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Wolf Dec 2018
Everything under the sun
Seems fun
When work needs to be done
Desire Dec 2018
naught Nov 2018
There's always a "motivation" in my mind to accomplish my laziness.
Feel me?
Lyda M Nov 2018
perfection is something
I cannot attain

and so here I sit

watching time tick away
the hours I could use

but they've all
wasted away
I know there's stuff I need to do. But I just can't get myself to do it. It's not laziness. I've already differentiated the two. I just don't want to do it because it's still not going to be enough.
JR Falk Jun 2018
I dropped out of college one month in.

I quit two jobs over text.

I only retrieved half of my belongings after moving out of my parents house.

My library card was cancelled because I never returned the DVD I rented, because I never watched it.

My exes all still have at least two articles of my clothing because I told them I'd come get them. I intended to. I just never got around to it.

I started to write a suicide note.
I just never knew how to
Old. Just found it. Still relevant.
Brian McDonagh Jun 2018
I ask you questions
To get answers
And to better understand
So I don't seem nervous;
Yet I am still uneasy
Because I am prepared to fail
Rather than succeed.
I always break into procrastination when I know I'll be "presenting" myself before a public gathering in some way, regardless of how often I do so.  It does no justice to me to stall time in such a way, but it's a default that's there and hard to change (if what I just said made ANY sense)
Lucie May 2018
there's a stir in my heart
feels like having a fit
what to do about it?

i don't know where to start
i'll just sit for a bit
Jessie Schwartz Feb 2018
Procrastination… by Jessie 2/07

I’ve sat…I’ve thought…Then thought some more
Strategically dissecting every move
Looking from every angle
Contemplating the task at hand
It’s evident what needs done
As I solidify my stand

Motivated by end results
Charged in anticipation
I’m getting ready to get ready
But first, I’ll review my notes
Never put off until tomorrow
One of my favorite quotes

I’m pretty sure the plan is good
As I check it five more times
Tentatively reluctant
I’ll sleep on it tonight
Bright and early tomorrow
The time should then be right

I’ve eaten breakfast
Had a bath
Feeling strong and sure
Confidant, dedicated, prepared
Wait one minute, what is this?
Something just seems weird

Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to wait
Let’s give it one more day
What’s the rush?
Let’s think this through
Clearer days tomorrow
When plans can be made new
Wellspring Oct 2017
Something always present
But never seen

A presence that drags and pulls
At your very being

It dictates your actions and captures you
In its' thrall

It causes deaths and removes ideas'
As you walk, covered in its' shawl

It blocks out everything
Emptying the mind

Controlling the entire body
Making one blind

Boredom is an assassin
Of the creative soul

But is a creator and leader
for some in a hole
Guess what: I'M BORED!! I have two different essay ideas written about 400 words in for the same essay task, and I don't know whether or not I should just choose one and go with it or finish both of them and let the teacher choose.... So I went ahead and wrote this. I am a professional procrastinator, don't try this at home kids.
Nylee May 2017
So tomorrow I'll start
I said the same yesterday too
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