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3.0k · Sep 2019
Mykarocknrollin Sep 2019
too close
too near
too cold
too hot
too white
too dark
to me
to you
towards you
trembles me
tingles your cheek
tingles my lips
tempting it
trying it
tasted it
till the next kiss please

2.1k · Feb 2015
Separate Directions
Mykarocknrollin Feb 2015
when our eyes meet
it's like burning gold
and now i will say to you
it's painful to see that
once our eyes meet again
you're hesitations gone wild
are gone for me
2.0k · Mar 2015
Little Notes
Mykarocknrollin Mar 2015
the more words
the more it hurts
the more it may be real
the more it might be true
cause baby before you do it
you had sealed my lips already
to talk
to kiss
to say
that we are meant to be
hope this last until it can
cause rules are destined to be broken
but not those who are really forgotten
1.3k · Dec 2020
Mykarocknrollin Dec 2020
i  miss you
very much
very often
very frequently
it will never
vanish or even
it will just
more and more
this is
i surrender my
coz this love is
this will be
even if just for now
it is just

1.3k · Jul 2021
Mykarocknrollin Jul 2021
maybe you will think
maybe you will feel
we all have reasons
we all have decisions
we all have explanations
does it count
does it matter
will it evaluate who we are
will it assess our personality
sometimes it will take seconds
or minutes
or years
what if it takes 100 years
to get back again
to turn that chance again
to hug her again
to say you love her
to say sorry
to make her feel
she's the one
she's the only one
of all the hundreds

992 · Jan 2022
Mykarocknrollin Jan 2022
the time when you are just seven
the time when you just know odd and even
the time when you don't breakeven
missing that year seven
where we are not mistaken
where we are not longing for affection
where issues are not getting worsen
can we begin again
990 · Nov 2020
Mykarocknrollin Nov 2020
note that you are
strong to come this far
note that you may
laugh, cry any day
nothing is permanent
if you just embrace your element
no one is like you
you are exceptional
even if you are emotional
you are loving
and that is final

965 · Sep 2021
Mykarocknrollin Sep 2021
what is the percentage
that i miss you
that i reminisce us
what is the chance
that you miss me too
that you miss us
what is this feeling
that i thought of you
that i create an image of you
is this ninety-nine percent
that we miss it
that we must kiss it
to close it
to end it
coz 1% is not ours
to take
to risk

918 · May 2021
Mykarocknrollin May 2021
lots of laugh
lots of cries
lots of smiles
lots of frowns
in all the lows
and in all the highs
you are there
you are here
in my heart
in my mind
in my spirit
i know
location is far
but your
loyalty is on par
this is for a longtime
this is for the long haul
i like you
will lock this
definitely this is not lost
it is a sure found

914 · May 2021
Mykarocknrollin May 2021
some windows open
by force
by clicking
by checking
by pushing
by pulling
but this interface needs a user
the user is me
i open my window
i open my heart
i open everything
to experience again
to feel again
to love again
to be loved again
and this is one hell
of a user interface
this user interaction
is a
universe intersection
i found my red string
we found the You(U) and I
on each other
and i can't be grateful enough
for giving me the U in my I

872 · Sep 2019
Mykarocknrollin Sep 2019
Hands playing around
Skin touching abound
Craving for some connection
Hissing of secret conversations
Melting stares
More of this flare
Lingering of each other's perfume
Mimicking and smelling
Tension on the roll
Are you in?
Are we doing it?
Love just say it
Do you want me
Do you crave for me
Do you
Do it

824 · Jun 2019
Mykarocknrollin Jun 2019
Fading memories
Off to the road lights
Can we go or should we wait up
I can't stop this now
The feeling is rushing
Can you hold me up
Don't let my hands slip away
I just like how these moments
Became an eternity of seconds with you

767 · Jan 2015
Mykarocknrollin Jan 2015
I always thought that autumn is my season
It's like my love for you
I am the leaves you are the tree
Cause everyday I am falling out of you
Those browns and yellows
Just represents how color fades my green feelings
It is for sure my season
Cause after that will be a cold winter days
And every night I wish I just never let a single leaf fall
For you are just my ground in my everyday trying to bloom for another way
732 · Jan 2015
Mykarocknrollin Jan 2015
those precious words might slip away my little mouth but i am afraid it may not go straight to your heart
If ever will you catch it and fall for it?
After all, I just wish you were mine.
Just Mine
718 · Dec 2019
Mykarocknrollin Dec 2019
i am so confused
i am so amused
always running circles
always checking on you
678 · Jun 2021
Mykarocknrollin Jun 2021
in this time
in every line
in this and every moment
inside this short poem
i hope you know this is for long
in sad times
in happy times
in all the nights
in each coming days
in all the seasons
i will fight
in tears
in joys
in all my hi's
in all my hello's
is you
inside my heart
i am thinking of you
i know you too
i really like you
i never think
i feel and i need you
i will say it
i am in love
in you
651 · Aug 2020
Mykarocknrollin Aug 2020
chances are gone
chances are none
chances are no where
chances are a thing to bear
chances are clinging
chances worth remembering
chances are fun
until chances are done

