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M Solav Dec 2019
So we may be taken — there
without further adieu,
As the morning sun — shines
on the morning dew.

connecting two dots,
In immediacy,
what we have lost!

Among the lunatic — and
the natural fraud,
We stand unprepared — so
ready to applaud.

connecting two dots,
In immediacy,
what we have lost!
Written in July 2017.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Lilly frost Sep 2016
Open the curtains to the show
Bow down politely
What do you know?
Strings tangled up
Wrapped all around
Spinning me
Twirling me
Making me dance
Dance to the beat of the fingers
Twisting the strings
Bending me like rubber
All for the plastic applause of the audience
Clap clap for whoever's on stage
Smiles are painted
Cheers are fake
Idolize me for my body
For my face
If you don't turn out like me
You'll be a disgrace
Poetic T May 2017
The praise of reflections were
but a mirage of recommended
                                          echoes fading.

That collected in the coroners,
that praised the failings of empty
                                         glorified nothingness
Breanna Stockham Jan 2016
Everyone speaks
A million miles an hour
Each word
Growing more empowered

They think saying more,
Competing, interrupting
Proves that they know more
And won't be thought of as nothing

Well I'm the bird
That tries to tweet
When thunder crashes
And lightning streaks

Won't take the time
To hear my thoughts
So all I do
Is smile and nod

But that's okay,
No worries here,
Won't seek validation
From a strangers ear

Your hot air fills the room
While you seek your applause
I know my worth, applaud myself
So I just smile and nod
RazanSidErani Feb 2015
I don't care about
A standing ovation
Or a storm of applauding
Faceless crowds
All I care about is being applauded
By the right people
© RazanRinaldi

— The End —