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Zywa Sep 7
I watch the city,

the world where I was away –

It has stopped raining.
Health Care Centre of Our Lady, location East, ward B8

Collection "The migration"
LK Aug 2
I had waited for you every day of my life
I had looked unto you to help deal with my strife

Just a day is how long that sweet feeling survived
That night that I found you, that night you arrived

And though I’d learned only one thing from my past
That good things come slow, but would not last

I believed in you, my Glitzy girl,
Once upon a time, in long-ago world

I learned from you we are our own
We are who we are within our bones

And to force something not meant to be
Is a fruitless, drawn-out tragedy

I taught you things not another could
A journey, I’m afraid, was misunderstood

I had given countless hours away
To push you through each stubborn day

Only then to figure out that I
Was only there to help you by

It was with someone else you belong
I was there only to help you along

And looking back on what we had
There’s just one thing that makes me sad

Our journey I have not and do not regret
Even through all of the blood and the sweat

I thought it was you who were meant for me
but me for you is what turned out to be

And that’s okay, but now left behind
I hurt that you will not look back on and find

All of the hard work that I did for you
And, in return, love me for it too

Just know that I did give it all that I had,
Through the all of the weather, the good and the bad

So that you could find your happiness
Even if with another, in a far away place

If I could call you back to me
Know I'd leave you there to be

I'm glad I could help you find your way
But know that I still feel the pain

I'm glad I could give to you the world
though it still hurts me, Glitzy girl
To Glitzy, my reining horse.
Laokos Jul 19
ring the
crystal chime

ring the
my mind is
a stallion

ring the
to all the people
that at least tried to
love me

ring the
break like the ocean
against the cliff

ring the
and watch every
crown melt

ring the
and bless your

ring the
and fade away

ring the
you are no

ring the
you never were

ring the bell
    your time
     was here
     was now
     was yours

did you drink it deeply

did you try

every moment
was treasure
every moment
was fleeting
every moment
was hiding
every moment
was yours
every moment
was beautiful

like first

like a crying

like a

like sleep

ring the bell then and

your smile
was here

and it had
more power
than all
the gods
Darryl M May 8
Feelings are like the waves of the sea.
They come and go.
Just because the wave seems beautiful,
doesn’t mean you have to dive in.

We can end it like it never began.
I can diss you like I never called you honey.
Now I realize you were always a ***.

What is forever?
But the stuff that comes to never.
Broken trust punched a hole to our ship.
I’ll let it sink.

You can spill the beans,
That’s just good for mopping.
Fool me again, I’m gonna get you hopping.

You cannot perceive me on what you think I am.
Coz what you see is the tip of the iceberg.

Deliberately doing things to later regret.
Further leading me to greater mistakes.
Don’t stop now, just cut the brakes.
Of course I take it too far,
Time to take it further.

I’ll not let my own mouth praise me.
Just my actions to give glory.
Ronza Jairy May 6
I am torn
Ripped apart
Fragments of regret pile
Cherished memories make it harder
To let go of years shared as one
I want to carry on
Make the most of life without you
I chose this path without you
And yet I cling to distant highlights of our lovereel
How brillant and sabotaging that our brain only recalls the good after the darkness has lifted
JayceeJellies Apr 16
Why am I tearing up
as I'm looking back at all this stuff?
I know I can't go back to these days,
so what's the point in feeling this way?

I dont remember the last time
I spoke to most of them,
So many of them are married now.
Of course I am happy for my past friends.

Sometimes it's just hard.
These people used to be the light in my life.
I'd run off the school bus to get inside,
just hoping they hadn't started a que yet.

I hoped so strongly back then
that they'd be waiting for me to get back.
Everything changed so fast.
Everything changes so fast...
I have not spellchecked this yet.
Sophia Apr 12
The good.

The bad.

The silence.

The eye contact.

The feelings.

The end.
ALC Jan 20
I cannot run away from you
You're running straight into my heart
This pain is subsiding so slowly.
I can't breath this last breath
I can't weep this last tear,
You're everything I've ever feared.

When I think about those thoughts, I see nothing but fear,
I see nothing but you,
I feel nothing but a tear,
I  feel nothing but the perplexing pounding in my chest, my heart.
I do nothing but breath my silent breaths
Slowly, painfully, slowly, calmly, slowly.

I do nothing but hear the sweet clicks coming to me slowly,
I do nothing but it rises in me; the fear,
I do nothing but it comes more hastily; my breath,
I do nothing but feel so happy; it's you,
I do nothing but it pounds more rapidly; my heart,
I do nothing but they begin to appear; the tears.

I'd do anything to keep these tears,
I'd do anything to make you move more hastily; you're to slow,
I'd do anything to keep this uncontrollable heart,
I'd do anything to keep my hated fear,
To get rid of them would mean to get rid of you.
I'd do anything to keep these trembling breaths.

I want to feel your breath,
I want to wipe away your tears,
I want to be to close to you,
I'd stop being to slow,
I want to take away your fear,
I want to calm your beating heart.

They could be one; our hearts,
It could be ours; each breathe
We could tame it; our fear
They could vanish; our tears
Together we could be to slow
It could be us; me and you.

I love this world of fears and tears
I love the beating of slow hearts
I love the feeling of your breathing
This is a poem I wrote in 9th grade. Well before what I knew what it was like to love another person or before I had ever had a serious relationship. I rewrote this straight exactly the way I did when I was in 9th grade, mistakes and all. I can't quite remember what I was feeling or what caused me to write this emotional piece. Even with all its flaws it hold some hidden message to me I haven't been able to decipher.
Maegan deme Sep 2018
whisk me away on a ship that's not there.
To an island full of gators! that have been covered in hair.
exploring misty mountains! and climbing epic trees!
diving to the bottom, of the air in the breeze.
imagine a life like that, think of life full of tales!
fighting great monsters, that has a full nine tails!
take me away to a life just with you,
to a world of bickering, but never between two.
now the Lord calls us in, to sleep in her kites.
dreams of flying high, and falling in love with the night.
as you dream away beneath me, I wonder sad and clear.
what comes of tomorrow, if the air is mighty queer?
do we stay inside our castle and find an evil spy?
or go outside in the gales?
and let our imagination,
take flight.
taking flight is hard to do with out someone to fly the kite.
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