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vinny Feb 14
the road to hell is paved with good intentions
when do i begin to forgive myself from those i have done wrong
was i a blind youth or am i truly evil
i can only blame myself but i've only followed teen impulses
my heart is not my brain but when do i get to claim separation

can i blame it on my youth or is my youth blamed on me
am i changed or am i stained
Mykarocknrollin Jan 2022
the time when you are just seven
the time when you just know odd and even
the time when you don't breakeven
missing that year seven
where we are not mistaken
where we are not longing for affection
where issues are not getting worsen
can we begin again
Nylee Sep 2021
The sheer lack of lustre in life
nothing outside windows, to keep my eyes on
it is a wholesome feeling,
I haven't seen much lately, time has been frozen
I'd piece nothing of my past, no memories to live last
There is bleakness in the road ahead too,
The wheels of life are in mud
I have skipped time in many folds,
dug deeper, found no gold.
Shobhit Nov 2020
the misted air
that arrives with the winter nights are laced with something strange
The more I breath them in, I don't want to throw them out not that soon
I want to hold them long enough
that they could reach deep enough
Enough to wet the bits of my soul
That has grown infertile and dry
Over the time, when the air around was not warm but burnt deep
And I exhaled smoke while the heart skipped its beat
#i could not manage a fullstop here!!
Sally A Bayan Sep 2020

July was a sweet surprise...half way into August, and the
next fifteen days...proved to be a ghost month....its days,
painted with somber colors, and difficult times, the hours
moved slowest, the sun hesitated to shine this September.
October is uncertain.....definitely, apple pie and cinnamon
scented winds will blow.....November's cheers shall segue
into the last thirty one days of the year....December is the
busiest month, a perfect time to put on hold, sadness and
pain...a frail, fragile joy, dormant as a Rose bush in winter,
shall rest, to breathe again, to bloom again in early Spring.


Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
September 19, 2020
Rashmi Sep 2020
Standing in front of the mirror,
I always try to look sober,
When precisely I'm losing my consciousness,
Only the mirror knows.
I feel my surrounding falling apart,
When I start looking into my eyes.
I saw a child, as the tears start rolling down!
A smile she gave and shattered my dreadful memories.
She is the one who adheres to my thoughts,
Looking back to myself makes me frightened more.
I'm standing in front of the mirror,
Just wiping the tears slipped from the shore.
Nostalgic feeling
Laokos Jul 2019
ring the
crystal chime

ring the
my mind is
a stallion

ring the
to all the people
that at least tried to
love me

ring the
break like the ocean
against the cliff

ring the
and watch every
crown melt

ring the
and bless your

ring the
and fade away

ring the
you are no

ring the
you never were

ring the bell
    your time
     was here
     was now
     was yours

did you drink it deeply

did you try

every moment
was treasure
every moment
was fleeting
every moment
was hiding
every moment
was yours
every moment
was beautiful

like first

like a crying

like a

like sleep

ring the bell then and

your smile
was here

and it had
more power
than all
the gods
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