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God what a mess,
My head is spinning,
Each day more stress,
Am I still winning?

Wall street crashing,
The economy near stall,
The media’s constant bashing,
Pelosi’s new curve ball.

My plans are now in tatters,
Forestalled at every turn,
To do what really matters
Is all I truly yearn.

I’m gearing for a fight
The like they’ve never seen,
I use my mouth to bite
And care little if I’m mean.

I’ll tear each one to shreds,
Flail them side to side,
Get well into their heads,
Give them quite a ride.

Clearly they don’t know
The grief they have in store,
They’ll reap what they now sow,
It’s nothing short of war.

Like Bombers flying high
Releasing their payload,
Shells falling from the sky,
I’ll give them what they’re owed.

Cross me once
And risk my wrath,
Yours the choice
To take that path.

Cross me twice
And stay awake,
You’ve cast your dice,
What a mistake.
Robert Ippaso Sep 16
My head’s in a swirl
So much on my plate
But I’ll give this a whirl,
To prove I’m so great.

No need to read up
On subjects galore,
Like tea from a cup
I can always drink more.

The world’s not so hard
To figure it out,
I keep up my guard
And my character flout.

Kim’s just a breeze,
Putin’s quite tough,
The former I squeeze,
The latter I bluff.

The Saudi’s are great
I know all their tricks,
To them I just state:
You break it, you fix.

Iran is a pain,
A hard one to solve,
It’s me that they blame,
Their sins to absolve.

But China’s the key,
The bane of my life
And just like a flea,
It’s nothing but strife.

When all’s said and done
I’m good at this game,
There isn’t a one
I can’t fully tame.

This all goes to show
I’m the man for the job,
While democrats crow
The election I rob.
Mary Zollars Apr 30
Sit right down in your seat, please
        Raise your hand to speak, please
        Get a pass to leave, please
I need all attention on me, please
                Revolution is over, please,
        Obedience is key, please
                There’s nothing wrong anymore, see
                Look at these 3rd world countries, see
                Be proud of where you were born, see
                We are perfectly free, see
Be silent and listen to me, free
                Migration will be to be stopped, free
                The leader can pardon himself, free
                Women in positions of power, free
                Hate is perfectly legal, free
        You can protest as well, free
        You have the power of speech, free
Don’t talk over the teacher, please
Don’t talk over the teacher, please
         I know better than you, see
        We control your life, see
        We are building the future, see
        We are the best in the world, see
Be silent and listen to me, please

As long as you’re rich and white,  
“Teaching Freedom” is about what politicians, media, and older generations in general  are teaching my generation. I wanted to show how they control young people to make them feel free. Recently, on the Day of Silence, I heard a kid say "Anyone can do anything now. Why do they have to make such a big deal about it?"Since then, I've been thinking about how many kids don't think race, religion, gender, and sexuality are issues anymore, because they've never experienced that discrimination. Just because you haven't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there.
james m nordlund Oct 2018
Smackdab in the middle of the republican conspiracy,

Halfased the halfmasting of the Blackhouse flag,

Unceremoniously, in an unfitting measure of their lack

Of respect for 'Real Deal' Republican, hero, McCain.

RumputiN said, "he wasn't a hero, heroes don't get caught".
The underworld crown, RumputiN, of the bipolar, bi-headed (utiN's **** and ****'s utiN) global axi of supposed power, are this hour defeating democracy by hacking our elections; don't you let them- voting early is the best way to protect the vote!

Study of civics in our altright universe invaded, universally engineered post truth world   :)     reality
Scarlet McCall Oct 2018
You're outraged and shocked by this depiction of you—
drunken ***** grabber (who couldn’t get it another way).
Maybe you don’t remember, but here’s something true—
a drunk blacks out, and what he does then, he might not have done sober.
So many actions, later to rue,
to  come back to haunt--and there’s no do-over.
My take on Kavanaugh: A drunk. Couldn't get a girlfriend in high school. Still a drunk now probably, and in total denial.
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
♪♫  Everyone sing along!  ♪♫

This land is my land
That land is your land

Stay the hell off my land
I might take your land

Don't cross my boarder
I'll split your family

This land was made
for me only!
Revision based on current politics
Brent Kincaid May 2018
A song of mad men, many bad men
Sung to sad men, to remind or warn
That trusting can be dangerous to you
Because, sometimes, Goliath gets shorn.
We have to pay attention to our heroes
If they are zeroes we can be misled
Thinking they were something good
With nothing good inside their heads.

