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Aug 2021 · 32
Lilly frost Aug 2021
What do you do when you have everyone to turn to
No one to listen
Who will help in times of need
When you need love and advice not action
When you need emotional support
Not the physical kind
When your heart is broken
Only willing to heal with patience and time

When your heart is scourned and demeaned
Forced into using its last box of bandaids
The last roll of duct tape
The last drips of paper machè and super glue
When there's no time to mourn
Only push forward
Achieving nothing
Always nothing feeling ashamed
Feeling broken, behind, lazy and unrefined

First a splinter
Then a crack
A short shatter later
Now your back
No more tips or tricks or tools
Just a thudding
A muddling
A hollow pounding with every step
A heavy being with a heavy soul
A shattered heart with nowhere to go
Turning slowly to dust with every punch to your beast

Nowhere to turn
Nowhere to run
Welcomed by the shadow of love,trust and support
Only to be trapped by the judgmental snear Reflected in your broken tears
Aug 2021 · 43
Come Home
Lilly frost Aug 2021
Baby I need you
I don't know what I'm doing
I can't even surmise what I've done
One monumental climb after another
Nothing to show

God I miss you
I need you
Your reassurance and words
Your calming presence and the knowledge I've been heard

Please come home to me
I miss you
I need you
Your smile
Your strength
Your touch
When nothing is too much
When nothing hurts
All is healed by your touch
Aug 2021 · 40
Lilly frost Aug 2021
I crave a sense of normalcy
Everyday morale of routine
Cozy comforts of knowing you'll be here
You are always there
I want you here
I need you here

You'd be annoyed within a week
I just want you
The physical you
The goofy loving wonderful you
In my arms
In our home
In our bed
In my life

I want you home
Not on the phone
I love your voice
I no longer wanted in my headphones
I want you to hold me
Roast me
Joke with me
I want you to love me from here
Not from afar
There's only so far you can get by car...
Sep 2019 · 116
Lilly frost Sep 2019
Bestowed by a summers dream
A winters sleep
A falls cool sigh
And a springs daring eye
To lead with a love like no other
To cry with tears of paths torn assunder
To help and love and throw it all away, just dreaming about someday
But someday is never now and someday is never tomorrow
But someday just one-day I'd like to live like someday could be tomorrow
In an hour, a minute, a second
I'd like a chance where I wouldn't go and wreck it
A time, a place, a segment of space where I can find a someday
A someday to be
To live without need or want or worry
Where I can float in life instead of hurry
To live and breathe calm serenity
To fix an aimless path
And be by just being
Instead of forced believing in a tomorrow when tomorrow never comes
Everyday is the same day
No love is true love and even if it were its not my love
Because who could find love in aimless wandering?
Who could love a creature with no direction?
Who knows not head from foot or ceiling from ground.
Because of a someday I will dream until tomorrow
For a life that was earned and never meant to borrow
Jul 2019 · 196
Lilly frost Jul 2019
What is give for his kind of love
The unconditional, irreplace, we're untouchable kind of love!
The keeps you breathing, only thing you'll be needing kind of love!
To be fair even in the freshest of air, to your kiss it cannot compare
To have you I can only imagine what we could do

But wait I must and wait I will
For weeks and days and hours
For years I'll pretend you stopped to pick up flowers
For you I will wait, for your love
That untouchable, irreplaceable, unconditional, can't get enough kind of love...
Jul 2019 · 124
As it Happens
Lilly frost Jul 2019
A life for a life
Equals a loss on either side
Every excuse you make for war is hatred and pride
Its unneeded
Warnings go unheeded
When arguments get heated, its always time for another fight
One by one we all fall down
Dominos of grief for those that reside underground
Jul 2019 · 107
Lilly frost Jul 2019
If ever you wonder who you are
Remember love, you come from the stars
From the dreams of who I wished to be
From the love of all those who fall at your feet
From your wildest dreams
From your darkest defeats

You come from the flowers in bloom
The rocks weathered through
The grass and dirt that pads your hurt and gives you courage enough to power through
You come from the heat of passion
From the fizzle of love
The spark of joy always ignited when you blow through
A tornado of happiness
Of warmth and love
A cocoon of safety where I hope I can show you all of my love
Because you come from above
Jul 2019 · 96
A Tale As Old As Time
Lilly frost Jul 2019
Two paths diverged in a yellow wood one unknown and one understood
One dark and dreamy
One alight but dreary
Walked upon by two travelers long
One impatient and oh so weary
One settled and oh so Leary

What change do we need we'll walk in between

How and why There's no outcome to be seen

To be oh to be!
Just settle once in your ways and follow me!

