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Sailed have I, before the mast of decorum.
Poised and paralyzed in sempiternal sadness,
Deplete unheard speech; conceal the roused voice.
Why do I exist for vicious self-destruction?

Tolerating everyone's pain and suffering,
An anarchy: the humanity that controls me,
Supremacy beyond my jurisdiction,
Reigning for life—losing my mind?
Doing not too well atm (like emotionally, haha). I'll be back, I promise. And no, pity is not welcome, so keep it for yourselves.
Zack Ripley Oct 2020
I never thought
I could be the one you'd choose.
I never knew I had so much to lose.
I never thought
I'd be the one to say goodbye.
I never thought
that I could make you cry.
But then I died.
Karly Codr Aug 2020
i spent the afternoon crying
my eyes are tired
and swollen
and puffy
and red.
dad got mad
because i messed up again...

                                              ... no surprise there
he got even more mad when i started to cry
but who cares
my mind is so f**ked up anyway
does it really matter if anyone notices
how lost i am?
Mykarocknrollin Jul 2020
you want to fight back
but it turns out we lack
some certain facts
and we still have some cracks
learn to stay on track
and do it on the right heart
we will love it all black
and surely he will send it all back
so embrace now with
hugs and never say
i ****

One Simple Soul Apr 2020
Wow glad to know you really cared,
I mean I looked at you and stared.
You're so happy to have a new dog,
I feel as if you just hit me with a log.
Did I ever truly matter to you?
No wonder you withdrew.
You talk about you're dog all the time,
Why I just try to rhyme.
I thought if I tried harder I'd be perfect in your eyes,
But after a long time a part of me dies.
I've realized that you're happier with me gone,
I've realized I was just a silly little pawn.
So I'll leave you alone,
And try to be happy on my own.
One Simple Soul Mar 2020
You confessed you're feelings to me in a sweet little melody,
I liked you too.
But you know what I found out?
You're a back stabbing fake.
You had a girlfriend and you never told her how you felt.
Go on, take the knife and stab me,
You've already broken my heart.
Chiquita Jan 2020
You say life is a disaster
I tell you not
Have you watched the sun rise up?
Have you seen the flowers at early dawn;
The way the face of the sun is seen glowing in the dew drop.
Take a moment to see life is the world around you.
You say life is a disaster
I tell you not
Have you smelt the earth at the birth of rain?
Have you let the wind give you a loving embrace;
As the sweet smell lingers around and calms every soul it touches.
Stop whatever you are doing to see life is the world around you.
You say life is a disaster
I tell you not
Have you seen the moon kiss the night sky
And how it brings every hidden star alive;
The way it lights up the sky and illuminates the beauty of the dark night.
Take a moment for yourself  and see that life is the world around you.
You say life is a disaster
I tell you not
Have you seen the colours on the butterfly?
Have you watched a tiger prancing by?
They both are different in size but yet so majestic in their own way.

Take a moment
Take your time
Take note of what’s passing by.
You say life is a disaster
I tell you
To feel the wind, it is waiting to embrace you.
Admire the beauty in nature when the sun is born.
Take a deep breath of the earth and watch it as it moves.
Use your sense,
Use them all
And let your restless soul calm down.
You say life is a disaster
I tell you not
Life is You and everything around you.
There is beauty in every little being;
Even if life is a disaster
Mishka Wayz Jan 2020
Ruined by memories, ****** by life,
Burned with a torch, stabbed with a knife,
Standing on the mountain and staring at the blue,
Remembering how I killed you, thinking of you ~

My face burned with hate, my voice gone,
I'm all alone, a quadrillion against one,
I was born with death inside me, coz I'm a ghoul,
But I'm still a slayer, not a fool…

Remembering how I came to life coz of you,
You made me, you loved me too,
But I was born with darkness inside, whispering in the deepest corners,
Having thoughts to **** the weak, I wasn't into mourners…

I remember how you gifted me with a soul,
I was dying before, my heart a gaping emtpy hole,
You made me see love, see what is life,
But I was born a psychopath, so when I had a chance I stabbed you with my knife…

The soul you gave me, I made it dark,
Made it lifeless, cruel, and rough like hard bark,
I know I played my cards like losing Hell,
But hey, at least now, I live so well…

Getting to leave simpleness behind, getting to be crazy,
To the troubles and pain, my vision is going hazy,
I no longer care about others, I am all on my own,
The world against me, look at what I have grown…

Killing my mother gave me joy,
Coz I'm no longer a mother-******* boy,
I'm a ghoul, a psychopathic *****, who loves gore and pain,
I have now only one thing in mind; the blood is my rain…

Chewing on the gold I steal and get,
About what I did I never regret,
Coz a life is a life, it is not two three four five six seven, but only one,
Better enjoy it before it is gone…

Using the streets as a toy, by hurting ignoring and lying,
Wishing to **** someone, wishing to see them dying,
As I pull the hood over my face, I remember one thing,
My name is Illanth, and I stand as one, and live like a king.…

~ Mishka Wayz ~
My made up character
Isaak Thompson Dec 2019
Sitting alone at the top of these stairs
I ponder the reason for my existence
In a world where lies are truth and truth is rare
I'm searching for motivation to stay persistent
My thoughts drop bomb shells through my mind
I hide in trenches of sleep to undermine
The endless mine field that is my time
Thinking I should do something of my youth
While waiting for my time to tick by
My hours are spent in a fruitless search for truth
What will I do when I find it will I start being alive
Or on the contrary will I see it's time for me to die
If there's no one there to do it will I decide to suicide
What would I try there are so many different ways to die
Will I drink cyanide
Or simply close my eyes
See what happens
When I ponder my existence
I fall into a spiral of thoughts much too intense
For a young fresh brain like the one inside my head
I'm messing myself up is it too late to step away
I know right on the surface
It is too late
My body's at the top of these stairs
Fourth story
And my mind is some place else
I can't fix the lens I see the world through
Is it broken is it warped or is it perfectly true
Do I see the world as it really is
Is everyone else blind
Are you the one who's crazy
Are you leaving me behind
I twist in my seat
And tap my restless feat
I need to get up and run
Jump into the sun
Leave this room with these putrid aliens
Why will try to control and contain
Why are you forcing me into this box
I won't fit too many loose ends STOP

Just let me spill onto the carpet
And when the sun comes out I'll evaporate
That sounds like a horrible way to go
It would be so painful
I'm sorry for the puddles
That turn into clouds
Then when they're too much of that
They drip back onto the ground
It's an endless cycle of agony
That goes round and round
I feel like a puddle
Turning into a cloud
The best of me floating away
Leaving a boring stain
And ugly mark the only thing left
To remind us of the pain
Wish I could share this with you, Lu
El Aug 2019
If I drink
Then I have a reason
If I smoke
Please excuse my freedom
If I pop a pill
Then know I'm no good
I'm just a accident on this ****** of a world
Where everyone I trust, turns
Where everyone I love,
Where all the people I'm surrounded by,
Are always late

But hey,
I'm working on getting out
I'm working on it,
You can hear it in my shout
You can see it in my shudder
You can taste it in my tears
You can smell it in my hate
You can touch the wound
But I'm still as good as a freshly new groom.

I'll be doing better by the time you get back
I swear I won't be as intoxicated as I was
When you turned your back.
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