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kevin wright Mar 16
Hot spot agendas hovering behind glazed eyes
Contrite smiles breaking the silence
Introductions, a relief
Staged congenial conversations

Glasses charged; nibbles breathed over
Links discovered and discussions arise
Decisions and engagement sounded out
Glasses fondled in anticipation

Flagging flags flutter in the hot air
Cameras, action and speeches prepared
Negotiations delayed for another day
Find a greater poker stake to out sway a bomb

Collusion in the convenience room
Privy discussions over a hand drier soundtrack
A bargain to be had
A deal discovered, pawn D2 to D3
Third poem in this series. Stopping a war is never easy, remember that at your next office meeting
kevin wright Mar 15
Where ever they tread
There is no poem to soften the horror

Indiscriminate, a life is taken
A crime triggered by a dictator

A  game of chess without rules
That will destroy a country but not a culture

Ink trails run across the sky
Turning red in the tracks of a tank

Refugees scattering to all the corners of the world
Spring time when saviours will emerge
kevin wright Feb 25
War decried
Throttling battle
Survival paper thin

World order menaced
by a tyrant
Ukraines 'will' stands tall
European war
kevin wright Feb 25
We looked at each other
Across a gulf
Unassailable love intense

Letdowns cystalise the heart
False allure to be resisted
Unearth love to last an eternity
Inspired by a poem describing the gulf that builds up when trying to find that love of your life
kevin wright Feb 11
One degree dries our throat
Two degrees and drown out your sorrows
Three degrees, head for the tree lined beaches at the poles
Four degrees and a space taxi to book
Climate change, thirsty work in the future, someone will always make a buck!
kevin wright Feb 7
A burgeoning bud raises its head
Chlorophyl revelling in the light
Elegantly clothing the naked plant
Ceeding a symbiotic candor

Insect prodigy cocooned and mothered
Attired, an insect emerges
Now blushing red in warning
Martyrdom befalls this leaf
Simplest things often have significant bearings in life
kevin wright Feb 3
Creation within a galaxian cloud
Nebulae entwined molecules unite
One new star has taken that first breath today

Emotionally raised to the gods
Held to the mother by a greater attraction than gravities own
A gift of mankind welcomed by this universe

Our future and the worlds rely on each child
When our children look back, they have seen our future
When they look forward, they are our dreams
Every birth is a special moment in our lives.
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