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5.9k · Jan 2018
Lilly frost Jan 2018
Hello there
Sitting in the corner grumbling about your health
Would you listen?
I need some help
It’s hard holding up the world all by myself
When you bother to look up do you realize my shoulders aren’t a shelf
You can’t pile things on top of me and expect me not to crumble
My legs are weak
I’m starting to stumble
May I have some support
Not your usual retort
I understand I must be stronger
I don't think I can hold on much longer
May I lay on you
Simply a word or two
Just a brief relief
A second of peace
If not I understand
But please would you take my hand
So I know where to go
On such a slippery *****
Where is the dry land
I'm being buried please understand
The weight in this muck
I'm losing my luck
Back bent eyes closed
Its up to my throat I have nowhere to go
5.6k · Jun 2015
My Dear Silence
Lilly frost Jun 2015
My dear silence
Can you be broken
My dear silence
Can you end
My dear words
That go unspoken
Can you be heard
Not just in my head
5.5k · Oct 2017
Lilly frost Oct 2017
If only things were as easy as 1,2,3
Like elementary
Arithmetic and spelling
Simple science
Gym was always stunning
Recess was revered
The swings were sacred
Writing on the jungle gym
Running off with friends to play
Being enchanted by the smell of coffee and trees
Magic every second you breathe
Simply because you were somewhere you weren't supposed to be
Close your eyes
Now what do you see?
Dots of color?
Phantoms of light?
Remember when you saw dragons
Whole worlds enchanting
When you walked people said it seemed like you were dancing
Remember when you were happy?
There was no worry about what to do
What are you going to be?
You had your whole life
Figure out what to do
Well what now?
What's your plan?
Too bad
Too late
It's not elementary
None of your dreams can come true
You're completely *******
4.6k · Jan 2018
Lilly frost Jan 2018
To what do I owe this honor
Being your toy
A scheme
Thinking you could pass me around to another
With no love
No thought
I meant what I told you
With every piece of my tearing heart
I love you
Even still
You shove me to another once you've had your fill
Is this all I've been to you
Is that all you want
How could you...
Why should I be a part of your life anymore
I'm not your plaything
I'm not your doll
Seeing you toss me aside...
I can't take it
I don't want to fall
4.1k · Jun 2015
If You're Lost
Lilly frost Jun 2015
If you're lost
I'll lead you home
If you're lost
I'll lead the way
If you're lost
I'll help all I can
If you're lost
I'll follow you
If you're lost
I'll be lost too
3.0k · Oct 2015
In the Moonlight
Lilly frost Oct 2015
In the moonlight
One tiny movement
The subtle swaying
Of a blade of grass
A tiny sign
That all was fine
So with long silver hair
Twinkling voices and skin fair
They danced
In the moonlight

In the moonlight
A giant gust of wind swept the ground
The vigorous shaking
Of every leaf and branch
A sign
That nothing was alright
So with long silver hair
Twinkling armor and blades bared
They fought
In the moonlight

