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Mykarocknrollin Aug 2020
All of it
All at once
All i meant
All at the same time
All i ask for
All is a bit more
All the while
All the miles
All or Fall

Mykarocknrollin Jun 2019
Missing Pieces
Lingering Kisses
It's been a while
Looks like you took a mile
Now can you see me?
You put me here, remember?
I am free, babe
I have no sense of the memory
The end was expected
Though the fear of loving you
Still haunts and breaks a bit

Mykarocknrollin Jun 2019
It was an early wake up call
To finally realize I must not fall
You always give me the ball
But I know you'll never call
Do I need to crawl?
Let's have some time on the wall
Can we resist this fireball
Even though chances are small
I can give you my all
Hope you are my downfall

Mykarocknrollin Apr 2020
we will be alright
we will be right?
we need to fight
we never should choose flight
we might
choose different path
but i know in our hearts
will see each other
so far
so near
it will totally will cross
our paths
we are meant to be
we will be

Mykarocknrollin Aug 2020
you are there
you are here
you are where
you make me care
you cannot bear
you can bare
all those feels
all those that can't heal
we can cry all night
we can hug so tight
these wounds are forever
but my love will not be lost

Mykarocknrollin Feb 2020
i wanna keep the distance
but i can't find the chance
or I'm just letting it slip a glance
coz i still like the ambiance
even though there is ignorance
and blinded by the fragrance
i know the way
i just don't want it to slip away
i am afraid we'll be far away
hence you might runaway
i want us to meet halfway
be together in anyway
hope this worry driveaway
and make way
for a pretty pathway

Mykarocknrollin Aug 2020
Because of that
Because of what
Because of that chat
Because somewhat
Because I fell a lot
Because I just sat
Because that was at
some joint
some disappoint
some just make an endpoint

Mykarocknrollin Aug 2020
I am feeling the same beat
I am seeing over and over the same feet
I am checking if it is just the heat
But if all comes with a great hit
All at once it was never a skit
Memories of the first time we meet
Laughs we share even all those ****
Being unable and fit
Those are not just it
That was all LIT

Mykarocknrollin Feb 2020
too many words
too little time
too many moments
feels like a crime
stealing attention
fleeting affection
we smell good
we fell on the same hood
carry me
touch me
hug me
kiss me
let this be

Mykarocknrollin Oct 2020
i see a brief preview
of a perfect view
beside me is you
a vintage hue
my head leans over an arm
i never feel a single harm
the smell so familiar
i hope it is similar
it was sweet
but no one can beat
how you just hold my hand
tight and warm
you definitely understand
we are each other's alarm

Mykarocknrollin Jul 2020
you want to fight back
but it turns out we lack
some certain facts
and we still have some cracks
learn to stay on track
and do it on the right heart
we will love it all black
and surely he will send it all back
so embrace now with
hugs and never say
i ****

Mykarocknrollin Dec 2019
some are thin
some are thick
some are sad
some are rad
some are about them
some about you
but mostly all about you
mostly about us
mostly about
the times we book
the times we hook
the times we click
the times we flick
i am not your chick
but why do i stick
to the feeling of warmth
even though i know it is all harm
will i justify your sight
will i see you fight
for this love
crying from above
i wanna get out
but i miss those mouth
i miss those smiles
those eyes
i miss those laugh
those hugs
i miss you

Mykarocknrollin May 2020
who are ready
are we
are you
do i
do you
i can't even think of any
i just think
i just blink
and there you go
and there you throw
something good
something in my mood
brace ourselves
embrace our hearts
just savor it
just put it all in
timeless present

Mykarocknrollin Aug 2020
care to share
care to bare
care to be aware
just ******* care

Mykarocknrollin Dec 2019
heart beating
eyes blinking
skin chilling
the moment you call me
i am already winning
but is it just a season
is it just a reason
is it just a mission
for you to get even
for you to mend the broken
what a cold treatment
i am not an experiment
call me when needed
i don't want to be cheated
things are better
when no one is leaving
stay for good
don't be cold
love is meant to hold

Mykarocknrollin Jan 2020
the card left us in fear
or did it left us in tear
it brings out something
but i feel nothing
you push over
i thought this is never
they tease
but please
i don't intend to be at ease
you glance
i hope its a chance
we know our songs
we both in sync for long
it started with a car
hope it will not end just like a bar
of chocolate
coz i don't want to be this late
i am afraid its all a bait
hey mate
i wanna create
something worth it
that will last not for a tiny bit
but for all ways

Mykarocknrollin Nov 2019
we are the stars
of our Mars
our own planet
with our magnets
we spark
we mark
our hearts
with darts
it hurts
it bleeds
it sheds
but all this
we can cast
by love
by hope
by far
what i can think of
is you and me
under these hazel eyes