643 · Dec 2019
Mykarocknrollin Dec 2019
some are thin
some are thick
some are sad
some are rad
some are about them
some about you
but mostly all about you
mostly about us
mostly about
the times we book
the times we hook
the times we click
the times we flick
i am not your chick
but why do i stick
to the feeling of warmth
even though i know it is all harm
will i justify your sight
will i see you fight
for this love
crying from above
i wanna get out
but i miss those mouth
i miss those smiles
those eyes
i miss those laugh
those hugs
i miss you

625 · Jun 2019
Mykarocknrollin Jun 2019
Don't Go
Please wait
Let's stop
For a while
For a moment
For a lifetime
Hope this is it

568 · Jul 2020
Mykarocknrollin Jul 2020
you want to fight back
but it turns out we lack
some certain facts
and we still have some cracks
learn to stay on track
and do it on the right heart
we will love it all black
and surely he will send it all back
so embrace now with
hugs and never say
i ****

542 · Dec 2020
Mykarocknrollin Dec 2020
this year was never
it was all about
your choice
you yielding
towards any
but most importantly
this is all about
so just let's turn everything around
with new hellos
turn those yawns
to happy smiles
paint them yellow
let's yell
our young selves
with yearning

515 · Dec 2020
Mykarocknrollin Dec 2020
where are thou romeo
why are you not here
when will you come back
my love
my knight
if this is the
we will

463 · Jun 2019
Mykarocknrollin Jun 2019
It was an early wake up call
To finally realize I must not fall
You always give me the ball
But I know you'll never call
Do I need to crawl?
Let's have some time on the wall
Can we resist this fireball
Even though chances are small
I can give you my all
Hope you are my downfall

441 · Dec 2020
Mykarocknrollin Dec 2020
not jealous
make a zen
count to ten
will be in the
no zip
no buts
all those
let's turn them to
zephyrs of hope
zines of bravery
zero negativity
but trust the zodiac of love
for every year is
always us
and mine

418 · Dec 2020
Mykarocknrollin Dec 2020
the moment you touch that
i feel your feelings become
xerox of mine

xoxo love
392 · Jan 2015
Mykarocknrollin Jan 2015
Escape with you
Can I?
And I will forever be with you
No matter what
Let’s keep this a secret
Coz You can stay
and I can be
Just what you want me to be
Random moments
Feelings that shakens
What is wrong
will it be right
writing this
just makes me miss you more
Let us runaway
the guilt
the love
just you and me
come with me
love me
386 · Jun 2019
Mykarocknrollin Jun 2019
I think
I feel
I see
We have something meant to be
But are you willing to see
My heart is full
Or is it just me?

384 · Dec 2020
Mykarocknrollin Dec 2020
the moment you touch that
i feel your feelings become
xerox of mine

xoxo love
382 · May 2017
Mykarocknrollin May 2017
It was like this
Always been his
But never been kissed
Sometimes I miss
But usually does it fit?
Can you feel a bit?
Under my lip
My veins start to flip
Not in a day that i think
That my heart will starts to kick
I hope this will not make you sick
Coz I just want to make this quick
That our sometimes doesn't break
And our moments just makes me weak
380 · Jun 2019
Mykarocknrollin Jun 2019
Maybe I’m mistaken
Maybe because you are taken
Our Maybes will never be meant to be
Coz maybe that’s how our endings turn out to be
It will be may but will never be

362 · Jul 2023
Mykarocknrollin Jul 2023
its like a nineties song
a bit wrong
a lot of memories
but all from the past
you glance
i glance
you linger
do you want more
but just for show
i know
but why
who are you again
we are once kissing
we are once hugging
we are once something
we are once us
but now it is a was
353 · Jan 2015
With Me
Mykarocknrollin Jan 2015
I'm just like the air
Swiftly drifting behind you
Wishing you could turn back
And breath the same air i breath in
And then we could be the same air
That would travel everything that's beyond our reach
And therefore create a whole new world
With just you and me
342 · Dec 2019
Mykarocknrollin Dec 2019
just like that
we are in the same boat again
we are escaping
we are each other's fantasy
we are both in pain
trying to hide it each day
i can feel
you can feel
the immensity
of any situation
we are for each other
for today maybe
i am not sure for tomorrow
or for the coming days
i don't want to see tears
i don't want to see blood
but more so
i don't want to tear anything
my heart desires
hope you can do the same
338 · Feb 2015
Looking Back
Mykarocknrollin Feb 2015
picturing you with someone
makes me feel how to be with no one
settled myself with that
never hoping it might last
now the stars are up above us
creating a universe you and i can dance
Is this a chance?
329 · Jun 2021
Mykarocknrollin Jun 2021
what it is really
that we crave
that we need
that we value
that we shout
in our hearts
into the world
in silent nights
in our sweet prayers
into the void
is it a person
is it a thing
is it a place
is it a moment
can we hold it
can we touch it
can we keep it
can we create it
can we feel it
will you be willing
will you risk it
will you take it
will you have it
will you make it
will you accept it
will you say it
320 · Feb 2015
Less than three
Mykarocknrollin Feb 2015
His name will stick to your heart
it will stay
it will give you the best melting point of your life
This time hold on to it
cause his name will shiver the nerves of your waking day
but remember his love will show you
just enough and when combine to yours
the best wonders one could ever give will shine upon
315 · Nov 2019
Mykarocknrollin Nov 2019
we are the stars
of our Mars
our own planet
with our magnets
we spark
we mark
our hearts
with darts
it hurts
it bleeds
it sheds
but all this
we can cast
by love
by hope
by far
what i can think of
is you and me
under these hazel eyes