I cannot I am far too tired
I'm afraid I must sleep
At the cross roads of my life let me lay and weep

Get up I say it'll be ok just so long as we know the way
The lighter path may be a bit unpleasant but at least all is quite apparent

I cannot
I will not
We'll end up peasants!
Why not explore, beg for more!
A darker path for a brighter life
A future that goes further instead of scrapping the bottom line

I'm sorry to choose but I don't like to lose
Change is too scary, I'm afraid I'm leaving you

My life, my love
We've made flesh and blood
To leave for a common impression instead of working for something refreshing is the worst possible path
I'm sorry I just can't live with that

I can't follow you
I know so I must go

The two travelers paths diverged in a yellow wood
They left each other
No longer side by side
Along the paths they fretted
Waiting for a time mist dreaded
That old familiar sigh, of another traveler by their side
Jul 2019 · 107
Lilly frost Jul 2019
To those who looked but never listened
Never had the heart to bear witness
To admit you've felt something more than just a numbing ache
One who chooses not to recognize nor identify, with anothers' pain
Stuck in your own head
Lying waste to your brain
Can you imagine living like you use to once again?
The breeze, no longer choking and hot but somehow chilling to the bone
The colors no longer monochrome
The robotic tasks that you repeat are for some a momentous feat
For each breath of air comes so worldly care
Each care turns into a tearing pain as slowly you learn to love again
The landscape no amount of gray can cover
The eyes of a once blind lover
Jul 2019 · 95
Lilly frost Jul 2019
To what do I owe this honor
Being your toy
A scheme
Thinking you could pass me around to another
With no love
No thought
I meant what I told you
With every piece of my tearing heart
I love you
Even still
You shove me to another once you've had your fill
Is this all I've been to you
Is that all you want
How could you...
Why should I be a part of your life anymore
I'm not your *****
I'm not your fill
Seeing you toss me aside...
I can't take it
I never will
Lilly frost Jul 2019
The words slipping from your lips
A whisper turning into a kiss
Pressed gently then hard
Then smashed!
Whispering I love you
Pouting when silence is returned
Pushing harder
Begging for a partner when all that can be given is a witness
How could you wish this?
Do you really think anyone would want to be apart of your lonely lust hit list?
Jul 2019 · 115
Lilly frost Jul 2019
A ******* in another parking lot
Begging for money avoiding shots
Choking and dying for a better life
That's what you thought I'd be right?

You told me so I couldn't breathe and you just didn't believe until I hit the ground, out, stone cold

Jokes on you
Ridiculous fool
You laughed and ridiculed everything I possibly wanted to do just to keep me closer to you
I'm glad I didn't stay I'm not your servant
Not your slave
Not your puppet and I will never obey!

For God's sake you made impossible to study or have fun
I needed at least one of the two and when it was up to you I had to settle for none!
I couldn't eat
Couldn't sleep
Couldn't speak
God knows I only ate 6 times a week
95 pounds and getting slimmer
All I asked was to be able to make some dinner!

Profound that I passed once I moved my ***
No longer am I under your thumb, I'm done
I've won

I passed my class
Passed my peers
I can eat and sleep even speak ever so clear

What you wanted my future to be
What you whispered in my ear
The downfall of my wits and heart shall never come near
For I am not yourself
The harlot the sits upon the muddy stains of her life and settles for men that push her through the mud and muck to stand atop themselves

For shame uneducated fool you know nothing of me
I am nothing like you
Jul 2019 · 280
Love Me Like I Love You
Lilly frost Jul 2019
I had you first
Heart soul and mind
Grown up, not apart by time
So alike, so unchanged
Through different environments, in a different stage
Now they have you, thoughts and body
Weeding away our time though unsteady
So many wishes, so many prayers to one not there, answered suddenly but incompletely
Now I have you soul mind and body
Your heart is away, on vacation these days

Now I again begin to pray, to beg one not there
May I have you?
Again the way you once were?
All mine finally for once
Uninjured, unbroken
Loved and loving but mostly; loving me?