Mykarocknrollin Mar 2020
thought you should know
i don't want to hear a no
spend time for me
i wanna see you bee
sweet little pea
this cold embracing
i miss the feeling
of warm hugs
clingy hands
scooting alongside bed
we are gold
when we both are bold
let's fold
this blanket
let's hold
and share a jacket

Mykarocknrollin Aug 2020
chances are gone
chances are none
chances are no where
chances are a thing to bear
chances are clinging
chances worth remembering
chances are fun
until chances are done

Mykarocknrollin Apr 2020
got cold hands
sitting here
got my heart stop
thinking clear
the moments
all those memories
brought back what i can see
but dreadfully giving me chills
will this be worth it
will this be good time
to wait
to love
to shower you
my care
my affection
give me
back to me

Mykarocknrollin Mar 2020
all too much
all too less
miss you so much
cause you've been the best
so far
so near
Mykarocknrollin Apr 2020
now that we are away
i can't seem to find a way
until May
hope i could just forget
but i don't want to regret
all that i've done
all that i've given
it was so fun
seeing your smile
your excitement
to all
to it
to those gifts
are those cold treatment
just to be silent
and quiet
for my heart
and ending this with hurt

Mykarocknrollin Jan 2020
i wanna be his angel
and he be the knight
i wanna be his chill
when he will be the netflix
i wanna be his white
and he will be black
i wanna be his
only his
that no one can make me go
for anything at all

Mykarocknrollin Dec 2019
patterns that repeat
lies that we beat
i'm sure you don't mind
i'm not sure we are found
is this something
are we nothing
are we being
just careless
just loveless
i want this to be clear
but i want also to be near
i am afraid it is a no
i am afraid it is a boo
but how will i know if i always linger
if i always just write like this
just thinking about you
pursing my lips
of the time spent
of the moments shared
is so precious
i hope you are remembering
love my heart is yours
the moment you said
you know that freaking song i ask

Mykarocknrollin Aug 2020
dare to care
dare to change
dare to share
dare to rage
dare to dear
dare to hear
how lovely
how pretty
how green the fields are
how blue the sky was
twas a perfect day
wishing all worries go away
but the end is near
i can sense the fear
but all is good
when we had food
and smiled those sadness
crazy madness
total kindness

Mykarocknrollin Feb 2020
it was long overdue
and this is true
i know it the first time
that you will never be mine
your eyes speaks different
our language was never permanent
wish you well
it always ring a bell
to know you are one call away
now you are so far away
Mykarocknrollin Feb 2020
woke up in a certain heartbeat
it was steaming with heat
hoping it's true
still finding some clue
you held my hands
it was intertwined love
it is
i'm sure you did
i felt the need
you said you wanted them to see
how you love me
how you want me
how you chose me
today and everyday

Mykarocknrollin Aug 2020
enter my heart
exit my life
enjoy my company
entertain my day
embrace my flaws
enhance my strengths
endangered persons

Mykarocknrollin Jul 2023
will it be nice
if we can go back
is there a hack
to check on the time
the time we felt it
the time we made it
the time we create it
maybe looking back
might bring a lot
of those feelings
of those missing
of those running
of those kissing
of those chatting
just to realize
it was all for nothing
Mykarocknrollin Nov 2019
running late
on a subway train
saw this motion
of a clouded place
we are on this trip
i thought it was a flip
i cannot breathe
i smell fear
i am wishing
you hold my hand dear
but you are far
from near
closing this chapter
by entering another
but i keep coming back
hoping for some luck
end this here
my heart is now clear

Mykarocknrollin Aug 2020
thinking the difference
of the look and that hook
those eyes give me some vibes of a book
i am worried it will stay
i am thinking of you, hey
i know you are not okay
but i am beside you all the way
sad, happy, crying, laughing
nothing is wrong when loving
come here i'll give you hug
no one will ever clog
felt your heart is an ice
please just look at me in the eyes
melting with you
and willing to give you
the warmth now love

Mykarocknrollin Aug 2020
feeling i long for
friend or more
fire and ice
you are so nice
you laugh
you cry
you try
you said hi
this fight
this flight
this might
let's see
i don't know about we
but thanks to you
i saw me

Mykarocknrollin Jan 2015
I always thought that autumn is my season
It's like my love for you
I am the leaves you are the tree
Cause everyday I am falling out of you
Those browns and yellows
Just represents how color fades my green feelings
It is for sure my season
Cause after that will be a cold winter days
And every night I wish I just never let a single leaf fall
For you are just my ground in my everyday trying to bloom for another way
Mykarocknrollin Mar 2020
it's been a week
i am becoming weak
but i need to have a reminder
always in September
i was born to be remembered

