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Where to now, uncharted waters,
Two men vying, two men scheming,
Biden gloating, Trump now reeling,
Storm clouds gathering, eyes aloft.

So much anger, consternation,
A million words spewed every day,
Talking heads intent to sway,
Incessant noise drowning our senses.

Gone all reason, truth abated,
Daggers drawn, no time to ponder,
Where is grace, we're left to wonder,
Faint the beacon that shone so bright,

No aim but personal agendas,
Winning the game, no regard to cost,
So much broken, so much lost,
Legacies destroyed, a worthy prize?

Is there hope, slithers of light,
Where discourse and civility prevail,
Or just a forlorn dream, to no avail,
With troughs too deep, waves too rough.

Yet storms pass, the sun burns through,
Foreboding clouds soon dissipate,
Destructive winds gradually abate,
The dawn of hope a promise fresh.

America was born of freedom,
A welcome port, a haven sure,
Ideals the core, intentions pure,
Democracy the linchpin, autocracy despised.

So with heavy heart we bear,
This foisted moment of division,
Holding steadfast for our vision
Of one country united in a dream.
To make us think
Francie Lynch Mar 31
I know you've heard of RINOs,
Perhaps you've heard of DINOs,
Some Christians are called CINOs,
Are those men mere MINOs.
Women become WINOs
(the irony doesn't escape me thouogh)
Humans evolved to HINOs;
Friends are friends
I'll never call them  FINOs.
Avoid lovers who are LINOs,
And teachers who are TINOs.
Could a Jew be a JINO?

But make no mistake:
Terrorists are Terrorists,
Jihadists are Jihadists,
Haters are Haters,
War mongers are war mongers,
Liars lie.

It's We thePeople, PINOs.
I'm sure you couold add many of your own ___INOs. And the initial letter on many ___INOs can stand for so much more. We need more substance in our lives and less veneer.
Robert Ippaso Feb 14
I know I'm slightly losing it and Jill sees that now too,
So all we can but hope for is to Bluster and to Woo.
What If I sometimes falter with names or something more,
Only Fox is bent on keeping that lame and pointless score.
The rest of my fan Media provides me with great flak,
While I air my inner Irish and repeatedly attack.

As to the clueless voters I truly feel for all,
I quietly do get them, as the choices do appall.
Trump is but a cannon with a worn-out rusty bore,
Little in the barrel spraying mayhem aft and fore.
And to my friend Kamala, words truly don't suffice,
But no-one of sound mind would want to roll that dice.

So what are we now left with that possibly makes sense,
To getting people voting and off that dreaded fence.
I'm quite the only choice if truth be clearly told,
Despite the fact I'm quirky and obviously quite old.
Thank goodness for the knowledge my team will see me through,
I bless HIM every night for this weird creative crew.

They tell me what to say whenever I might need,
Have me practice all **** day to show that I can lead.
It's a challenge for them all but what about for me,
I’m sure it’ll be worth it in the end as you will see.
And while this plan unfolds I’ll keep a low profile
Speaking ever less as has become my style.

There is one thing that worries me far more than I would care,
Jon Stewart's now resurfacing with his weird confounding stare.
Throwing comments like sharp knives as a rapper from the hood,
And jabs like some street **** with a blistering left hook.
I’m asking my top people to rush him off the air,
The answer that I’m getting is pretend he isn’t there.

None of this a problem, the story of my life,
I cherish a good brawl and every dose of strife.
Abortion is my ticket with progressives by my side,
This alone will stem the frothing MAGA tide.
Just watch me now perform with my wily stash of tricks,
For if Trump is made of Teflon, I’m made from Scranton bricks.
Satirical and humorous take
Francie Lynch Jan 15
It's finally come to this...
"I just don't get it!"
It's in the hands of the judges now. Finally.
Francie Lynch Nov 2023
Donald has a comb-over,
******, a funny moustache;
Hair Donald?
Heil ******.
Sound the alarms!!!
Edit and repost.
Robert Ippaso Jul 2023
Why would I do this
What was in my head
My charmed life of bliss
Perhaps irreparably dead?

Yes I'm a fighter
A grifter of old,
I deserve a fate brighter
But on this I've been rolled.

Politics such a foul game
They claim I'm the one crooked,
But these hacks put me to shame
With actions deceitful and wicked.

Still you know what they say
When you're in the arena riding that bull,
Hold on tight and don't sway
The harder it bucks the stronger you pull.

