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Feb 20 · 85
If there was a way
Would you still love me?
Would you still care?
At the end of the day?

I ask myself a lot
If what we felt was real
Keeps playing in my thoughts
Though our fates are sealed

It is the end of the road
But I appreciate the journey
Even if it's hard to let go
Us is my favourite memory
Feb 16 · 64
The was a part of me inside
I knew that was going on
That someday you might
Prove that I was wrong

I wanted to believe in you
But the truth speaks
Secrets I never knew
Horrors I would never believed

I thought it was real
The bond that we made
This act made my mind ill
Thinking of your mistake

I hope you thought this through
Knowing it made me suffer
For having faith in you
Thinking you were better

But I have come to realise
The moment I left you behind
With all of your lies
Peace came into my mind
Sometimes you got to let go and face the music
Jan 13 · 217
Chasing you is like chasing the stars
I am sure that I would never reach
Chasing you is like chasing a dream
You would be gone once my alarm rings
Chasing you is like chasing shadows
You are there but I could never hold
Oct 2019 · 63
Dear Self
Might be the start of our conversation
Please pay close attention and listen
For now the version of you is different
Because your past self would be proud
Those sunny days were covered by clouds
With total uncertainty which cast doubts
Remember those times you got mad?
Or the time you cried when you were sad?
Only to take for granted for what you had
I hope you learn from your past mistakes
Which could affect the choices you make
Hopefully better choices for your own sake
Because the secret to true happiness
Is when you learn to love your own self.
Jun 2019 · 146
I remember someone said
Words don't come easy
But words are all in my head
Though it is hard for me to say it
I have exchange words before
It was surprisingly easy
But when it came to you
My tongue is tied
I'm lost for words
Now I understand why
Words don't come easy
Especially saying it to a person you love
Jun 2019 · 74
Everything must come to an end
Though I never hoped it be this way
Slowly letting go of your hands
But my heart just wants to stay
Your eyes looking straight to mine
Burying your feelings deep inside
I heard you said the word goodbye
And I knew a part of me just died
May 2019 · 227
Is some kind of action
Which needs no talent
Nor does it need passion
Time is always delayed
Meetings are always postponed
It gets nothing accomplished
The silent thief of time
Leaves no trace nor sign
In the end you'll fall behind
I do tend to procrastinate
May 2019 · 114
Sick of Being
I have express the truth
In written paper for all to read
A poem about my youth
Where I chose want instead of a need
When I was learning about love
Pain was what came to me
Mistakes were my companion
Failure was my given title
It was difficult to learn from my lesson
But I'll try as long as I'm able
To strive through all the hardships
That comes into my way
With problems that I bury deep
I still smile at the end of the day
So people won't see that I'm scared
So people won't see that I am weak
But the screams in my own head
Thoughts that are an ocean deep
Would always come and haunt me
Kick me down from where I stand
Who would care for me
A man who is always sick
I hope one day I will meet
A person who would stand by me
For I am sick of being me
All lonely, fragile and weak
My life of being sick, knowing I'm a troublesome and burden to everyone around but trying my best to be strong
May 2019 · 114
When our eyes intertwine
And our hands held tight
I thank god that you're mine
Does not take much, I appreciate you
May 2019 · 150
I was amazed
By different countries
And their different states

I'd hop on a plane
Hitch a car or ride a bike
To be on a different land

I'd see architecture
that took my breath away
Made me hungry for more

I have tasted food
Different from my own
By different cooks

I would take photos
So whenever I am away
The memories won't be lost
My take as a traveller, the world is beautiful
Mar 2019 · 214
You don't know how simple it was
To have fallen for an angel like you
All it took was one of your touch
And you were in my mind on a loop
I kept thinking about you all day
I had doubts about you every nights
If the words I would choose to say
Would it make you leave my side?
Or those words would make you stay
By my side until the end of time?
You made it so easy but controlling these emotions were hard
Mar 2019 · 163
3 harsh words
You said we could do it all together
Or was it only I who remembered?
That night in the middle of October
When you told me that I mattered
But for how long will I be that person?
Before you choose to leave me behind
But as I expected the situation worsen
And soon you left these arms of mine
How I wished the time could turn back
Maybe I could fix what was broken
Or even stop it from the day we met
To stop the words from being spoken
Those three words aren't enough
Mar 2019 · 175
Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted to was age up? You wished for it every year as you ascend and it never stopped.

You grew physically and mentally as the years pass you by. You started seeing the extraordinary parts of your life.

