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Lilly frost Sep 2016
Not this
Not again
Defiant I lift my chin
I will not break because you decided to go off on a whim
My gaze held steady but I wasn't ready
The second your clenched hand reached my face
I knew already I had lost the race
what a disgrace you'd say
what a disappointment
Though to duck is not my first urge
I've taken too many hits from you
It's to punch but I must still my nerves
From there I knew it could only get worse
I'm crying but it doesn't hurt
No emotions show on my face
No feeling in my eyes
Your little girl is frozen is that a surprise?
Your little disgrace is emptied
Is it even alive?
How could you have left yourself so far behind?
Lilly frost Apr 2017
You have no talents
Well sir I actually do
You have no skills
Sir you haven't met me still
I have lived with you for years
You don't know my favorite color or if I've even pierced my ears
How could you be so nieve?
How could you be so cruel?
Jokes on you I'm kicking you out at 18
I'll leave before you ask me
Impossible you're not leaving until you're ready to go*
Well sir I have been ready for a long time
Lilly frost Apr 2017
It's scary after dark
The moon doesn't quite reach you
The shadows cast are all new
Footsteps echo behind
You say it is just your mind
A hand reaches out
You prepare yourself to shout
A cloth
You gag and cough
Bitter taste
You should have made haste
You fall onto the concrete
What fate will you meet
Lilly frost Jun 2015
A child has everything to give
A child can't run out of words
For they have yet to say something truly important
A child is an unsuspected weapon
A forgotten source of innocence
Of insight
Most of all
Pure humanity
Lilly frost Nov 2015
Your venom spreads through my veins
Faster and faster
Time and time again
Burning me alive
Shattering my mind
And I hate you
How could I not?
Your poison is addicting
I want more
I hate that you make me feel this way
I hate to feel fragile
At any moment I could break
I hate your way of breaking me
It feels so good until I realize I'm not free
I hate that you can control me with a single word
I hate that you can poison me so
That you can make me addicted
Addicted to your hatred of the world
So that someone may finally hate you
You aren't the golden boy everyone loves and respects
As your toxins travel on you still have no regrets
You monster
How could you?
But I keep coming back for more
The feeling of your hatred is one I simply adore
Lilly frost Oct 2015
Ruby hair
Emerald eyes
Candy lips
Sly smile

No kiss goodbye
Time will fly
Crumpled clothes
On the floor
We don't need them,anymore

A little lie
A white lie
No harm to be done
For a little fun
Lilly frost Jun 2015
Death and decay
Doesn't matter either way
All things end
'Till then you said you'd be my friend
You ended it to soon
Under the darkened sky
And the bright moon
You made a mistake
It wasn't the end
At least not until you made it then
You left me alone
Your body lifeless and cold
You said you'd protect me
But no one could protect me from you
You were angry
You were sad
My sister was crying
We were all dying but you're the one who left this earth!
An old poem for an old friend
Lilly frost Oct 2015
Bubbling lava in my chest
Flows over to my heart
Now suppressed
By my glowing rage
None to be seen from the outside
This anger I must hide
To staunch the lavas flowing tide
Lilly frost Oct 2015
A note
A note
All you left me was a note
After all we've been through
All you leave is a note!
No extra tight hug goodbye
No cherished kiss
No last night to talk and laugh?
A note
Just a note
No last I love you
No tender touch?
Just a note
No hint towards your pain
Though people aren't my domain
I could've helped
But no
A note
I got a note
A ******
Crumpled piece of paper
That I will cherish for ever
Your last words scrawled in sloppy blue pen

"I'll see you in the next life. I'll love you even then. I'll love you until we meet again."
Lilly frost Jul 2019
A life for a life
Equals a loss on either side
Every excuse you make for war is hatred and pride
Its unneeded
Warnings go unheeded
When arguments get heated, its always time for another fight
One by one we all fall down
Dominos of grief for those that reside underground
Lilly frost Jul 2019
Two paths diverged in a yellow wood one unknown and one understood
One dark and dreamy
One alight but dreary
Walked upon by two travelers long
One impatient and oh so weary
One settled and oh so Leary

What change do we need we'll walk in between

How and why There's no outcome to be seen

To be oh to be!
Just settle once in your ways and follow me!

