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A P Taylor Mar 2019
The trailing ring of a trams bell
competes with a guitars strum,
soon the old GPO tolls in swell
while chatter of voices to hum.

Tables and chairs out at lunch
the parking here closed by six,
public holiday less of a crunch
echo of voices in phone sticks.

The hum of trams hover upon
child after a treat whines loud,
toward Autumn grey, roof wan
rain gathering to a wry shroud.

As trams echo carries on past
upon their patina a clatter too,
languages of street flying fast,
barista stirs his caffeine brew.
A P Taylor Feb 2019
Remain viewing a message spent
clocks are headed toward twelve,
screen shows delivered, not sent,
eight minutes into enquiry delve.

Easy trust in huge tall man grown
way from tiny as years traversed,
friends, all of whom well known
at house not by a club dispersed.

Is group we trust from his school
stayed fast together seven years,
now are separating see lives duel
interstate or join cross city peers.

And once small shadows passed
now burly men heavy see parade,
setting sight on lives soon to cast
on their own, we the parents fade.
A P Taylor Jan 2019
In faint edge find a light breeze
cutting through the koel’s song,
bustle of cars in amongst trees
as thunder rebounds in among.

To mesh of blue and grey skies
confining as a hand knitted top,
lightning fizz in zipped disguise
street crowds shelters if shops.

Between vast European brands
add upon best Asia can supply,
there are centres more strands
for miles as if the crows did fly..

Porsches racing Lambos speed
noisily down a one way avenue,
passing small trucks soon freed
are carrying tens to open view.

While clouds clear in moments
now the people walking return,
a sun bold is drying pavements
once more tourists parts burn.

Resting in hidden on a branch
koel’s continue a pitch refining,
another nest to join to tranche
their calls, Singapore defining.
A P Taylor Jan 2019
If I posit people are composed
of facets that vary in shade,
and that glint as sparkle
towards a stage.

Then, if so, could we describe
the behaviour of a gathering,
as glass prisms interacting
in a group together?

Baffling the light,
meshing shadows, while
at the same instant,
glinting in separate paths?

Hanging near to each other
in fixed positions,
that vary only in intensity
and not direction.

Meanwhile technology has
changed that simple linearity,
with parts no longer fixed,
but on separate rotating orbits.

In close contact, then away,
to deep darkness like comets.
As I begin to understand why
chandeliers are now passé.
A P Taylor Jan 2019
Chinese friezes seen metres high
reaching as stairs toward clouds,
ebony black, bamboo tints apply,
conversation hums in the crowds.

The distant clink of fine porcelain
hurries by metal clatter of spoon,
marble witness in pale grey stain
as table cloths sweep over room.

Central chandelier orchid below
flowers hang heavy in pale lilac,
conversations soft in space row,
plants thick of shade right back.

Large formal chairs around brim
mobile phones, duelling in stress,
half will exit to the pool to swim,
others suits as go about business.
The room where the US negotiating team with North Korea had breakfast each day in the Singapore Shangri La, Garden wing
A P Taylor Jan 2019
Glitters among a casing of gold
quartz are veins infused riven,
to welcome a stranger are writers
glitters the gift all seem given.

Sparkling the halls of ascent
promise as hail associations hence,
artistic endeavour rich in crazes
space lies between a barbed fence.

Crafted a virtual playground
distant so borders do not touch,
where vultures flying do roam
only created in dreams or such.

Descends a sense of unease
inside the quartz, wringing blood.
those welcomed are of difference
outsiders find their end in mud.

Tradition from a single nation
familiar as observe roles supine,
radical, a narrowness of thought
spout ever a complimentary line.

Precious metal naturally nuggets
then refined down to gold bars,
on the surface easy to miss
if defined an authoritarian parse.

And those that dare question
(as if in true art we are bound),
politely discarded to chambers
challenge lost in excuses found.

And as taken out of the group
noted the absence of noise,
originals have nuggets panned,
from the passing girls and boys.

A P Taylor Jan 2019
Steel verses steam water's strain
odes dissolve the waves to ship,
humanity barely buries the slain
in consciousness blood left drip.

Battles we enter as pathos seize
enemies seen with false minions,
warships hunt in distant degrees
as we battle currents of opinions.

Muse off upon sorties with guns
poetic rhymes left below to sink,
shattered bodies blood left runs
lives staring at foam in the drink.

Creativity of world will dwindle
as the sweep of sand and waves,
blasted back by a cordite spindle
where was that peace all craves?
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