God please!
You know me better than I know myself!
For years and years of my feelings bottled on a shelf
Resigning myself to a secret love ocassionally crashing from above, to break my heart all over again
I never minded it then...

But to have you and have you ripped away
Every night, every day
I will never be ok
The jar is unscrewed and feeling renewed courses through my chilled veins
To remember your gentle callused hands
To remember your words to me when secrets spilled and my tears would repeat
I would give anything for you to stay
Even a day or two of having you Completely having you, is worth more than lifetimes having the next best thing
Sweet lord you idiot I'm in love with you, and I have been for an incredibly long time.
Jun 2019 · 162
The Twist
Lilly frost Jun 2019
For those who fall fast
Past the pits of time to those depths of mind
For those who refuse and refuse the refuge of a single thought in which they are sane
A changing mind is no enemy
A turning heart can tear apart the brightest of suns or the darkest of seas
A changing mind may leave behind a life unadored
But open your eyes to a life that was left unexplored
Sep 2018 · 1.5k
Lilly frost Sep 2018
Fury has fueled fire after fire
Now that rage has long since been retired
Swirling under the surface but now skin is thicker and walls our Higher
Rage bubbles into boiling tears
There's no place for anger
No place to speak
Feelings are forbidden
Listening's for the weak
What are you doing standing up you're supposed to be meek
Nothing to see folks
Nothing to see
Just little old me angry at would could be and what would have been
How foolish having feelings
Having opinions
I aspire to be a statue
Stone void of imperfections
Slow to chisel slow to break
I wouldn't mind a chip or flake
For what does one puny piece of my stony soul ruin for the show
Sep 2018 · 1.9k
Long Short While
Lilly frost Sep 2018
Why worry for youth if in your heart you're forever young
If your joy is kept alive
If your smile is still bright
Why worry for the future of gray hairs and parchment skin
If love is had would it be so bad
To one day sit and reminisce without the threat of immortality
Without the prison of eternal youth
Fun for years
Fun for hours
Eternity towers
Appreciate the world
When the spring in your step has gone sour
Appreciate the season
Stop and smell the flowers
Feel the snow
The cold
The pain that as a youth you were in a rush to rid
What have you to say after your rushing worries have rushed away
What memories can you retain if you speed through to the end
You can sit for years and muse, pretend
Make a plan
Take your time
Life may be short but it's a short long while
Especially to the end
Sep 2018 · 890
Fault For Another Life
Lilly frost Sep 2018
I really ****** it up this time
With my future on the line
I didn't know what to do but cry
My graces have been stretched too thin
My patience is all but gone
Now I really ****** it up this time
haven't I
It's clear
It wasn't just my heart on the line
Wish I could go back in time
I've lost control and lord I know
I really ****** it up this time
With all our futures on the line
Our plan leading to the sky
Now I have nothing to show but fear
I just wish to say I am so sorry my dear
I know not what I've done
This war of fates has just begun
All my worries aren't just in my head
There's another to be fed
Another to put to bed
To clothe
To hold
Leaving is your only crime
I really ****** up this time
It was not your fault or mine
You made your decision
Now tow the line
I know I ****** it up this time
Didn't I my dear?
Sep 2018 · 762
Lilly frost Sep 2018
What have you done
To my eyes
My love
My life
It's all or nothing but it means nothing to you
What have you done to my eyes
What have you chosen, my love
Why is it that my life is all or nothing to you
Can you see how how this ends
I'll always be nothing to you
Jan 2018 · 1.8k
Lilly frost Jan 2018
To live in misery
Painting in the dark
The blindness, the desperation of a lonely heart
A worthless plea
A lock with no key
No Windows to the soul
For my dear your eyes are closed
How may I help if invited I'm not
I tried the door sweetheart it was locked
Please don't leave me to freeze
Alone in the dark
Another lonely heart
Jan 2018 · 4.6k
Lilly frost Jan 2018
To what do I owe this honor
Being your toy
A scheme
Thinking you could pass me around to another
With no love
No thought
I meant what I told you
With every piece of my tearing heart
I love you
Even still
You shove me to another once you've had your fill
Is this all I've been to you
Is that all you want