I cannot I am far too tired
I'm afraid I must sleep
At the cross roads of my life let me lay and weep

Get up I say it'll be ok just so long as we know the way
The lighter path may be a bit unpleasant but at least all is quite apparent

I cannot
I will not
We'll end up peasants!
Why not explore, beg for more!
A darker path for a brighter life
A future that goes further instead of scrapping the bottom line

I'm sorry to choose but I don't like to lose
Change is too scary, I'm afraid I'm leaving you

My life, my love
We've made flesh and blood
To leave for a common impression instead of working for something refreshing is the worst possible path
I'm sorry I just can't live with that

I can't follow you
I know so I must go

The two travelers paths diverged in a yellow wood
They left each other
No longer side by side
Along the paths they fretted
Waiting for a time mist dreaded
That old familiar sigh, of another traveler by their side
Lilly frost Jun 2015
Your heart may break
Your bones may ache
At least you did
What you knew
Was right
And kind
Lilly frost May 2017
What are you doing here
Why are you in my head
You left long ago
Our connection should be dead
I was over it
All gone
I was better
Letter by letter
Recollecting my thoughts
Rebuilding my mind
What are you doing here
I eradicated your presence
Scrubbed my mind
Cleansed of you
A clearer view
Why are you back again
Why are you in my head
Lilly frost Oct 2015
Golden curls
Ruby lips
Emerald eyes
Pale skin
Tender kisses
Clothing shed
Beautiful dance
Not meant for the stage
Lilly frost Nov 2015
Everyone wants to create beauty
Too scared and disgusted to show the ugliness of this world
To paint the picture of the true gore and greed
Of the hate that the world is built on
Everyone wants to make something beautiful
No one wants to paint with the ugly greens and brown of sickness and War that plagues the earth
No one wants to
Yet some do
Some are brave
Speak as they wish
Not everyone turns a blind eye
To the ugly truthful side of life
While still being able to see the beautiful lie
Lilly frost Oct 2015
What a beautiful nightmare you are
Lost in the catacombs of your thoughts
Filled with tenderness that could never be forgotten
Lost in the darkness that consumed you
Filled with love easily seen

What a beautiful nightmare you are
Make people want to laugh and scream
Make people want to die for you
Make people want to **** you
Make people want to wake up
Make people want to stay asleep
For you beautiful nightmare
Lilly frost Jun 2015
Death and
Life challenges us
To face
That in which
Lay behind and ahead
Lilly frost Oct 2015
How you'll try
To erase
All of the lines
In the book of lies
That you create

How you'll try
To rebuild
Every bridge
That you burn

How you'll try
To discern
One story
From the next

And with every page
Day by day
The more you'll regret

Book of lies
Thick or thin
In the end
You'll never win

Every bridge you build
Every story you discern
Will burn
Will blur
And every second
You have no guilt
No remorse
Is a second that leaves you
Burned and blurred
In your own way
By your own nonexistent moral standards

Book of lies
Oh book of lies
How you corrupt
How you disguise

Book of lies
Oh book of lies
How you stain
No word can be erased
No page rewritten

How you'll try
To erase
Every line
In the book of lies
That you create
Lilly frost Sep 2016
Open the curtains to the show
Bow down politely
What do you know?
Strings tangled up
Wrapped all around
Spinning me
Twirling me
Making me dance
Dance to the beat of the fingers
Twisting the strings
Bending me like rubber
All for the plastic applause of the audience
Clap clap for whoever's on stage
Smiles are painted
Cheers are fake
Idolize me for my body
For my face
If you don't turn out like me
You'll be a disgrace
Lilly frost Dec 2015
I have no wishlist
All I need is some christmas cheer
Too bad there wont be any left
For the rest of the year
Lilly frost Apr 2016
Smoke and mirrors
Unforgiving sneers
Steering you through the show
Go where they say to go

Finish the play
Smoke and mirrors
Bow deep down
Smile proud

Costume off
Makeup gone
Smoke and mirrors
Mask replaced

On your bed
Close your eyes
Forget who you really are
Smoke and mirrors
Lilly frost Jun 2015
Out of ideas
Not out of words
Words written down
With no connection
That is what fills this collection
A collection of thoughts
Jumbled in my head
A collection of words
That shouldn't be said
Lilly frost Sep 2016
It must be paint
It must have been marker*
Certainly not blood or a bruise
Shes the artist child always oh so messy
Well really I'm painting the marks he left on my body
Is that a bruise?
Is that a burn?
Yes sir
Well that's creative inspiration
*I know let's push her into the DIRT!
Lilly frost Aug 2021
Baby I need you
I don't know what I'm doing
I can't even surmise what I've done
One monumental climb after another
Nothing to show