It’s amazing how many villains exist
And are powerless to resist being bad;
Who’ll rob  you and cheat you, and love
To really enjoy the pain you have had.
They roam like packs of wolves prowl
And will tear you up if they only could.
So, it’s good to remain ever vigilant
And not be the baby lost in the wood.

They’ve taken over our government
Despite what the mad men have said
And with their total lack of sentiment
It’s like the night of the living dead.
The people who could stop it did not.
It happened quick, while we were asleep
Now we’re stuck with what they’ve brought
We fallen  from the top of the moral heap.

So this is a sad song, of what once was
And what it seems it’s soon to become.
Many citizens were rebels without a cause
And most of those were terminally dumb.
They believed change would be good
When we were doing especially well
Now those deluded heads of solid wood
Have created for us all a scary kind of hell.
Brent Kincaid Oct 2017
Don't let the door hit
Where fatigue makes you sit.
As people like to say,
Don't go away, mad, just go away.

These crusty old adages
Are better than biblical messages.
No meaning suffers loss.
Because the point comes across.

You hide behind double talk
That does not match your walk.
So down the road you go.
Find some other fools you know.

Preach your lies to all of them,
Because the point comes across.
Most know well who you are
And you are no shining star.

Steal from taxpayers and ****
We’ll gladly play back the tape
And show the world that can think
Just how badly the G.O.P. stinks.

You cheat and lie and brag about it.
Frankly we can all do without it.
The only supporters below you
And the people that don’t know you.

Most of your support come from bigotry
And some gun nuts in their zealotry
Who don’t yet see the picture clearly;
You cheat and victimize equally.

When the tally is taken at the end
You’ll find Republicans have no friends
Except those with millions to give.
Who care not if the rest of us live.
"Are you are reptile,
or a mammal?"

<licks lips and rubs chin>


<grips knee with left hand>

"When smelling a blooded roast beef... you get hungry and share?"

"Or do you eat the guests first?"

<holding long-blade carving knife>

"You see, I like to think that you're both bugs, that you bug me and neither of you have any power what with my holding this weapon?"

<waves knife around erratically>

"Also, I don't like sharing..."

I only throw
my banana
at Chel-Sea

I only throw
my banana
at Chelsea

I only throw
my banana
at Chel-sea

Brent Kincaid Aug 2017
Our way is the right way
Just like ****** has shown.
We will carry automatic weapons
And you must leave us alone.
Keep your liberal mouths shut
Give KKK politicians a pass.
If you don’t our President will
Okay thugs to kick your ***.

You had your own way too long
With jerks like that FDR guy was.
We have taken over everything now.
Haven’t you heard the buzz?
We don’t care about equal rights
And **** and blacks and Jews.
We have plenty of Republicans
And Fascists we can use.

We’re going to beat you up
We’re going to **** your kids
We’re going to blow you up
’Til you agree with what we said.
Our way is the right way
Yours is a piece of crap.
We will walk all over your rights
And give The Constitution a slap!

We can take those stupid laws down
That tell us to agree with you
Or hear you or behave ourselves.
Any time we don’t want to.
So quit all your sickening whining
About the things we have done
Like rioting against you wimps.
Your day is over, we have won.

We won because most of you
Like the Germans of the forties
Let spread our righteous hatred
In murderous, cleansing sorties.
So don’t look for magic tricks
Played by a powerful evil elf.
Everything that is happening now
You can only blame yourself.

We’re going to beat you up
We’re going to **** your kids
We’re going to blow you up
’Til you agree with what we said.
Our way is the right way
Yours is a piece of crap.
We will walk all over your rights
And give The Constitution a slap!
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