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They tell me one day
I would know what it feels like
They tell me one day
I will finally get it right

They tell me one day
I would find my own happiness
They tell me one day
I will get out of this phase

But one day seems far away
As the seasons keep changing
But one day seems far away
Because I still feel very lonely

But one day seems far away
As my mind taunts and belittles me
But one day seems far away
As a reason for me to live
How do I say I love you?
When everything is at stake
How can someone be true?
Knowing it could bring heartache
How to get rid of this fear?
Thinking rejection is on its way
How can I say I love you?
Not knowing if you would say it back
Fear of expression
As I grow old
How excited I was for freedom
Finally walking out the door
As I grow old
I bid farewell to my friends
As we took our own course
As I grow old
I have met new people
That were quite different
As I grow old
I fell in love with a girl
But got my heart broken
As I grow old
The people I used to know
Turned into another stranger
As I grow old
I am used to being alone
Without care from any other
It's a lonely journey
It happens almost every night
Especially when I am alone
This battle I am having inside
Is slowly ripping apart my soul
I lay in bed but I am wide awake
Trying my best to fall asleep
But the problem is this heartache
That I could feel in so deep
I try to calm myself down
But I still have this struggle
When no one is around
Is the beginning of my battle
Alone in my thoughts and the struggle
Am I your play thing?
An object for entertainment?
When you have nothing
That brings you any amusement?
You call only when you need
But when you are happy
You packed your bags and leave
Without thinking about me
Left me out in the cold
Making me blame myself
Tormenting my own soul
Thinking I am not worthy of love
A toy that is I
If only it was easy to say how you feel
Without worrying about the consequences
For these words that I have yield
Would make or break both our bridges
I have been lying to my own dear heart
That I am not a man in love
But these lies are tearing me apart
As I know what we are now is not enough
Would you fear for what I have to say?
If I came down and ask for your hand?
That I am yours until the end of days
If you are willing to accept this man
For his heart has never shifted
The moment he laid his eyes on you
I promise this time it would not hurt
For this love I promise you is true
I still have this fear but I can't lie to my heart about what I'm feeling
Here I am at this hour
Trying to rest my tired eyes
Tuck myself under the covers
With my eyelids shuts tight
But these never ending thoughts
Kept me awake from my slumber
These thoughts that never stop
Always makes my mind wonder
Throwing me in scenarios
What I thought would turn out
If we did not walk out the door
Where we did not break our vows
A thought were we were happy
One where we never fought
But there is no more you and me
What is left are just my own thoughts
Late night thoughts
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