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Alexis D Cruz Aug 2022
before finding solace in the meadow that lies in your eyes,
I found peace in the way silken lavender would melt into an orange & pink sorbet;
but as I lie here now, cradled in the comfort of your arms, I find that I dread sunrise  

most find the dark unsettling — shutting themselves off when midnight strikes;
but in the moonlight, is when we shine the brightest — when we thrive, when we are the most alive
La Nómada Sep 2021
You’re a figment of the flavors in my imagination
Poems used to flow from me
like pitchers on filthy Friday
When I could taste your fruity orange
So I canned you cleverly to keep
My own jarred jam
growing richer with time
You’re mixed with coriander and cardamom
Rich and bitter
Complex and aromatic like an after dinner liquor

You were not so complicated
Fresh and shockingly sweet
ripe juicy laughter
But I can't taste your **** tangerine anymore
Just aged jelly
Tainted by my sugared imagination
Salted by hallucinogenic memories

You never tasted like a jar of jam
I ******* own bitterness
My own fear inflected upon your sunny orange smile
You aren’t old and canned
You’re dynamic and quick
A marathon sprinter
A warm melting winter
pcb Jul 2021
When we walked hand in hand somewhere in October,
I felt like the pulse was elapsing.
But when it's just you and me—
voice stolen, head empty,
my heart started to beat as it had always been
just as the first time you sunk deep right in.

I tried.
I try, at least—
to keep us abide.
But again, just as we fell so hard in May,
now the flicker is fading away along a distant noise
As you let me 
slip away from your arms.
Mykarocknrollin Dec 2019
just like that
we are in the same boat again
we are escaping
we are each other's fantasy
we are both in pain
trying to hide it each day
i can feel
you can feel
the immensity
of any situation
we are for each other
for today maybe
i am not sure for tomorrow
or for the coming days
i don't want to see tears
i don't want to see blood
but more so
i don't want to tear anything
my heart desires
hope you can do the same
Brandon Jul 2018
Set I
We found each other in a broken place
You caressed my heart deep in outer space
I wished it was real for Heaven's sake
But falling for you was my mistake
When times were tough and hard to see
I made sure I held you close to me
On the weekend, you called out my name
I swam to your call and all I felt was shame
I wanted you to stay when you didn't want me
Crying to my loss of you I had to flee
My heart still awaits its birth by sleep
And its key needs to be in hands that'll keep

Set II
I said I didn't feel anything, but I lied
I had to cut out myself from your life
I guess I was just another pit stop
Till you made up your mind and flopped
Can I escape the apprehension I feel for you?
I feel apprehensive to walking the road anew
But the dawn shines brightest in its darkest night
And I will fight for joy into eternity to win this fight
Maybe you were toxic but I still gravitated your pull
Draining my emotions, you left me feeling so null
Even golden wine from Hannah couldn't repair
The apprehension I have for you in despair
I guess one of the most toxic things for your heart is meeting someone at the wrong time.
Andres Martinez Jul 2018
Not really
More like overlooked
Hopeful and Humble
I guess I should be
Cocky and Brash
Confident and Coy
Selfish and Conceited
Bashful and Wry
But at the same time
why bother
I'm happy when the only thing I have to hold on to are memories and sensations I thought I lost
The attention I seek isn't even for any kind of validation
More of just an interpretation of our standing
what I mean to you is all I want to know
am I a part? a pawn? a fool? a toy?
I'm okay with it I just want to know
how do  I make things easier and effortless
I'm getting alittle tired of filling out the rainchecks
Out of boredom
Anne Jul 2018
Us sitting on the sand
Staring at the lovely red-orange sky
Looking at the sunset
As he kissed me at sunrise

People often pass through our lives
And so many have come my way
Some stay for a lifetime
Yet you last just for a season
And then we must move on

No matter whether we're still a couple
In the end it'll be just a summer fling
It was still a once a lifetime opportunity to fine love

As I said, I hope to see you again soon
He replies, You're the most wonderful person I've ever bumped into
My summer fling
true story
April 30 - July 14, 2018

— The End —