordered this result and now admits
his time is over, it's time to quit this nitwit says adios
and hello prison mates, I will make all the inmates love me,
You will see as I bend over backward to gain your gratitudes
all my prison base friends will share the same attitude
but please don't get me wrong! You will Love me long live
this master debater let's make a deal, okay we will talk later.
Farewell...So Long... it's been a great run.
This should be obvious as it is about the **** in the house.
This time I blew it, I really blew it
First lost us the House, now the Senate’s gone too,
I'm caught in a spiral, that I'll admit,
Not sure where to turn, not sure what to do.

I'm convinced I was cheated,
The election was mine,
I was sorely mistreated
They'll see that in time.

China's to blame
They caused this great mess,
With Covid the flame
The spark our fake Press.

I'm sad and forlorn, forsaken and lost,
Left out to dry, few choices in hand,
Gave up so much at such personal cost,
And all I have left is a hand full of sand.

Pence and McConnell of no use at all,
Fair weather friends lost in the breeze,
Ducking for cover, can't stomach the squall,
By Biden outsmarted with consummate ease.

I'm now left to ponder, consider and scheme,
My mind in a haze, my heart in a spin,
To run once again along the same theme,
To prove them all wrong, to show I can win.

But just like the lion, head of the pride
I see suitors circling ready to pounce,
Willing and waiting to cast me aside
Watching to see if that run I'll announce.

So let them all wait, worry and fret,
For this Lion’s not done, not by a stretch,
I love with a passion making folks sweat,
To fight and remount my one solemn pledge.
Anais Vionet Jan 6
(Georgia election Senryus)

Yeah, we're going
to give America the
democratic win.

'Cause that's how we roll.
We'll show you how to toss out
republican crooks.

We'll give the bird to
lying Donald Trump and his
criminal cohorts.

Long live America,
long live The Constitution,
long live blue Georgia.
democrats win!!! God bless Georgia, and America.
n-khrennikov Nov 2020
Neither side won,
neither side lost.
How many people are there
whose wishes have been so answered?
Voters like me who seemed to have had their way,
Sit down, ******,
pack your bags
and prepare to depart the Oval Office.
The future is ours.

Anaïs Nin claimed:  'We don't see the world as it is, we see it as we are'. Do something more important today than focus on politics. Try not to be that person, your relationships and your health are what matters.
Robert Ippaso Nov 2020
In with a bang out with a whimper
Gone is the bombast, the fist pumping high,
The people have voted for a country that's simpler
Fairness and decency their blaring war cry.

Obstinate tweets well may he air
While brooding and scheming for legal dog-fights,
That darkness and gloom he'll pervasively share
Will always be ******* by hope's purest lights.

We as a people believe above all
That the footsteps we walk are of giants untold,
Where no single man with bluster and gall
Will trample the feats of our heroes of old.

This not to say a man with great charge
Cannot some good things bring into our lives,
But where we do not want such man to just barge
Lies within that true heart our Nation so drives.

So as with winter where leaves fall and die
While circling clouds block the sun's warming rays,
Spring's blossoms first peek initially shy
Exploding as one to a flowering blaze.
Robert Ippaso Oct 2020
Insults, Covid, Fear and Strife,
Banter, Boasting, Blame-game rife;
Media jostling for prime view,
Spinning stories, quite a brew;
Politicians reveling in their game,
Twitching, Gloating, craving fame.

Passions raging amongst some
Gasping for their day to come,
Spewing sentence with each breath
A wrong outcome same as death;
Facebook, Twitter set alight,
As they preach into the night.

To us spectators looking on,
With eyes averted, gaze forlorn,
We can but wonder, whisper soft
How this cannot but one exhaust,
When every day the squealing drowns
Rays of hope that reason pounds.

Yet the sun still rises in the sky
With chirping birds that Autumn winds seem amplify,
Where trees murmur in the breeze,
Waving to gently falling leaves,
With air that’s fresh and light surrounds,
Whilst in our chest life's hope abounds.
Robert Ippaso Sep 2020
Bitter, battered, bruised and spent
Throwing punches aimed to dent,
Bobbing, weaving, sighing loud,
Gladiators playing to the crowd.

Armed with words that cut like steel
Inflicting wounds that won't fast heal,
Nostrils flaring, bulging eyes,
Parrying blows with stifled sighs.

Indignation, slights of old,
Each man's purpose bitter, cold,
One sole aim, that fatal blow,
Boiling anger on full show.

As to us the silent horde
Stunned by this discordant chord,
We watch and wonder how we came
To such a place so sad and lame.

Is this all we now deserve
Screeching buzzards without verve,
Gone the poise, the weathered charm
Just two sluggers out to harm?

those masks
don’t hide
your sin
very well

with every inch
of our blood
we crave for
the soft life

the street is bloated
with pus of greed
while fresh wounds seek
the hand of virtue

for the tired, in reparation
for the made, in rumination
for the hurting, in salubrity
for the fallen, in solidarity
written in additive form progression: 1 word, 2 words, 3 words, etc.

for peace in solidarity
Robert Ippaso May 2020
Can't stand the man
Despise his sight
I hate him so
With all my might.

In all my years
Can't recall a time
I had to deal
With such vile slime.

A puffed up despot
A vain buffoon
His very sight
Spells doom and gloom.

My only solace
My one salvation
Ice cream for dinner
Enough to face the nation.

The sugar rush
That silken taste
Tempers my moods
If not my waist.

What do I care
Why should I cease
When I’ve revealed
Trump is morbidly obese.

I told the world
Made it quite clear
His health in mind
And not a smear.

The truth quite harsh
Sometimes it hurts
He needs cut down
McDonalds and desserts.

But not long now
Elections close
Watching with glee
Trump thrashing in death throws.

Joe's on the cusp
If only he knew
But with creeping dementia
He hasn't a clue.

So my plan's now enacted
All scheming and guile
To get rid of both
And rule with a smile.

I've earned it for sure
Endured with such class
Folks never guessed
I was such pure bad-***.
Robert Ippaso Feb 2020
Did you watch it, what a show
Little Mikey slammed around,
Battered slowly blow by blow
With accusations that astound.

Pocahontas on the war path,
She’s the one that wields the axe,
Indignation, poisoned wrath
Her solutions just more tax.

Crazy Bernie full of zeal
Flaring nostrils squinting eyes,
Somewhat bridled brought to heel,
Marxist fervor cut to size.

Sleepy Joe clearly not there
A hologram appearing in his place,
To his chances not a prayer
Slipping badly from the race

Mayor Pete, Amy who?
Going at it head to head,
Lots of insults, no breakthrough
Further progress all but dead.

So who won you might well ask
All who watched could that one see,
There's but one person for the task
And that person's clearly me.
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