But everything great must come to an end. Sooner or later you will learn one of life's greatest lesson which is pain.

Pain that could cause by a heart break or the passing of a friend. Thinking it would stop if only your life would end.

And at that point you start to wonder
how did it get complicated? All these complications and test was never what you wanted.

Then you sat there alone thinking why would you grow old? To only face the harshness of life that weakens your soul.
Aging is never that great. it we learn in time so we could be great
Mar 2019 · 168
Just One Night
I remembered your lovely eyes
Oh how those pair twinkle
Brighter than the stars at night
Falling for it seemed simple

Whisper me sweet nothings
Love as sweet as honey
Tonight I get rid of my sorrows
And I will regret it tomorrow

All those feelings I have caught
Just by our little conversations
Love was not what you sought
You just needed a companion

To heal all of your wounds
You don't really need me
Even if I gave you the moon
You would still choose to leave
Sometimes people just tend to heal themselves without realizing that they have broken another persons heart
Feb 2019 · 154
Have you ever felt alone?
Even in a crowded room?
Even with your friends
On a Sunday afternoon?
Even with your family
At one of those gatherings?
Why is there a certain void inside
Only darkness with no shed of light
Is this what it means to be lonely?
Cause I felt it most parts of my life
Jan 2019 · 362
We Are All Different
We are all different
But in your eyes we are the same
We went through great days
We all bear the same pain
But if you think in such a way
Then you never knew what it is like
To starve on a cold morning
Or sleep by the roadside at night
To bear the sickness that is within
Because you can't afford medicine
Yes we are all different
So never assume it has been easy for all
Today you may rise above others
But mark these words
Someday eventually you will fall
Jan 2019 · 119
Words and Promises
The exchange of words by both
I have taken some as oaths
I lay down my own demons
To honor the words spoken
May this feeling bound us
Taking us to certain places
May you also honor your words
So this feeling won't be a curse
This feeling could embrace us both
Started out with a word called love
Words and promises
Dec 2018 · 175
The Green City
Take me back to the green city
Where the concrete jungle exist
Surrounded by flowers and trees
Breathe in the fresh air
Let go the feeling of despair
Forget the memories that was grim
Just pretend that it was a dream
Life is much better than it seems
Behind these walls of concrete
Is one of the most beautiful places
That your eyes have ever seen
Green City is where I need to go
Dec 2018 · 185
I dreamed a day to be away
From the bustling city noise
And from the faces of despair
I wished the car I've driven
Would take me to the coast
Instead of my office in the city
Where I could walk by the sand
Hear the waves crashing on the land
Feel the breeze of the wind
The breathe the fresh air
To have a moment in paradise
Need to get away
Dec 2018 · 246
Beneath the thousand stars
And the lonely moon
A moment I wish could've last
Lying on the sand next to you
You with those crimson red lips
And eyes colored of the ocean blue
With sound of waves crashing through
I could lie forever with you
And in those quiet moments together
I have dreamt my future with you
With a little house and picket fences
Maybe with a child or perhaps two
I would have taken my chances
Just to have a life with you
But at the end of the day we knew
That this wildest dream
Could have never come true
For you were forced by your father
To be the wife of another
And here I am still thinking about
The thousand stars by the beach
Those quiet nights that I truly miss
Laying on the sand right next to you
But now I am lonely just like the moon
Sometimes that's the only thing we could hold onto when we have to let something or somebody walk out of our door
Nov 2018 · 242
Thinking of you
How could I get through the nights?
Whenever I close my eyes
I'll be thinking of you the whole time
It makes me restless
Nov 2018 · 196
Past Love
I remember how I felt that night
As I packed my things for home
Can't wait to have you in my sight
Can't wait to tell you over the phone
Never have I ever felt this excited
After all this time it was gonna be you
I thought with you is a new beginning
Another chapter unveiling slowly
But it turns like any other good book
The plot has its own unexpected twist
For in your heart there was another
All the time you had a secret lover
The promises we made just disappear
I remember how mad I was at myself
Falling in love for someone like you
You turned out to be a waste of time
But we both never said our goodbyes
We just drifted apart like strangers
Forgotten feelings for each other
Maybe it is the perfect ending
Me trying to wash away the feelings
Trying to forget all of those times
Where I thought to have a fresh start
But it turns out you were the one
Who tore my whole world apart
Memories both bad and good but it ended badly for me
Nov 2018 · 298
Anton is no stranger on being late
No matter the time nor the date
Whenever you have made plans
Anton will arrive as late as he can
