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I could still remember it
When our eyes first met
You were covered in black
From your head to your toe
Apart from your red backpack
And your pure white soul

Your smile forever carved in memory
Your voice is the sweetest of melody
You wished your eyes were sky blue
But black seems more fitting for you
I always felt that I was the lucky guy
To have met you as I was passing by

The most beautiful girl I have seen
More than I could ever dream
Some people think you are a goddess
But you have always been modest
Telling that you are a normal person
When clearly you are different

Like the red backpack that stood out
You were different from the crowd
These signs were all enough
To know I have fallen in love
Gave my heart with no regrets
To the girl with the red backpack
To have fallen in love
Help Me!
I am screaning inside
The pain that I hide
For all this while
Is messing with my mind
It comes on a certain time
And all I could do is cry
Save me!
From all of this thoughts
Feelings I have caught
The pain that I have fought
Cast in certain doubts
My mind screaming out loud
My heart trying to find a way out
Leave Me!
If the feelings have changed
Through these passing days
Let us both become estrange
Only to look in a glance
Never to hold hands
Never to speak again
People leave traces
Like footprints on the shore
Memories that come and go
Of fimiliar faces
Now seems so foreign
What used to be constant
Is now left as a remnant
As we kept our distances
Hoping that like footprints
The sea will clear all of it
As the waves hits the sand
Only to find out
That the footprints still remains
People leave such impact in our lives and eventhough we try to forget
A quarter of a lifetime
Are all of the years
That I have lived
The word goodbye
And all of the tears
Aching with no relief
Remembering the smiles
Laughters that I hear
Is something I would miss
And yet all those moments
Frozen forever in time
Are for mine to keep
But never to relive again
a quarter of a lifetime
I was worried for myself
The moment I had my eyes on you
I knew what I have felt
There was nothing much I can do
Because it was too late
My heart was smitten for you
If there was a way
Would you still love me?
Would you still care?
At the end of the day?

I ask myself a lot
If what we felt was real
Keeps playing in my thoughts
Though our fates are sealed

It is the end of the road
But I appreciate the journey
Even if it's hard to let go
Us is my favourite memory
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