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you are shining bright
that you dim my light
so why can't we take turns like the sun and moon?
you have too much pride
blinded by your light
that you forget those still in the dark gloom

in this velvety sky
why don't you paint the stars
while i write the day
in this city skyline
you can shine your own lights
while i beam sun rays
oh, when i rise
i still humble to set
just like we're sisters,
we're sisters by orbit

take turns with your brightness
don't forget those in darkness
take turns with your brightness
don't forget those in darkness
c a r o l i n e Dec 2022
i bought my last pack of 24 candles
‘cause who’d forget to blow their birth years away
then realised i need one extra candle
for being 25..
but who’s keeping count?
my twenty’s are like entering a roundabout
‘til you exit the right out
c a r o l i n e Nov 2022
if stars would abandon the sky
shoot far for a lantern up high
no tangible feel could brake the light
two hearts need a tandem bike

will i dream during the asking?
will i give up during the wishing?
every stoplight that runs the red
will be like my heart is escaping

wish our love would grow and to stay evergreen
and have a long kiss under a shaded purple moonlit scene
i’d wake up now weeping with only me in a sunrise tangerine
caught me singing the blues, when you leave too soon
and just like a fresh cut wound
it demanded to rip the blissful hues off the sky
you were those colours
abandoned from my sky
now i’m lost without you
standing by my side
c a r o l i n e Oct 2022
what’s so good about consuming drinks
in a wine or champagne glass?

well i tell ya

it’s the base of the cup that glistens
exciting bubbles that were just poured into when you closely listen
the glass that stood and stirred its way in
well wrapped by the touch of succulent lips and smooth edged rims
the taste of spike on shape end
yet hugged by comforting fingers so untainted

all pressed, squeezed or thirst quenched,
it’s the juice partnering with the vine that sends
a relaxing drinking and seat-sinking experience
if you might ask a delight of a time
a sparkling sensation quite fine
the occasional laughter, the banter and look back on to encounter
the romantic essence of sessions so special you have with a lover
it's the type of pleasure you wouldn't have on the regular
if you’d ask me,
it’s too fancy,
yet you wouldn’t have the same with tap water
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