From lovers
To warriors
In a minutes time
All could stop
At the drop of a dime
In the moonlight
1.9k · Sep 2018
Long Short While
Lilly frost Sep 2018
Why worry for youth if in your heart you're forever young
If your joy is kept alive
If your smile is still bright
Why worry for the future of gray hairs and parchment skin
If love is had would it be so bad
To one day sit and reminisce without the threat of immortality
Without the prison of eternal youth
Fun for years
Fun for hours
Eternity towers
Appreciate the world
When the spring in your step has gone sour
Appreciate the season
Stop and smell the flowers
Feel the snow
The cold
The pain that as a youth you were in a rush to rid
What have you to say after your rushing worries have rushed away
What memories can you retain if you speed through to the end
You can sit for years and muse, pretend
Make a plan
Take your time
Life may be short but it's a short long while
Especially to the end
1.8k · Jan 2018
Lilly frost Jan 2018
To live in misery
Painting in the dark
The blindness, the desperation of a lonely heart
A worthless plea
A lock with no key
No Windows to the soul
For my dear your eyes are closed
How may I help if invited I'm not
I tried the door sweetheart it was locked
Please don't leave me to freeze
Alone in the dark
Another lonely heart
1.6k · Apr 2017
Lilly frost Apr 2017
It's scary after dark
The moon doesn't quite reach you
The shadows cast are all new
Footsteps echo behind
You say it is just your mind
A hand reaches out
You prepare yourself to shout
A cloth
You gag and cough
Bitter taste
You should have made haste
You fall onto the concrete
What fate will you meet
1.5k · Sep 2018
Lilly frost Sep 2018
Fury has fueled fire after fire
Now that rage has long since been retired
Swirling under the surface but now skin is thicker and walls our Higher
Rage bubbles into boiling tears
There's no place for anger
No place to speak
Feelings are forbidden
Listening's for the weak
What are you doing standing up you're supposed to be meek
Nothing to see folks
Nothing to see
Just little old me angry at would could be and what would have been
How foolish having feelings
Having opinions
I aspire to be a statue
Stone void of imperfections
Slow to chisel slow to break
I wouldn't mind a chip or flake
For what does one puny piece of my stony soul ruin for the show
1.4k · Sep 2016
Lilly frost Sep 2016
It must be paint
It must have been marker*
Certainly not blood or a bruise
Shes the artist child always oh so messy
Well really I'm painting the marks he left on my body
Is that a bruise?
Is that a burn?
Yes sir
Well that's creative inspiration
*I know let's push her into the DIRT!
1.3k · Jun 2015
Lilly frost Jun 2015
Disgrace you say
To who?
To you?
It's okay
You don't have to worry
Not anymore
I disown you
1.2k · Nov 2015
Pray for the World
Lilly frost Nov 2015
Pray for Paris?
Why not pray for the world
Each city
Every country
Each province and state
They pray for Paris
Like they should
But pray for the world
And every hero that stood
Pray for the blood of innocence spilt
For this war of belief and silt
Pray for the world in this game of money and power
Pray for the world
To stop these extremes
You can keep your beliefs
But taking innocent lives?
Those people crossed the lines
Not all Muslims are evil
Not all roses are red
So pray for the world
For all who are dying
For all who are dead
1.2k · Nov 2015
Would You?
Lilly frost Nov 2015
If you could drown your emotions in a sea of music and laughter
Would you?
If you could forget your memories with problems of the present
Would you?
If you could numb yourself with weariness
Would you?
1.2k · May 2017
Lilly frost May 2017
One after another
Dominos falling
Spiraling around me
I can't seem to catch my breath
My vision is blurring
I can't see straight
I'm standing
Now spiraling
Down like the dominos
Once they were my friends
Placed piece by piece so as not to be lost
So I couldn't lose
I knocked one over
Just a gentle tap
Down come the rest
I was in the middle
Why now am I in a pit
I was surrounded
Group by group
Net by net
I can't seem to find my feet
I can't seem to catch my breath
Torture at its best
Do not leave
I'm begging
I used to be alone
I found friends
Built myself a new home
There's no going back to being alone
I am not a hermit
I am not a ghost
I need human interaction
Someone to cheer me when I lie in sorrow
Calm me if I wake terrified
Out of my mind
I demolished all places I had left to hide
I lay myself bare to my domino friends
They toppled
They fell
Dropped one after another
Rolling thunder
A brewing storm
I failed to recognize the patterns
You all fell with so little thought
You are what I am not
You move forward
I still sit
I stay
I am soon buried
Life has left me behind
You all just left with the ride
I can't seem to feel my body
I can't seem to catch my breath
If you wish to have my seat go ahead
Be my guest
Just one simple request
Don't build friends from dominos
They'll leave you
But you can never really let go
895 · Apr 2016
The Finer Things in Life
Lilly frost Apr 2016
A rose
Seen from the outside
An over used expression of beauty

A violin
Seen from a distance
A symbol of money and sophistication

Champagne and wine
Seen from the other hand
Drinks that cost too much for a polite buzz