Not familiar with the concept of time
Does not bother to even try
The only day that he will be on time
Probably be the day that Anton dies
Anton is a word in my local state to refer as a person who is always late
Nov 2018 · 197
I remember telling everyone
I would live until I am a hundred
I would keep each moments
I would keep each of the smiles
I would keep each of the words
That only gave me positive vibes
I would remember the lonely nights
And the tears that I have cried
I would take them as a lesson
To value myself first before others
I would be wiser in the next lifetime
If I was given a chance to live again
Then maybe things would get better Pieces of my heart won't be cluttered
If I could just took what I've learn
From my life that I lived in a hundred
100 years
Oct 2018 · 263
Drifting thoughts
I have cared for the one's who would not care for me. I always wondered if it was all my fault. Though I was left alone with no reasons so I have decided the mistakes are my own. I could not think of reasons of why people should stay. Why should a fool like me deserved to be loved anyway? I am broken and there's no hope in fixing me. Let people just remember me as part of their history.  But I do hope even though they left, I have once made them happy. For their time was short but it made a difference to me. I hope you understand what you meant to me even though I meant nothing much to you.
In fear of losing people but still being the one who gets left behind so maybe it's me
Oct 2018 · 419
A world where it does not matter
All you need is your pen and paper
Where words are crafted into beauty
Where you expose your own honesty
Writing out what you bottled up
Writing the contents of your heart
Hoping there's someone out there
That they are feeling the same way
To tell them that they are not alone
And let the poetry ease their pain
My thoughts on reading poetry
Sep 2018 · 362
It Was Different
I used to see you in a different light
We would do all things together
You would always be by my side
You said you would be there forever
I believed in what you've said
I took every word as a promise
But for my mistakes I have paid
For I have never felt pain like this
The aching heart that never stops
But I still think of you everyday
No matter how much I've lost
I still see you in the same way
No matter if you've hurt me the most
Maybe it was I who was different
Sep 2018 · 196
It was all like a dream
When you were beside me
Whisper of your words
Lingers from your mouth
Those words that I heard
When you spoke of love
How my heart pounded
Thinking this is the moment
Though it was not about me
It was about him
The guy who stole your heart
And left me with a broken heart
It felt great and then it went for the ****
Aug 2018 · 382
Why is it so hard to speak?
The words that I want
Whenever you are around
I wish I could speak
But suddenly I'm lost for words
It won't come out of my mouth
So all I could to was adore you
Every single day in total silence
I can't find the words whenever you're around but I scream at them all night just so that I could have my tongue tied when I see you
Jul 2018 · 345
I am trying
I am breaking deep down
Though I never show it
I am breaking deep down
I'm happy but slowly dying
I tried my best to move on
But the memories stayed
I tried my best to move on
But my feelings still remains
I swear I am trying
To get you out of my heart
I swear I am trying
Not to let myself fall apart
Never been easy
Jun 2018 · 102
It never had been easy
To have patience in your heart
Jun 2018 · 545
Everything felt like a competition
I felt like I was not appreciated
I gave up on having your attention
Cause maybe to you I didn't matter
To you I should've pushed harder
I should've been much better
I lived life knowing I was not enough
Always know that I will never be
Cause at the end of the day
You'd point out somebody else
And you would always say
That person is far better than me
Sometimes it does not motivate you cause at one point you'll break knowing you're not good enough
May 2018 · 253
I took a step
Over the edge
To love you
Was my pledge
To care for you
For countless days
To never let go
Holding onto you always
I am not sure what title but I hope you guys like it
May 2018 · 263
Humans they tend to forget
A better world for everyone
Is what they should make
But all that we have done
Is **** all innocent lives
And steal from everyone
Souls consumed by greed
Had people on the mercy
Of the devils own two feet
War and Violence must stop
May 2018 · 235
You came crashing like a wave
Now I am caught in the middle
I don't know if I should be glad
Because these feelings could be fatal
It gives me wonder at the start
Sooner or later it will be hard
Whenever I feel that we are apart
I would have this ache in my heart
Then my mind would be so negative
I would always think that you'll leave
Like a wave you'd pull me to the sea
Because it could happen in seconds
And if I'm not careful I'd be dragged in
Into the depths of my own depression
Sometimes not all the time
Apr 2018 · 236
We could have known
Right from the start
We were never alone
Except for our hearts
It feels like it's empty
Making us feel lonely
Though in great company