How could you...
Why should I be a part of your life anymore
I'm not your plaything
I'm not your doll
Seeing you toss me aside...
I can't take it
I don't want to fall
Jan 2018 · 5.9k
Lilly frost Jan 2018
Hello there
Sitting in the corner grumbling about your health
Would you listen?
I need some help
It’s hard holding up the world all by myself
When you bother to look up do you realize my shoulders aren’t a shelf
You can’t pile things on top of me and expect me not to crumble
My legs are weak
I’m starting to stumble
May I have some support
Not your usual retort
I understand I must be stronger
I don't think I can hold on much longer
May I lay on you
Simply a word or two
Just a brief relief
A second of peace
If not I understand
But please would you take my hand
So I know where to go
On such a slippery *****
Where is the dry land
I'm being buried please understand
The weight in this muck
I'm losing my luck
Back bent eyes closed
Its up to my throat I have nowhere to go
Oct 2017 · 5.5k
Lilly frost Oct 2017
If only things were as easy as 1,2,3
Like elementary
Arithmetic and spelling
Simple science
Gym was always stunning
Recess was revered
The swings were sacred
Writing on the jungle gym
Running off with friends to play
Being enchanted by the smell of coffee and trees
Magic every second you breathe
Simply because you were somewhere you weren't supposed to be
Close your eyes
Now what do you see?
Dots of color?
Phantoms of light?
Remember when you saw dragons
Whole worlds enchanting
When you walked people said it seemed like you were dancing
Remember when you were happy?
There was no worry about what to do
What are you going to be?
You had your whole life
Figure out what to do
Well what now?
What's your plan?
Too bad
Too late
It's not elementary
None of your dreams can come true
You're completely *******
Oct 2017 · 149
Lilly frost Oct 2017
I remember every detail laid out here
The sheets
The feeling
The smell
His voice coaxing
Telling us what to do
You don't remember a thing
How old even were you
I was younger by two years
He was my greatest safety
His betrayal my greatest fear
I remember
Why do I have to remember
You get to forget
Your brain builds defenses
One after another
The memories come flooding together
Stop them
Help me
Erase me please
I don't want to remember
I'll trade you
You can have words
I'll take the numbers
Just keep the memories
I'll take the numbness
Jun 2017 · 197
Lilly frost Jun 2017
Once again the shovel hits the ground  blood oozing out
Dripping down
Grey gravestones
Staring unforgiving
As you condemned yet another
Violence among each other
Brother against brother
'till you decide to lay him with your mother
Jun 2017 · 236
Screw Up
Lilly frost Jun 2017
Why are you so desperate to live vicariously through your child
Not even your children just one
The eldest you want to be
The ***** up is what you use to see
When you looked in the mirror after hooking up
When you pulled on your dress after a few too many shots
The ***** up doesn't do those things
It's what her father led you to believe
You pull her hair
Scream in her ear
Clap your hand over her mouth
'Listen up and quiet down little mouse'
She is not a drunk
She doesn't do drugs
Above all she is not a ****
In one of your children you see yourself
What has she done to condone your actions?
You build an altar to the first born
The others existence you decide to mourn
She works for you every day
Earns her keep
Asks for no pay
The other one plays and plays
She understands the first one graduated
If you let her go to the school she'd be in the same position
You didn't listen you told her off
The thought of her success made you scoff
She has tried from the very start
She gave you all she had from the bottom of her heart
Yet what do you do?
What do you say when you get home and she asks about your day
While upstairs the other plays and plays
You try to guilt trip her
You try to wrench yet more work from those already withered sore hands
She is not your servant
She is not your maid
You punch her
Pull her hair
Break her heart
She gives you more and more
Until she's torn apart
She refuses to grovel or beg for mercy
Forgiveness is unheard of
Though she has no reason to say sorry
What do you expect?
Laughter in her eyes as you grind her to a pulp
A gurgled giggle as she's pinned against the wall
She put up with too much to forget the laws
Still she never made the call
She'll always take the fall
She knows how hard you work for it all
To see you angry at her help that's painful unto itself
Don't add the past broken bones
