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Souf Mar 2019
I remember your sweet eyes
your large smile
so good to me
so right
and then you pull me close
in the moonlight at midnight
and I close my eyes for a minute

All I see is light
When I awaken its light
And I'm all alone

A note on the corner of the bed we slept in
I slowly inch toward it
I pick it up
Read the first line
and I throw it to the ground.

Can't take this.
I scream "SHIZZ."
Still can't believe it's all gone,
just like that.
Just like that,
my world ended.
My heart flew and crashed in that moment.

I wasn't ready.
I thought she was cooking surprise breakfast.
But she was
This makes me so sad. I hope it never happens to me!
Apporva Arya Nov 2018
Crashed last night,
When tried flying high.
Was dreaming of skies,
When stuck in lies.
Getting lost within,
In the echo of noise,
of the monstrous mind.
Sometimes ruling over,
sometimes surrendering to
the battles within,
A warrior just trying to survive.
They say it right "The darkest of night get ended with brightest of sunshine," No matter how many of my dreams remain unfulfilled ,i will keep dreaming new and keep fulfilling them...
Autumn Lewis Apr 2018
I wish I had never gotten in the accident
I just lost control and crashed
I was into much of a rush

The speed never fazed me I didn't once flentch
The parts that impaled into my heart didn't harm me
I just wanted to escape and flee

My reality was skewed and vision blurred
If I only knew what his true intentions were
I wish I could go back and that the accident never occurred.
This is for all the people who have been in a mistake or terrible situation with an ex friend/ boyfriend/ girlfriend and wished it never happened.
foundation bearers were removed
foundation bearers were removed
a rebuild of solid stanchions needed
a rebuild of solid stanchions needed
solid stanchions were removed
a rebuild of foundation bearers needed

upon high wall sat a man
upon high wall sat a man
owing they who put him there
owning they who put him there
they who put him upon wall high
the owing man sat a there

they'd withdrawn their buttressing
they'd withdrawn their buttressing
he crashed to the ground
he crashed to the ground
their buttressing crashed on the ground
they'd withdrawn he

upon a high wall sat a man
they'd withdrawn their buttressing
owing they who put him there
foundation bearers were removed
he crashed on the ground
a rebuild of solid stanchions needed
Pokkuri Feb 2015
'Trapped in a lizard state'.
The singer's echoes,
the words too clear.
Like a lizard, I lay and wait,
biding my time.
Waiting for my prey to walk in the door.

To latch, and to never let go.
To playfully wrestle the bait.
But for now I am waiting,
staring at nothing.

I wonder if Lizards don't sleep much,
because of their dreams.
Cause if so, I am most definitely cold blooded.
Staring into nothing,
waiting for my prey.
If someone can interpretate this I'll be shocked (not a challenge)
Gwendolyn Jun 2014
Its hell inside my head
With monsters that would make the Winchesters cringe
Scratching the walls
Breaking every good thing in me

My emotions are dead
Insanity has driven me way past the fringe
I've started to fall
Locked in a room with no key

They said I would fail
Somehow knowing my future was grim
I'm useless, you know
Crashing and burning

My dreams had set sail
But my chances of getting on that boat were slim
It was really all for show
That's what I'm slowly learning

I realize I'm broken
I know I can't be fixed
The fates have spoken
*Don't tell me I'll be missed

— The End —