We still feel upset
I often wonder why
Why do we feel lonely?
Mar 2018 · 333
You could have seen it differently
Yes it is comfort that you seek
Once you're done you chose to leave
But as your broken heart mended
You choose to break another
And those pieces you stole
Are the ones they wanted
If you seek comfort don't ever give false hopes or promises
Feb 2018 · 722
Break Up
I always fear the day will come
When I will stop loving you
Your arms no longer my home
Your voice no longer the echo
Your presence no longer needed
Your kiss won't keep me sedated
I fear I have to walk up to you
Saying those four painful words
But it is something I must do
Even if it is a selfish act
But you can't possibly call it love
When I do not feel the same way
Feelings sometimes change for better or for worse
Jan 2018 · 466
Was falling for you a curse?
Because it does really hurt
But the ache could never compare
To the joy in my my heart
When you start talking to me
All over again
I would rather break into pieces
And having it to be put back together
By the hands of its destroyer
All over again
I keep letting myself to be the one who gets hurt but the thought of that person to leave my life would only **** me so I'd rather have it on repeat
Jan 2018 · 314
With the calender set anew
Days are to be discovered
But I hope it is with you
Another Year
Dec 2017 · 305
Whenever I am lost
I am always in my own thoughts
A world that consumes me, drifting me in a slumber with my eyes wide open.
My vessel might be in the presence of everyone but my soul is lost drifting in thoughts
Thoughts as wide as oceans and as deep as seas
Thoughts that are timeless and you couldn't really care less
Thoughts that would haunt me or make me me happy
Thoughts that effects my emotions in ways that are complex
Thoughts that people around could never understand
Dec 2017 · 407
I wished all the clocks have stopped
So I could enjoy my youth
With no burden or responsibilities
For me to think my actions through
Time never seems to wait
I felt the years have just gone by
I felt my body slowly getting weaker
In a blink of an eye
Soon my skin would be wrinkled
And my hair would turn white
Soon life will leave this body
And all it would be is just a memory
Time is a friend and an enemy
Nov 2017 · 285
It was words that brought us together and it was words that tore us apart from each other
Words are the deadliest weapons
Nov 2017 · 360
How great would it be
To wake up next to the sea
With the sound of birds
Flying above the clouds
Having coconuts as drinks
Lying down at the beach
The sun kissing your skin
Your mind clear of doubts
Away from the hectic life in the city
And dive into peace and serenity
I really need one
Nov 2017 · 485
I have seen that look once
In the back of my memory
It did caused a little harm
A pain which burns in me
A feeling which is regret
Though I seek no help
These feeling consumes me
I bear all of them silently
I tried to put on a smile
But it gets harder each time
How could you continue a lie
When all you want to do is cry?
How could you stay strong?
When you are actually weak?
I thought you were different
I believed in what you've said
I thought you actually loved me
I thought you actually cared
I guess you never really did
Though it kills me to admit
You were my greatest regret
You never knew how you crushed me that kept me in a constant fear to ever fall in love again
Nov 2017 · 479
Beauty At Night
If you look at the stars
How beautiful they are
That is how you are to me
You are the star that is bright
In the dark you gave me light
When I am ever so lonely
I've been talking to the moon
While I'm searching for you
In between all the clouds
One day you suddenly appeared
Oh how my heart cheered
When you finally came around
Never was a day that I wasn't excited to see you
Sep 2017 · 325
The best part of waking up?
To see your smile before my eyes
Like the sun in the clear blue sky
Jul 2017 · 408
Young Love
Twas an adventure at young
You had different types of love
Though they never did you wrong
Instead each of it taught you a lesson
One taught you to sacrifice time
To comfort a heart that is aching
One taught you to be humble
When you achieved something
One taught you to always be kind
Learn to love and be more caring
You started to explore yourself
Finding true meaning of love
Though love at first is reckless
No feeling ever came close
It is still in your heart as the greatest
For there is nothing that I wouldn't do
For a taste of love again in my youth
Love at youth is one of the beautiful things in our memory
Jul 2017 · 405
I'm scared for the future
It is always uncertain
Those goals you plan to achieve
Those dreams you try to capture
It might feel so close
Only to realize that it is so far
Only to know there are miles to go
It might feel so right
But in the end you were wrong
But in the end all hope is gone
The pessimist may never achieve his/her goal. Because that person always think negatively of the future
Jul 2017 · 1.1k
Forsaken Love
I have written all I could
I have express all my emotions
About love that was forsaken
The only way to express without having to punch someone in the face or breaking something
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