I do not care much for rose
Champagne or wine

I've spent my life on outlines
890 · Sep 2018
Fault For Another Life
Lilly frost Sep 2018
I really ****** it up this time
With my future on the line
I didn't know what to do but cry
My graces have been stretched too thin
My patience is all but gone
Now I really ****** it up this time
haven't I
It's clear
It wasn't just my heart on the line
Wish I could go back in time
I've lost control and lord I know
I really ****** it up this time
With all our futures on the line
Our plan leading to the sky
Now I have nothing to show but fear
I just wish to say I am so sorry my dear
I know not what I've done
This war of fates has just begun
All my worries aren't just in my head
There's another to be fed
Another to put to bed
To clothe
To hold
Leaving is your only crime
I really ****** up this time
It was not your fault or mine
You made your decision
Now tow the line
I know I ****** it up this time
Didn't I my dear?
888 · Oct 2015
Kitchen Sink
Lilly frost Oct 2015
I'm a kitchen sink
A kitchen sink that fills and spills
A kitchen sink that washes everything away
A kitchen sink that is stationary
Cannot move
A kitchen sink that is silent
Save for the whisper of water running
Save for the silent protests of agony
When dishes are thrown
When it is filled
I'm a kitchen sink tears in the form of a leaking faucet
Calm and silent
Stationary and unnoticed
836 · Sep 2016
Secret Stairs
Lilly frost Sep 2016
The stairs tumble down
Flowing from one to another
While the carpet falls
As a river of blood
Stained threads woven together
With secrets drenched in the decaying bodies
Of those who labored to keep those secrets hidden
806 · Jun 2015
Lilly frost Jun 2015
All tied to the stage
Battered and broken
Begging for every token
Puppets for our masters
Walking disasters
Refusing to fall down
Standing on The stage now
Don't forget to bow down
You don't wanna stand out
Long to be free and roam out of your skin
But you would be punished and further broken
On your knees repeating
Marionettes all tied to the stage
Battered and broken
Begging for every token Puppets for our masters
Turning into crawling disasters
You long to see
What's on the other side
Could there be a good side
After all this time
How could it be
So hard to find
Yet so easy to see
But your broken
On your knees repeating
Over and over again
I am a marionette
Tied to the stage
Battered and broken
Begging for every token
A puppet for my master
A walking disaster
798 · Dec 2015
Half Christmas
Lilly frost Dec 2015
A Christmas without snow
Is like a diamond without coal
764 · Jun 2015
Lilly frost Jun 2015
I'm trapped in a box
Dark and cold
I'm trapped in a box
My time running out
Trapped in a box
With barley space to breathe
Trapped in a box
With no body else
Trapped in a box
Screaming for help
761 · Sep 2018
Lilly frost Sep 2018
What have you done
To my eyes
My love
My life
It's all or nothing but it means nothing to you
What have you done to my eyes
What have you chosen, my love
Why is it that my life is all or nothing to you
Can you see how how this ends
I'll always be nothing to you
744 · Jun 2015
Lilly frost Jun 2015
Our minds are corrupted
Our hearts are dull
Our souls have been taken
Far beyond a wall
We are stopped far away
No one thinks its okay
So secrets we keep
We lie to ourselves
For no reason other
Than people think we'll go to hell
726 · Jul 2016
Gemstone Flowers
Lilly frost Jul 2016
Emerald shoots
With golden crowns
Obsidian heads
Rising from topaz ground
725 · Nov 2015
Ded Poet
Lilly frost Nov 2015
My hero
My safety cloak
My inspiration
My teacher
I loved you as all these things
Through your poems
Though it might not show
You were my smile
And my sunshine
For your poems made me understand
That even though Ded Poets die
Their hearts and souls
Will forever survive
Through their poems and what they've done
687 · Oct 2015
Words For My Cousin
Lilly frost Oct 2015
I haven't yet deleted your messages
I haven't yet erased your memory
Every word you spoke to me
A cherished memory
Every chord played
From your guitar
Wrote itself into the stars
For the world to see
Or are my eyes playing tricks on me?
Lilly frost Jul 2016
Strong man
Army man
You wished for that to one day be your chance
You've given up on it now
And truthfully I was slightly relieved
At least you wouldn't die fighting with no reasoning
It didn't last long I hated it but I see
Everyone must have a dream
Go to your war my dear
Your fighting blood and tears
Though when you come back home
In pieces or as a whole
In success or in vain
Away we'll wipe your pain
Hold you close and protect you from foes
Until our crossed paths end
I must say goodbye
I'll see you in the next life my dearest friend
675 · Jun 2015
Lizzie Burden
Lilly frost Jun 2015
Lizzie burden took an ax
Gave her mother forty whacks
When she saw what she had done
She gave her father forty-one
Such anger
You're in danger
Run away
You can not stay
Serial killer
That's what we call 'er
Ax stained with blood
Her shoes caked with mud
In court innocent as can be
Everyone but the jury can see
Lizzie burden who took an ax
Gave her mother forty whacks
Who when she saw what she had done
Gave her father forty-one
Was set free
Because all but the jury could see
The first four lines are from the actual rhyme about Lizzie burden.
669 · Sep 2016
Bow for Barbie Dolls
Lilly frost Sep 2016
Open the curtains to the show
Bow down politely
What do you know?
Strings tangled up
Wrapped all around
Spinning me
Twirling me
Making me dance
Dance to the beat of the fingers
Twisting the strings
Bending me like rubber
All for the plastic applause of the audience
Clap clap for whoever's on stage
Smiles are painted
Cheers are fake
Idolize me for my body
For my face
If you don't turn out like me
You'll be a disgrace
651 · Oct 2015
Book of Lies
Lilly frost Oct 2015
How you'll try
To erase
All of the lines
In the book of lies
That you create

