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Robert Ippaso Jun 19
Too old by half.
Just ask the media, ask their staff,
Obstinate may be
But surely that writing on the wall can they still see?

Politics not a game for laggards,
Granted some confuse that term with braggards;
Lithe and vibrant does one need be
When all the time their message is “look at me”.

Yes age brings wisdom, or so they say,
But every wise man knows when its’ past their day,
Those that persist divide in two,
The truly quite unique or those without a clue.

And so we ask ourselves where these two fall,
The one with tales galore, the other full of gall?
Should we persist while they decide our fate
Bad decisions festering until simply all too late?

Our democracy was built on toil and sweat
Vigor and ideals we never should forget,
Those that divide or seek self-grandeur
Are not the sort of folks we ever ought to pander.

If mediocrity is now the pattern of the day
We need act fast and make that needle sway,
Let's elect those with skill to lead and yet unite,
To send a message that entitlement we never shall abide.
Trump vs Biden
Robert Ippaso Jan 28
Every time I do a smell
I think it's cool, somehow just swell,
I turn around and look to see
If they caught on it was me.
I cast a frown and act confused
For all to know I'm quite bemused,
I quickly learned this is the key
To then bleat wasn't me!

I feign a gaze of sad and hurt
Shuffle my feet across the dirt,
How could they think this one sweet boy
Would ever dream up such a ploy.
I wait a while, just stand around
Until all doubts have gone to ground,
Then with a twinkle and much glee
Another fly’s, followed wasn't me!
A little fun
Cozy, snuggly, curled up tight
People think I'm sleeping, but that is far from being right,
With one eye open, the other tightly shut
I plough the very trade refined by every cat.
Quiet adoration amongst the whispered sighs
For this wonderful creation, nature's wily prize.
And all the while I'm lounging, perched upon my throne
Surveying my domain from this place I call home.
I'm fed and duly watered, patted when I wish,
My life a constant slumber, something I call Bliss,
As to these poor humans, scurrying around
Their feet so often frantic, they barely touch the ground,
The one piece of advice I freely choose to give,
Is simply look at me and learn from how I live!
Robert Ippaso Dec 2021
Christmas comes but once a year
A time of joy, a time of cheer,
Families united, presents galore,
The feasting and chatting never a bore;
The laden tree glistening, lights burning bright,
What better to gather with an Eggnog each night,
Celebrate family and friends we hold dear,
While thinking of loved ones sadly not here;
But together or not they live in our heart,
A special safe place from which they shan't part.
So let's lift our glasses and offer this toast,
Health, Peace and Cheers to All we love most.
Robert Ippaso Nov 2021
I did it, I really did it, something got passed,
Nancy and I succeeded at last,
What a huge pain convincing my team,
When all I could do was silently scream.

The Squad were blackmailing,
The media loud blaring,
Republicans laughing while doing high fives,
My only solution to hide and dodge knives.

But now it's all changed, back on my horse,
Steering the country without fear or remorse,
My path controversial but who gives a bean,
They'll all get the message that I say what I mean.

I want kindness and peace, fairness far all,
My social ambitions unashamedly tall,
What do I care about finding the dough,
That's for bean-counters, the ones that should know.

I remember a story while riding a train,
The details are fuzzy but I'm racking my brain,
This Gal said to me "you're Uncle Joe,
That guy from DC, the father of Beau",

I smiled and just answered yes I'm the one,
She went on to say, "If not for me then your son,
Make your time count, bring us relief,
As too many of us are living in grief;

All kinds of big bills piling on high,
Nowhere to turn, just left out to dry,
The rich getting richer, the rest of us stuck,
Flailing and wailing in ankle deep muck";

Wages too low, options too few,
You must find a way to this country renew.
I gave her a smile, patted her hand,
Made her a promise that I'd make a real stand.

So to that special Gal whose name I don't know,
This for a start is what I can show;
For the rest of my goals I'll fight night and day,
To prove I will do and not merely say.
Robert Ippaso Oct 2021
Folks say I'm struggling
That I'm old and confused,
They don't see all the haggling
Which leaves them bemused.

My colleagues are wordy
My enemies too,
But my willpower is sturdy
As I'm all for the Blue.

If now a bit slower
Even friends I seem faze,
But post Trump the bar's lower
And that's my fail safe.

The Media's a pain
What's with the shouting,
I shan't play their game
Their continual doubting.

Then there's old Bernie
And his Marxists galore,
With their bone headed journey
To simply point score.

Republicans matter not a bit in my mind
Obstructive and loudly they wail,
But Politics taught to never be kind
So let them act up and sullenly rail.

As to the Trumpers, what can I say
They live in a universe all of their own,
Their partisan anger a cause for dismay
While the stolen election they relive every day.

When all's said and done I'm proud of my job
Obama's on side to bring me relief,
My one secret weapon to quieten the mob
Sharing the load to make my weeks brief.
Robert Ippaso Oct 2021
I told you, you would miss me
The minute I was gone
Tough to swallow, hard to see
The extent of Joe's real con.

First he promised, some believed
His sole aim a power grab,
Many listened quite relieved
For his special brand of drab.

Can't you see the mess he's made
All he touches turns to dust,
Yet it's us his failures paid
As our country turns to rust.

Still he blusters unperturbed,
One bad choice after another,
And if by now you're not disturbed,
You can join him in the gutter.
But despite all this foul gloom
Months of nothing every day,
Wait for me to see us bloom
I'm the man for which to pray.

Three more years you may well wait
With sad Joe calling the shots,
But this country's very fate
To make good before it rots.
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