Mykarocknrollin Jan 2020
five words
bad words
sad words
it was like geting hit
by swords
but i wanna hoard
those attention
those affection
give me more
give me less
give me enough
give me now
so how
whisper it
tell it
do it
Mykarocknrollin Dec 2019
i remember
you are a Pluviophile
you are a Bibliophile
you are a Xanthophile
you are an Autophile
you are a Clinophile
you are a Cynophile
you are a Stigmatophile
you are a Thalassophile
all is about you
all is about what you like
what you love
do you know
do you care
is this fair
do you remember
i am not sure we could be ever

Mykarocknrollin May 2020
i am trying to find
the right words to say
the correct phrases to make
but every time i think
i went blank
my heart went nuts
just thinking about you
marks my words
marks an impact
makes an intense feeling
one mind can't bear
one heart can't carry
will you lend me some
or can you just find me now

Mykarocknrollin Dec 2019
light comes
dark arises
smoke emerges
water encapsulates
he is your savior
he is your soldier
trap him in a box
for sure it was like a fox
clear, rare and bare
unknowingly magic
and a bit ironic
he tames your flames
he also burn your bridges
he is a more
you will never be sure
until it fires up
in your heart
it become an art
continue burning
continue loving

Mykarocknrollin Sep 2019
too close
too near
too cold
too hot
too white
too dark
to me
to you
towards you
trembles me
tingles your cheek
tingles my lips
tempting it
trying it
tasted it
till the next kiss please

Mykarocknrollin Mar 2020
i can't wait for the time
when you will beg for mine
coz all those tick tocks
of the clock i spent
will now melt
in your heart
in your mind
hope you don't mind
i'll make sure
but i'll take my time
and you will see
i'll go and you'll
gonna miss me

Mykarocknrollin Feb 2020
in this uncertainty
you will always find continuity
sometimes real absurdity
will make you see resiliency
will make you value sincerity
treasure honesty
but still remains the integrity
you are you
you are true
you are not a fool
you will always stay cool
in the midst of this imparity
you will always see clarity
and that will stay in your
because this is not fantasy
you are a reality

Mykarocknrollin May 2020
hate me
don't like me
lie to me
say bad things to me
stab me
hurt me
look at me
get down on me
touch me
love me
coz when you do
i'll lose
for thinking of all
the bad things
you've done to me

Mykarocknrollin May 2020
been long time friends
but never become more than
why, how, what
i can't think of any of that
before you always ignore
you always know there is more
feelings are numb
i always thought you are dumb
but how could there be a hurt
when in fact i choose not to fight
you surrender
choose another path
now is this a small wrath
in my heart
Mykarocknrollin Sep 2020
i wish i could just be a song
that you could remember for so long
i wish you will see me as your favorite
that makes you feel every beat
i wish you could memorize my lyrics
that will make you repeat for weeks
i wish i could just be this good
that will always light up your mood
when things are rough
when things are not enough
coz a good song
is just one click away
and one drive away
to your pathway
in a skyway
in an airway
in a subway
when you runaway

Mykarocknrollin Apr 2020
i do all the stuff
you do all the catch
i hope someday
you do all the crafts
and offer me everything
and be my something
we both be somebody's
those songs we resonate
those filters we resemble
those artists we seem to like
a lot
be us as we be fond
of each other
like each other
and love each other

Mykarocknrollin May 2020
what effects
do you have on me
do you have for me
does it loop
does it reverb
or it distort
i bet it echoes
just like beats
of my heart
of my affection
don't delay
but we can replay
those sweet melodies
those sweet rhythm
of us
of me and you
silently echoing
got me
got you
press me
press you
light on
light down

Mykarocknrollin Apr 2020
grab me over
but i want you under
caress those arms
wrestle those lips
with your stare
how you glare
close your eye
not your heart
for me
for us
for the possibility
for everything
Mykarocknrollin Sep 2020
hear me out
heal me in
his tongue seems good
his mouth seems bad
have feelings
had meanings
hush the fuzz
hum the buzz
heat my cold heart
hit it until it hurts

Mykarocknrollin May 2020
you call me
i was caught by surprise
you need me
i was caught by my feelings
you want me
i was hugged by hopefulness
please make it true
please don't make me blue
just turn me into you
into you
into you
oh you
Mykarocknrollin Oct 2020
we went someplace we both know
it is familiar it is a safe place
you don't say no
no hate, no haze
the time spent together is enough
I'm satisfied but at the same time need to be tough
check out some warnings
there might be some beginnings
to be yours to be called your own
wanting you to own me
make me and be jealous for me
never let anyone touch me or laugh with me
is this a hurricane or a storm, is it?
are you here to find the eye and go ride with it?
be selfish just to love me
hey love, can you miss me
coz right now i miss the smell, the touch
why are you not missing me
please say that you miss me too

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