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Mykarocknrollin Jun 2021
in this time
in every line
in this and every moment
inside this short poem
i hope you know this is for long
in sad times
in happy times
in all the nights
in each coming days
in all the seasons
i will fight
in tears
in joys
in all my hi's
in all my hello's
is you
inside my heart
i am thinking of you
i know you too
i really like you
i never think
i feel and i need you
i will say it
i am in love
in you
lexk Sep 2020
when the lights are out,
when everything turns silent...

that's when I lay in bed,
our song playing softly.

in the world of darkness,
I repeat your name like a broken tape...

praying that you'll come back,
hoping that in the end it's still going to be
you and I

Mito Feb 2020
i’d choose her over
everything else
she chose sleep
over me.
she slept. i miss her already 🥺🥺💓💓
larni Oct 2018
i miss you.
it’s not the kind of ‘i miss you’ that just means i miss your presence,

it’s the kind of ‘i miss you’ that means i miss your touch.

i miss your lips, your perfect skin and the smell of your cologne.

i miss the fun and adventurous dates we had and the ‘cuddle up and watch netflix’ kind of dates.

i miss the sad days, the happy days, and every other day in between.

i miss the feel of your arm, wrapped around me tight.

i miss holding your hand, and you not being embarrassed for being with me.

i miss the times where i’d cry my eyes out, and you’d always be the one for me to lean on.

i miss the smallest things, like the way you loved your back tickles and the way you’d tuck one strand of hair behind my ear to indicate you wanted to kiss me.

i miss your hair when you’d just woken up, and it would be all messy and crazy.

i miss your voice, your precious voice that i haven’t been able to get out of my head.

i miss the feeling of being safe and at home whenever you were around.

i miss too many things about you, way too many things, and i don’t know how to cope with knowing another girl is one day going to receive those things.

that one day, i’m just going to be a memory, with no special meaning, just someone you used to have a little thing with.

the hardest thing is going to be moving on and making myself receive new and different things from another guy.

i wanted you to miss me too, i wanted you to miss things about me, but you don’t want me at all, so what’s the point in wanting you ?
i wrote this 8 months ago about my ex :)
Sehar Bajwa Oct 2018
"but hey,why don't you
ever look back?" "Because then
I would never Leave."
I want you to remember that even though you never look back, I'm always watching you go.
deatheater Jul 2018
You hurt me
you hurt me
you hurt me
km Jul 2018
it’s been over a year
a year of being apart from each other
ever since we called it quits

the past year without you
was a year of growth—
learned things about myself
and improved on me

I learned to move on from what we had
Since you moved onto another
At first, I questioned why you didn’t wait for me
but I figured that if that’s God’s plan for us
then so be it

Here we are a year later,
back in each other’s lives
but this time as friends
I knew I didn’t want you out of my life for good
So I hoped for this time to come

I thought I would be contented with that
but why do I suddenly get this feeling
that maybe I want you back?

I keep trying to hold myself back
from smiling whenever you talk to me
I just want to know what’s going on inside your head

Do you still think of me?
Do you miss me?
Such thoughts run through my mind

Maybe it’s just me
but one thing’s for sure:
after all this time,
you still mean something to me
im kinda going crazy ive been thinking ab this for a while now // ms
Flame Apr 2018
I want you to stay
The words I was begging you to say
You hold truth in your eyes
But then your mouth tell me lies

Maybe I missed the old days
The love is there I know
Maybe I missed our old ways
I closed my eyes and try to sleep in these dark days

There are voices in my head
I want myself dead
But I remembered the words you said

At the end of the day,

I love you still
I always will
Ameer Mikhail Nov 2017
I just won't change,
I'm still trapped in my dark days,
Bet you aren't even proud to have me as a friend,
Apologies for everything,
Intolerable my behaviour it was,
Having dreams that'll never happen was one,
Crushing it into shards is another,
Looked good as the day I met you,
This overwhelming feeling of getting you back,
Is just a distant chance gone begging,
Thanks for alerting me,
Of how much of a dump I was,
I would have gone further if I had not realized,
How miserable you were with me.
Gray Roxanne Mar 2017
Read between my lines, I tell you.
Read between my lines.
It shouldn’t be so hard for you to understand
That I love you more than anyone ever knew.
Please just read between my lines
And decipher the code
That I will love you ‘til the end of time
And I hope you love me too.

Read between the lines, my sweetheart
Before I depart into the snow
For I need you to keep sound in your mind
The fact that I will never let you go

I know I may sound crazy
But all I say is true
At least to me, and I know
It’s true to you,
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