The promises you always seem to ignore
The warnings you need yet still abhor
She is your daughter too yet you love another more
She's tired of being people's sunlight
Seeing opportunity in the darkest paths
A little recognition
A little respect is all she's ever asked
May 2017 · 1.2k
Lilly frost May 2017
One after another
Dominos falling
Spiraling around me
I can't seem to catch my breath
My vision is blurring
I can't see straight
I'm standing
Now spiraling
Down like the dominos
Once they were my friends
Placed piece by piece so as not to be lost
So I couldn't lose
I knocked one over
Just a gentle tap
Down come the rest
I was in the middle
Why now am I in a pit
I was surrounded
Group by group
Net by net
I can't seem to find my feet
I can't seem to catch my breath
Torture at its best
Do not leave
I'm begging
I used to be alone
I found friends
Built myself a new home
There's no going back to being alone
I am not a hermit
I am not a ghost
I need human interaction
Someone to cheer me when I lie in sorrow
Calm me if I wake terrified
Out of my mind
I demolished all places I had left to hide
I lay myself bare to my domino friends
They toppled
They fell
Dropped one after another
Rolling thunder
A brewing storm
I failed to recognize the patterns
You all fell with so little thought
You are what I am not
You move forward
I still sit
I stay
I am soon buried
Life has left me behind
You all just left with the ride
I can't seem to feel my body
I can't seem to catch my breath
If you wish to have my seat go ahead
Be my guest
Just one simple request
Don't build friends from dominos
They'll leave you
But you can never really let go
May 2017 · 424
Back Again
Lilly frost May 2017
What are you doing here
Why are you in my head
You left long ago
Our connection should be dead
I was over it
All gone
I was better
Letter by letter
Recollecting my thoughts
Rebuilding my mind
What are you doing here
I eradicated your presence
Scrubbed my mind
Cleansed of you
A clearer view
Why are you back again
Why are you in my head
May 2017 · 269
Lilly frost May 2017
How do I tell you I hate you
Despise your every move
Your every breath
It captures me
Spins me
I don't want to dance
I don't dance
How dare you
You know what you're doing
You twist me
Bend me
Knocking down the walls that defend me
I want to scream
But if you see
You'll smile
Hold me while I cry
Breathe into my hair that it'll be alright
You reach in
Tear out my heart
And I start to die
Don't touch me
Don't talk to me
I don't want to love
I don't want to be touched
Just go away
I'll hide for a few days
We can talk over the phone
But in person
How could I love the person who stole me
You had what you wanted
I have what you asked
You wanted more and more
You wanted me to undress
I said no
But you didn't care
You already had me
Had what you wanted
In these thoughts you were comforted
How do I tell you I hate you
Wish you were dead
Your every move it captures me
Spins me
I don't want to dance
I don't dance
How dare you
Apr 2017 · 1.6k
Lilly frost Apr 2017
It's scary after dark
The moon doesn't quite reach you
The shadows cast are all new
Footsteps echo behind
You say it is just your mind
A hand reaches out
You prepare yourself to shout
A cloth
You gag and cough
Bitter taste
You should have made haste
You fall onto the concrete
What fate will you meet
Apr 2017 · 274
Lilly frost Apr 2017
Shards of glass tinkling to the ground
Glittering in the sunlight from a newly broken window
Crimson flows to the floor
Until it drips no more
The floor is scarred gouged from the cruel broken glass
Scraping along its surface
In the middle there lies a girl
Silently screaming
Gathering the courage to pull her body out of this mess
Forwards she crawls
Further she regrets
Apr 2017 · 494
Lilly frost Apr 2017
Can't you hear the whispers
Left outside
Abused and now abrasive
Threats flow from the dark
From outside
Where the whispers reside
Every heartbreak
Every hardship
Spilled plainly from the thing that whispers
It can't be human
What is it
What could possibly torment you this way
Bombarded by your mistakes
Whispered from the dark
Into your ears
Into your soul
You turn black
You look back
What is the thing that's whispering
What is this thing that knows all of my secrets
In a panic
Where is it
Where is it!
This all must stop
Pease just stop
The whispers
The whispers
They grow louder
None of it matters
I swear none of it mattered
Must you make me remember
Reveal yourself
What are you
Why do you whisper
How do you know my secrets
How do you understand my mind
It's not my time
I don't want to die