How you'll try
To rebuild
Every bridge
That you burn

How you'll try
To discern
One story
From the next

And with every page
Day by day
The more you'll regret

Book of lies
Thick or thin
In the end
You'll never win

Every bridge you build
Every story you discern
Will burn
Will blur
And every second
You have no guilt
No remorse
Is a second that leaves you
Burned and blurred
In your own way
By your own nonexistent moral standards

Book of lies
Oh book of lies
How you corrupt
How you disguise

Book of lies
Oh book of lies
How you stain
No word can be erased
No page rewritten

How you'll try
To erase
Every line
In the book of lies
That you create
645 · Dec 2015
No Word
Lilly frost Dec 2015
No word
No word has come
No sleep
No rest
No peace
No quiet
A storm of thoughts
Regularly blowing through my mind
What if's
How come's
Churning at the fore front of my brain
A battle of words and situations
I cannot bring myself to face
Still I can not say if this is for your sake or mine
No word
No word from you has come
And so my mind will spin
A tornado
Waiting for your word to come
611 · Oct 2015
Lilly frost Oct 2015
Bubbling lava in my chest
Flows over to my heart
Now suppressed
By my glowing rage
None to be seen from the outside
This anger I must hide
To staunch the lavas flowing tide
601 · Nov 2015
Lilly frost Nov 2015
Your venom spreads through my veins
Faster and faster
Time and time again
Burning me alive
Shattering my mind
And I hate you
How could I not?
Your poison is addicting
I want more
I hate that you make me feel this way
I hate to feel fragile
At any moment I could break
I hate your way of breaking me
It feels so good until I realize I'm not free
I hate that you can control me with a single word
I hate that you can poison me so
That you can make me addicted
Addicted to your hatred of the world
So that someone may finally hate you
You aren't the golden boy everyone loves and respects
As your toxins travel on you still have no regrets
You monster
How could you?
But I keep coming back for more
The feeling of your hatred is one I simply adore
572 · Oct 2015
A Note
Lilly frost Oct 2015
A note
A note
All you left me was a note
After all we've been through
All you leave is a note!
No extra tight hug goodbye
No cherished kiss
No last night to talk and laugh?
A note
Just a note
No last I love you
No tender touch?
Just a note
No hint towards your pain
Though people aren't my domain
I could've helped
But no
A note
I got a note
A ******
Crumpled piece of paper
That I will cherish for ever
Your last words scrawled in sloppy blue pen

