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Arianna Oct 2018
One small intersection of circumstances
Brings our energies eerily nigh,
Sets our lives running
In parallel timelines.

Knowingly parted,
Unknowingly still linked

We adhere
To our respective galaxies.

And I must confess
I think it's strange,
Though it's been several years.

I think it's strange,
Even though
We never meet.
Vrinda Aug 2018
Vacation in estivation,
Listening to psithurism.
When apricity comes on my face,
Enjoying watching fondescene.
Just came by with some new words, tried to rhyme, destroyed it.
Shewrites Jul 2018
No one knew
She is hurting

No one knew
She is bleeding

No one knew
She is already
Deep down
Trapped in

Fear of not belonging
Cast away because
She's uncanny

Frightened of
Another tomorrow
Knowing it's the
Sign of another
Dreadful sorrow
Full of misery
And grief.

Lost, hazed
And confused
Breathing but
Not living
Smiling but
She's dying
Suppressed and

Wanting to
Escape but
There's no
Route out

A butterfly
Seized with
A broken wing
Unable to fly.
Stephen Shaw Jan 2016
Crow was watching  ......
......with his toothless grin .

Biding his time ......

...... he then stoops in .

He knows more than you may think ,

it all reeks of a ghastly stink .

No matter ! With your false truths ,

your lies betray you , So Uncouth !

So now ... When you are alone ,

be safe and wise ! Know the Unknown .

For crow is silent and cares not ,

Has his revenge already been Begot ?

Victims ! Aren't we all ?

Those Who rise sublimely ,

Only to find their fall .........

— The End —