God I miss you
I need you
Your reassurance and words
Your calming presence and the knowledge I've been heard

Please come home to me
I miss you
I need you
Your smile
Your strength
Your touch
When nothing is too much
When nothing hurts
All is healed by your touch
Lilly frost Jun 2015
Pretty eyes
Pretty smile
She'll be in love with you for a while
Lilly frost Sep 2016
Damsel in distress
Indeed that's what you are
You sat on the side lines
Everyone cleaned up for you
Oh what a pretty princess
You clean up nice in a frilly little dress
Lilly frost Nov 2015
My hero
My safety cloak
My inspiration
My teacher
I loved you as all these things
Through your poems
Though it might not show
You were my smile
And my sunshine
For your poems made me understand
That even though Ded Poets die
Their hearts and souls
Will forever survive
Through their poems and what they've done
Lilly frost Jun 2015
You'll be spending your days
Defending this place
To which
You have no ties
Defenses are weak
People are meek
You'll be spending your days
Defending this place
Covered in lies
Lilly frost Jun 2015
That may be
But if you were
Eternally happy
Wouldn't you be?
Lilly frost Jun 2015
Disgrace you say
To who?
To you?
It's okay
You don't have to worry
Not anymore
I disown you
Lilly frost May 2017
One after another
Dominos falling
Spiraling around me
I can't seem to catch my breath
My vision is blurring
I can't see straight
I'm standing
Now spiraling
Down like the dominos
Once they were my friends
Placed piece by piece so as not to be lost
So I couldn't lose
I knocked one over
Just a gentle tap
Down come the rest
I was in the middle
Why now am I in a pit
I was surrounded
Group by group
Net by net
I can't seem to find my feet
I can't seem to catch my breath
Torture at its best
Do not leave
I'm begging
I used to be alone
I found friends
Built myself a new home
There's no going back to being alone
I am not a hermit
I am not a ghost
I need human interaction
Someone to cheer me when I lie in sorrow
Calm me if I wake terrified
Out of my mind
I demolished all places I had left to hide
I lay myself bare to my domino friends
They toppled
They fell
Dropped one after another
Rolling thunder
A brewing storm
I failed to recognize the patterns
You all fell with so little thought
You are what I am not
You move forward
I still sit
I stay
I am soon buried
Life has left me behind
You all just left with the ride
I can't seem to feel my body
I can't seem to catch my breath
If you wish to have my seat go ahead
Be my guest
Just one simple request
Don't build friends from dominos
They'll leave you
But you can never really let go
Lilly frost Apr 2016
Don't touch
Sparkling silver
Don't hear
Twinkling bells
Don't see
Dark night
Don't taste
Freedom from don't
Lilly frost Oct 2015
Don't look at me
With those lonely eyes
Like melted chocolate
I silent scream
That portrays your constant frown
Screaming for help
Screaming for peace
My dog always looks so sad
Lilly frost Dec 2015
Long time no see
As if that should mean something
Dried tears
Silly fears
Nothing you should know
But you find out anyways
Long time no see
Whats that supposed to mean?
you see me every day
I only see you
In my dreams
Lilly frost Jun 2015
It settles
It flies
In swirling waves
Up to the sky
Lilly frost Jun 2015
Everyone has someone to love
Even me
Everyone has someone to love
Even you
Lilly frost Jun 2015
Empty pages
We must fill
We write and write
Not of our own free will
Ink stains our hands
Ink stains our face
But at least we've filled
An empty page
Lilly frost Aug 2016
We parted with regrets
Words hanging in the air
Sorry for what I've said
Sorry for what I haven't
For what I wouldn't dare
For all the tears I couldn't see
They seemed to vaporize
When you left behind the scenes
A front row seat to the ride of my life
I couldn't even see my reflection cry
I couldn't feel my leaking eyes
I come out all dried when the curtains rise
Though after the show
I pray I can fly
Lilly frost Jun 2015
Everyone knows
Everyone sees
No one cares
No one believes
Lilly frost Jun 2017
Once again the shovel hits the ground  blood oozing out
Dripping down
Grey gravestones
Staring unforgiving
As you condemned yet another
Violence among each other
Brother against brother
'till you decide to lay him with your mother
Lilly frost Aug 2016
Yet again
Lilly frost Sep 2018
I really ****** it up this time
With my future on the line
I didn't know what to do but cry
My graces have been stretched too thin
My patience is all but gone
Now I really ****** it up this time
haven't I
It's clear
It wasn't just my heart on the line
Wish I could go back in time
I've lost control and lord I know
I really ****** it up this time
With all our futures on the line
Our plan leading to the sky
Now I have nothing to show but fear
I just wish to say I am so sorry my dear
I know not what I've done
This war of fates has just begun
All my worries aren't just in my head
There's another to be fed
Another to put to bed
To clothe
To hold
Leaving is your only crime
I really ****** up this time
It was not your fault or mine
You made your decision
Now tow the line
I know I ****** it up this time
Didn't I my dear?
Lilly frost Jul 2016
The saviour
The hero
The silent knight
The shining spectacle
You who we'd rush to war blindly for
Who we listen to
Second thoughts unneeded
Who we'd follow anywhere
Warnings unheeded
The fallen angel
The farce
The façade
The delusion with proven trust
A lonely little boy
A fictional character
A plot
A ploy
A faulty god who sits atop
Directing people with no idea to the size of his army
Lilly frost Jun 2015
Summer nights
Blinking lights
Before your eyes
Lilly frost Oct 2015
Flowers for the dead
Shriveled and dried
Just like their hearts