"I'll see you in the next life. I'll love you even then. I'll love you until we meet again."
567 · Jun 2015
Lonely Lies
Lilly frost Jun 2015
In the clouds
They met as they did underground
Lonely and lost
Devoid of all thought
Nothing changed
Yet nothing was the same
They walked and slept
In their lonely eternity
Soulless creatures they lived
Soulless creatures they died
Everything they knew was a lie
563 · Jul 2016
Lilly frost Jul 2016
To pass the hours
With gemstone flowers
Sit and watch the world sparkle brilliantly
When it hurts your eyes
And you begin to cry
The harsh glare of burning light
Forces you to go inside
Pass the hours from your secret tower
Grown over with gemstone vines
And when you wish again for gemstone flowers
Again you peek outside
561 · Apr 2016
Turn the Other Cheek
Lilly frost Apr 2016
Sorrow shrunk
Into the untouched corners
Of my rapidly beating heart
I haven't got time to cry
Nor to be nervous
Only to focus
533 · Mar 2017
Never Fall
Lilly frost Mar 2017
Fly away
Give me wings
Yes or no
What is the answer
Let me fly away
Though I may not have the grace of a dancer
I will not crash
I will not fall
If I go up
I may never come down at all
527 · Sep 2016
Lilly frost Sep 2016
Damsel in distress
Indeed that's what you are
You sat on the side lines
Everyone cleaned up for you
Oh what a pretty princess
You clean up nice in a frilly little dress
516 · Jun 2015
Lilly frost Jun 2015
I fly high
I fly free
Why are you trying to trap me?
Why can't I follow my dreams?
Have a choice?
Have a thought?
Have a voice?
511 · Dec 2016
Lilly frost Dec 2016
Drugs and gunpowder
These elements we live by
These elements we stand for
Think your morals grow louder
Yet you still cower
Sitting in the corner
Begging for power
Used to look down on us from your tower
In our streets now
You soon dispose of your jovial candor
You are learning now
I am so proud of you
A patronizing pat down is now at hand
Your tongue was your only weapon then
What about now?
Bullet and blade are popular weapons of our trade
Could you harden your heart and take the shot?
Take a stab at living how we do
Understand now that the conditions of our demise is normal in society
The news doesn't care
Not unless we cause quite a scare
An obituary is hardly ever found in the papers
Who reads those things these days anyways
I bet you already think you know our motives
Prejudice against the people your window points down towards
Laughing while you say we are the reason it got this way
You are though
Do you not understand?
We take these positions because we have nowhere else
The streets are crawling with us
Because people like you are walking on our backs
509 · Oct 2015
Glad to be an Alien
Lilly frost Oct 2015
Hearts are for people
Hearts break
Hearts crack
So I'm glad I'm an alien
This way nothing gets stolen
My organs are intact
Just as I left them in fact
Dopamine doesn't invade my brain
There's no need to play silly games
So I'm glad I'm an alien
This way I feel no pain
494 · Apr 2017
Lilly frost Apr 2017
Can't you hear the whispers
Left outside
Abused and now abrasive
Threats flow from the dark
From outside
Where the whispers reside
Every heartbreak
Every hardship
Spilled plainly from the thing that whispers
It can't be human
What is it
What could possibly torment you this way
Bombarded by your mistakes
Whispered from the dark
Into your ears
Into your soul
You turn black
You look back
What is the thing that's whispering
What is this thing that knows all of my secrets
In a panic
Where is it
Where is it!
This all must stop
Pease just stop
The whispers
The whispers
They grow louder
None of it matters
I swear none of it mattered
Must you make me remember
Reveal yourself
What are you
Why do you whisper
How do you know my secrets
How do you understand my mind
It's not my time
I don't want to die

The thing that whispers
It stepped out of the dark
Same eyes
Same face
Same birthmark
Covered in scars
You're not human
You're not me
This is impossible
This can't be
You spiral into insanity
Your own worst enemy...
491 · Dec 2015
Lilly frost Dec 2015
Scarlet seeds
Wet and shining
Shimmering safe in your cocoon of fruity skin
Plucked out too early
Eaten and demolished
471 · Oct 2015
Beautiful Nightmare
Lilly frost Oct 2015
What a beautiful nightmare you are
Lost in the catacombs of your thoughts
Filled with tenderness that could never be forgotten
Lost in the darkness that consumed you
Filled with love easily seen

What a beautiful nightmare you are
Make people want to laugh and scream
Make people want to die for you
Make people want to **** you
Make people want to wake up
Make people want to stay asleep
For you beautiful nightmare
469 · Nov 2015
Jerry The Penguin
Lilly frost Nov 2015
Mario cart
Playing with his flippers
Jack is back
Septic slap
Bow-tie in your feathers
Now reduced
To a pair of boots
Long gone is your penguin song
Brydan misses you
And so he cries
On your bed of ice
My friends penguin Jerry died and he found a pair of Jerry boots online. It's too soon internet...too soon...
454 · Oct 2015
A Little Fun
Lilly frost Oct 2015
Ruby hair
Emerald eyes
Candy lips
Sly smile

No kiss goodbye
Time will fly
Crumpled clothes
On the floor
We don't need them,anymore

A little lie
A white lie
No harm to be done
For a little fun
437 · Mar 2017
Poor Purity
Lilly frost Mar 2017
My poor sweet angel
Back to the dreaded
Back to the mistakes
You have forgotten your purity
You have forgotten your role
For fun you have sold your soul
For indulgence
For freedom
Why would you give that life up for inside
Follow the lines
Round and round
Indeed once I was proud
But you have repented
Why say sorry
Why feel sorry
For having fun
For being alive
Sins are to life as fun is to sin.
427 · Apr 2016
Circus Fun
Lilly frost Apr 2016
Smoke and mirrors
Unforgiving sneers
Steering you through the show
Go where they say to go

Finish the play
Smoke and mirrors
Bow deep down
Smile proud

Costume off
Makeup gone
Smoke and mirrors
Mask replaced

On your bed
Close your eyes
Forget who you really are
Smoke and mirrors
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