310 · Jun 2019
A bit
Mykarocknrollin Jun 2019
Missing Pieces
Lingering Kisses
It's been a while
Looks like you took a mile
Now can you see me?
You put me here, remember?
I am free, babe
I have no sense of the memory
The end was expected
Though the fear of loving you
Still haunts and breaks a bit

306 · Nov 2020
Mykarocknrollin Nov 2020
tell me how
tell me now
tell me why
tell me not to cry
tell me when
tell me to count one to ten
tell me love
tell me when to say yes
do i say or do i tell
i think i fell

287 · Jun 2021
Mykarocknrollin Jun 2021
you don't know
you don't know
really you don't know
do you know i hurt myself
do you know i cry on random stuff
do you know i'm weird
do you care
do you still care
do you love
do you really love
i am a ****
i am a mess
i am a glass
i am a bomb
i can instantly break
i can create more mess
i can explode anytime
i have a time in my life
will you make time
will you be there in time
will you make space
really do you
are you willing
is it really you?
277 · Aug 2020
Mykarocknrollin Aug 2020
All of it
All at once
All i meant
All at the same time
All i ask for
All is a bit more
All the while
All the miles
All or Fall

270 · Dec 2019
Mykarocknrollin Dec 2019
i am sure you are tense
i can feel it
should i say
you have my heart
that is why i know
what you are feeling
i just wish
your heart is with mine
coz i could assume
but never consume
this feelings
this being
we were once in those state
why can't it go back this late
hey mate
can you be my playmate
is this a date
let's call it
a night

248 · Oct 2020
Mykarocknrollin Oct 2020
a memory pop up
what' s up?
missing me or missing her
don't blame me that I cannot bear
the thought of you with someone
the thought of you of being not the one
i have this tendency
i can't see some consistency
until i can touch
until i can kiss
until i can hold
those hands that you say will hold me
those hands that you say will love me
hear me say
hear me cry
hear me
i just want me

241 · Oct 2020
Mykarocknrollin Oct 2020
we went someplace we both know
it is familiar it is a safe place
you don't say no
no hate, no haze
the time spent together is enough
I'm satisfied but at the same time need to be tough
check out some warnings
there might be some beginnings
to be yours to be called your own
wanting you to own me
make me and be jealous for me
never let anyone touch me or laugh with me
is this a hurricane or a storm, is it?
are you here to find the eye and go ride with it?
be selfish just to love me
hey love, can you miss me
coz right now i miss the smell, the touch
why are you not missing me
please say that you miss me too

237 · Jul 2023
Mykarocknrollin Jul 2023
will it be nice
if we can go back
is there a hack
to check on the time
the time we felt it
the time we made it
the time we create it
maybe looking back
might bring a lot
of those feelings
of those missing
of those running
of those kissing
of those chatting
just to realize
it was all for nothing
229 · Dec 2019
Mykarocknrollin Dec 2019
i felt the cold
i felt the warmth
i felt you
we felt us
i am stuck
i was struck
why can't you remember
i need to know wherever
now that we could be never
be together
i am just hoping
this lingering
can stop
or can you scoop
in deep sleep
please keep

228 · Nov 2020
Mykarocknrollin Nov 2020
right time
right place
right person
right moment
right feeling
right moves
right touch
right hug
right kiss
is this right
am i right
to feel this way
coz you said hey
you made my day

225 · Apr 2020
Mykarocknrollin Apr 2020
you remember
but never admit
you say it otherwise
why are you hiding
i know you are laughing
i like you
hope you like me too
this password
is hidden
yet our secret
is within us
hey love

225 · Feb 2020
Mykarocknrollin Feb 2020
in this uncertainty
you will always find continuity
sometimes real absurdity
will make you see resiliency
will make you value sincerity
treasure honesty
but still remains the integrity
you are you
you are true
you are not a fool
you will always stay cool
in the midst of this imparity
you will always see clarity
and that will stay in your
because this is not fantasy
you are a reality

222 · Nov 2019
Mykarocknrollin Nov 2019
running late
on a subway train
saw this motion
of a clouded place
we are on this trip
i thought it was a flip
i cannot breathe
i smell fear
i am wishing
you hold my hand dear
but you are far
from near
closing this chapter
by entering another
but i keep coming back
hoping for some luck
end this here
my heart is now clear

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