Flowers for the dead
Lush and pure
Just  like their souls

Flowers for the dead
Starry and brilliant
Just like their minds

Flowers for the dead
Really flowers for the living
For those alive are dead inside
Those who are dead are dead outside

They see more than the living
For the living are dead

They see more than the living
For the dead are alive
Lilly frost Mar 2017
Something wild
Something crazy
No amount of pressure can still you
Your heart flutters
Your legs start bouncing
Up and down
Up and down
Shaking non stop
Something wild
Something crazy
Your bloodstream has been caffeinated
Fingers twitching
Always hitting the confines of your pen
Stuck in a seat while all you want to do is run
Your palms are sweating
Your feet are tap
Against the tiled floor
So down you go
Down the hall
Down the road
Chasing away your adrenaline
Your hearts is beating dangerously fast
You slow to a walk
You lay in the grass
You tap
Your fingers against your thigh
As you stare achingly into the night sky
Maybe if your adrenaline comes back you could make yourself fly
Lilly frost Jun 2015
Masquerade of hate
Revenge is my favorite game
Don't forgive
Don't forget
I have no regrets
I am the king of remorse
Though I don't  feel a thing
I'm sorry that I'm not sorry
I don't know what you're talking about
Swear I didn't do a thing
Perfect angel child
My past isn't far behind me
Ill go back someday
Ill play
Ill play
All of your stupid little games
Ill try and ill try
I will get by
Rise to the top
I believe
I believe
I will accomplish my dreams
I swear
Masquerade of hate
Success is my favorite game
Lilly frost Jun 2015
I'm sad
I try not to show it
And if I cry I just might blow it
The truth it lies behind my eyes
Under my sleeves
My friends
They stop me
I am loved forever and always
By them
I will be happy I will show
These little things
They are not worth it
So ill try to be happy
Ill try to show it
But if they speak to me again
I just might blow it
Lilly frost Jul 2019
The words slipping from your lips
A whisper turning into a kiss
Pressed gently then hard
Then smashed!
Whispering I love you
Pouting when silence is returned
Pushing harder
Begging for a partner when all that can be given is a witness
How could you wish this?
Do you really think anyone would want to be apart of your lonely lust hit list?
Lilly frost Nov 2015
I am not obsessed
Not with water
Not with the sky
It is simply love
I am in love
How each is free
To do what they wish
At any time
Day or night
How waves may crash and pound
Though a moment later they are silent
How the sky may never be defined in height
For it houses all 'stars' millions of light years away
I am not obsessed with either
Just in love
For each can do what they wish
Though one is on the ground
And one is far above
I didn't really know how to describe the freedom of the sky so any help with that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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