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Safrina Kabir Jul 28
You bloom in the darkest hour
Comfort me in silence
My Sapphire of the night,
To see you, I wait for a moonless sky.
Safrina Kabir Jun 28
Memories are pooled up in puddles
Hope's a grass of hay
Stone weight on chest
Tightening the heart
Moments are thorns of the day

The sparkling sky above the head
Brings the day a dream,
The darkness a light.
But the eyes only gaze
The endless emptiness
With no path to follow,
No place to hide.
Safrina Kabir Jun 27
I can see you
            Through your covered sleeves
            Long shirt
            Feathered scarf

I can feel it
             The wounds on your feet
             Bruises and cuts
             Where the scarf ends
             Where the fear starts
             The pain in your eye

What does it take
              To make a leap of faith
              Trust once more
              Stand up and walk again?
Safrina Kabir Jun 19
Eat you **** fools
The best cuisine in the world
Cook a kitchen full
Eat a pea.

Spend the entire life
Stomping in union
False show of discipline, neat
Accomplish nothing.

We will change the world
Bit by bit
You watch
From the high throne
We provided

You are the kings, all-powerful
We let you believe that
So that the mouths are shut
No buzz buzz while we work

Live the lavish life we gave you
Sit on the top of your riches
Look down on us
As we write history

Hush now, no question
You have no business here
Not a play for fools
You aren't one?
Well, break the shackles
Climb down the tower
We'll decide.
The wheel of the economy runs over the hard work of working-class people. Revolution comes from the middle class and lower class people. It is proved again and again in history.
I wish you to rain
Like the first rain of monsoon.
My deserted soul,
Dried out heart,
Drench me down
Like the first rain of monsoon.
The first rain of the season is very mesmerizing in the land of Bangladesh. For the farmers it's the long waited rain after the scorching sun of summer. I am farming love for you on  my heart and waiting for you to respond.
Safrina Kabir Aug 2021
Isn’t it a curse to live long
Beloved friends all gone
Kiths and kins buried down
Remains their name on the stone.

Sitting alone at the bay
Hair, beard all grey
As I peep at the past
A few memories that last

Always wanted to live long
Rein the world, get the throne
Luxury, name and fame
Emperor of my own game.

Countless nights wasted on hope
Handful of moments spent for love
Hope lies in fist now
Love is nowhere to be found.

A little too late
To fear death,
A little too late
To turn around.

A faded thought still remains
A desire to be remembered
If not the name I have earned
For the deeds I have done.
An old man is sitting alone at the bay thinking about the life he lived. Reaching to this point of life , he realizes he has spent most of his youth on earning and dreaming big. Now that he achieved all that he wanted, he understands how worthless everything is. The  man is really lonely without anyone to accompany him. He is left alone ,the way he had left his family alone in the past.
Safrina Kabir Aug 2021
The last ounce of life
Flowing out through my vein
All are wasted for
Worldly gain
My love ,
Let me leave this world
Of pain
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