Melania's not happy,
The kids out of sight,
While I may sometimes get snappy
It’s when I’m alone in the dead of the night.

Truth socials' my outlet
Where I vent and I rage
An invaluable asset
With my fans to engage.

For despite all my troubles
I'm still leading the pack
Supporting my struggles
They all have my back.

Biden is scheming
When the guy remembers at all,
In most polls I am far leading
Now he's praying I'll fall.

The media is gloating
With me as their lead,
In money they're floating
When Trump is their creed.

So maybe it's worth it
This journey of pain,
The path to outwit
And put these connivers to shame.

With me as your President
The US will be great
My abilities so undeniably evident
I’m clearly your best Head of State.
Robert Ippaso May 2023
Little upstart, young showboat
Lots of bluster full of gloat,
Been there minutes, thinks he knows,
Blind ambition and it shows.

They say he's bright and tough to boot,
Compared to me, now that's a hoot,
What's Yale and Harvard, simply names,
The constant ones he repeatedly proclaims.

As to the Navy, are we to be impressed,
He only served so he'd be thought best dressed;
The lawyer bit, now that brings on a shiver,
The very thought entwines my liver.

Now as to his wife,
I will admit she's rather nice,
But then let's pause to look at mine,
And tell me if she doesn't her outshine.

So there's no doubt whichever way you cut it,
I Trump this kid with character and wit,
He may be smart, but I'm the stable Genius,
Him all hot air, with me my smarts are intravenous.

As I ponder how I should react,
Knowing I’m the very best at tact,
I thought I'd stick to what I do so well,
While he drones on, I'll just my winning vision sell.

America needs me, not some kid wet behind the ears,
Whose monotone delivery brings us all to sleepy tears,
With me you get that vibrant lively spark
The choice quite clear, a Guppy or a Shark?
Robert Ippaso Aug 2022
They did it they really did it,
Can you believe it, can it be true;
My folks are angry, their passions lit
One voice united, this act the glue.

Little they know the hornets’ nest
They've now unleashed upon themselves,
They may well smirk at their cute start,
But I'm the ogre, they the elves.

To raid my home, a line now crossed
They truly think I'll cower in fear,
My cannons out, all fairness tossed,
I'll strike and torch all they hold dear.

Biden's a joke, a simple stooge,
A patsy by any other name,
This thing they did, I'll make it huge,
The best of gifts to fuel my fame.

A few more years to wait and scheme
To win it all and wipe their smirk,
Then watch the wokes just wail and scream,
As they observe our handy work.

Revenge is great, it drives my life
Cross me and watch for what comes next,
I can be sweet, just ask my wife
As to my foes such pain they won’t expect.
Robert Ippaso Jul 2022
The more I think the more I'm sure
The odds were stacked as all can see,
The Media's rotten to the core
At least on that we should agree.

But two years on what do you think,
Did sleepy Joe succeed or fail,
I hear so many took to drink
Watching the saga of Dither and Flail.

Afghanistan, Russia, Inflation and Gas,
Just a few things that mark his mishits,
And yet that same Media gave him a pass
Altering headlines until something fits.

COVID aside he can't catch a break
Even his wife is shaking her head,
She tells us he's fine, really awake,
He's just been unlucky, with good times ahead.

I'm just sitting back enjoying the show,
Getting some laughs, spreading the word,
Watching frustration evermore grow,
Promises plenty, all action deferred.

Not long now to wait, November's next door,
We'll take back both houses and that's where the fun starts,
Of my own aspirations, patience for more,
But watch me in action until he departs.
Robert Ippaso Jun 2022
Too old by half.
Just ask the media, ask their staff,
Obstinate may be
But surely that writing on the wall can they still see?

Politics not a game for laggards,
Granted some confuse that term with braggards;
Lithe and vibrant does one need be
When all the time their message is “look at me”.

Yes age brings wisdom, or so they say,
But every wise man knows when its’ past their day,
Those that persist divide in two,
The truly quite unique or those without a clue.

And so we ask ourselves where these two fall,
The one with tales galore, the other full of gall?
Should we persist while they decide our fate
Bad decisions festering until simply all too late?

Our democracy was built on toil and sweat
Vigor and ideals we never should forget,
Those that divide or seek self-grandeur
Are not the sort of folks we ever ought to pander.

If mediocrity is now the pattern of the day
We need act fast and make that needle sway,
Let's elect those with skill to lead and yet unite,
To send a message that entitlement we never shall abide.
Trump vs Biden
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