The thing that whispers
It stepped out of the dark
Same eyes
Same face
Same birthmark
Covered in scars
You're not human
You're not me
This is impossible
This can't be
You spiral into insanity
Your own worst enemy...
Apr 2017 · 236
Lilly frost Apr 2017
Hello there
How are you
I just wished to enlighten you
Splitting apart our community isn't something I would suggest
We won't go down without a fight
We won't be the sheep that you guessed
Rolling over and becoming a bridge
For your muddied feet to walk on
That's something we'll resist
Take a look back
Back into history
We love our community
Love our school
Even that bad times
We love it here
Grew up with much juevenille cheer
We have walked these halls for many a year
Eve and morning
It wasn't all that boring
We enjoy it
So never fear
Your plan is trashed
All out of whack
You'll sure see us all back next year
If any of you are in Youngstown city schools you know what I'm talking about.
Apr 2017 · 232
Lilly frost Apr 2017
You have no talents
Well sir I actually do
You have no skills
Sir you haven't met me still
I have lived with you for years
You don't know my favorite color or if I've even pierced my ears
How could you be so nieve?
How could you be so cruel?
Jokes on you I'm kicking you out at 18
I'll leave before you ask me
Impossible you're not leaving until you're ready to go*
Well sir I have been ready for a long time
Apr 2017 · 212
Sweet Dreams
Lilly frost Apr 2017
I know better than to fall asleep
Deep sweet sleep
Ceremoniously swept away onto a red carpet behind my eyes

Why is the carpet red
Why can't I see
Nothing but red trails and dark black emptiness staring at me
Where am I
How did I get here

I follow the trail faithfully never knowing where now it will lead
A sweet dream
Long lost lullaby
Maybe I won't see anything until sunrise

Oh what a fool
How could my mind ever be so sweet
I follow blood
Dragging along behind my eyes
Because I couldn't meet my sleepless demise
Now I am stuck inside
Following the bloodlines
To my nightmares
Waiting for me to arrive
Mar 2017 · 317
Lilly frost Mar 2017
I met an old friend today
Remet I suppose you could say
Speaking loud
As if to a crowd
Though the conversations partner sat mere feet away
Good to see once again
My dear old friend
Exchanging insults to the failed irishman
Forget that one if you can
Oh what a joy
To see the boy
Finally turned to a man
Mar 2017 · 209
Lilly frost Mar 2017
Sad eyes
They don't work anymore
Tears fill
They fall over silently
Small silver waterfalls
Running down reddened cheeks
Collecting under the small pointed chin
Wavering in the wind
Before they fall down
Watering the ground
Sad eyes don't work anymore
The poison in your tears has salted the dirt
The once lush green grass is now dry and brown
It used to bring pain into my heart
To see your sad eyes
Now tears are becoming normal
Your heart as dead as the grass
Now when you cry
I know you're simply a collected mess
Push away the mirror
Look not at your ruined face
Tears and dirt curving down your cheeks
You've seen this a million times
You will see it a billion more
Tears falling down like raindrops
Trailing behind you on the floor
Mar 2017 · 437
Poor Purity
Lilly frost Mar 2017
My poor sweet angel
Back to the dreaded
Back to the mistakes
You have forgotten your purity
You have forgotten your role
For fun you have sold your soul
For indulgence
For freedom
Why would you give that life up for inside
Follow the lines
Round and round
Indeed once I was proud
But you have repented
Why say sorry
Why feel sorry
For having fun
For being alive
Sins are to life as fun is to sin.
Mar 2017 · 539
Never Fall
Lilly frost Mar 2017
Fly away
Give me wings
Yes or no
What is the answer
Let me fly away
Though I may not have the grace of a dancer
I will not crash
I will not fall
If I go up
I may never come down at all
Mar 2017 · 406
Lilly frost Mar 2017
Something wild
Something crazy
No amount of pressure can still you
Your heart flutters
Your legs start bouncing
Up and down
Up and down
Shaking non stop
Something wild
Something crazy
Your bloodstream has been caffeinated
Fingers twitching
Always hitting the confines of your pen
Stuck in a seat while all you want to do is run
Your palms are sweating
Your feet are tap
Against the tiled floor
So down you go
Down the hall
Down the road
Chasing away your adrenaline
Your hearts is beating dangerously fast
You slow to a walk
You lay in the grass
You tap
Your fingers against your thigh
As you stare achingly into the night sky
Maybe if your adrenaline comes back you could make yourself fly
Dec 2016 · 515
Lilly frost Dec 2016
Drugs and gunpowder
These elements we live by
These elements we stand for
Think your morals grow louder
Yet you still cower
Sitting in the corner
Begging for power
Used to look down on us from your tower
In our streets now
You soon dispose of your jovial candor
You are learning now
I am so proud of you
A patronizing pat down is now at hand
Your tongue was your only weapon then
What about now?
Bullet and blade are popular weapons of our trade
Could you harden your heart and take the shot?
Take a stab at living how we do
Understand now that the conditions of our demise is normal in society
The news doesn't care
Not unless we cause quite a scare
An obituary is hardly ever found in the papers
Who reads those things these days anyways
I bet you already think you know our motives
Prejudice against the people your window points down towards
Laughing while you say we are the reason it got this way
You are though
Do you not understand?
We take these positions because we have nowhere else
The streets are crawling with us
Because people like you are walking on our backs
Dec 2016 · 390
Lilly frost Dec 2016
Sometimes you just have to let go
For a second
A minute
Just one moment

There's no need to always keep busy
Boredom is just the period of adjustment towards peace

If you lay in your bed
Gently floating between the blanket and the sheet
If you lay there
Just lay there
Focusing on your toes making small mountains under the cloth
Eventually you will find yourself letting go

When a ringing begins in your ears
A gentle rhythmic hum
You are done

Or you can wait just a little longer
Till your eyes start to water
Your limbs feel heavy
Cloth like clouds on your skin

Lay there and enjoy your new acquisition of feelings
Oct 2016 · 209
Lilly frost Oct 2016
Harmony in the keys
A melody that makes you sway
Washing over you
All of your aches will fade
You will go dancing away
Lighter than air
Without a care
As the tap
Tapping caresses your ears
Sep 2016 · 227
Lilly frost Sep 2016
Grab me
Pull me closer
Hold me to your chest
Before you go
Before you dissappear
Hold me close
Kiss my lips
You can't leave me like this
Sep 2016 · 377
Lilly frost Sep 2016
Those who play god
Always they must fall
As surely as they try to blend in
They shall try to repent their sin
I dearly apologize for breaking your mind
Turning you to a puppet
Forcing you to scream and cry
If you force us to exile
Push us into an insane asylum
You'll keep us as playthings until we die
Your trophies are the certificates of our demise
Sep 2016 · 672
Bow for Barbie Dolls
Lilly frost Sep 2016
Open the curtains to the show
Bow down politely
What do you know?
Strings tangled up
Wrapped all around
Spinning me
Twirling me
Making me dance
Dance to the beat of the fingers
Twisting the strings
Bending me like rubber
All for the plastic applause of the audience
Clap clap for whoever's on stage
Smiles are painted
Cheers are fake
Idolize me for my body
For my face
If you don't turn out like me
You'll be a disgrace
Sep 2016 · 252
Lilly frost Sep 2016
Moving up and down
Bobbing with the waves of the melody
Slowly soaking  into my soul
note by note
Key for Key
My thirsty soul
Drinks heavily of sweet rolling sounds
Sinking down fully
Into oblivion
Sep 2016 · 836
Secret Stairs
Lilly frost Sep 2016
The stairs tumble down
Flowing from one to another
While the carpet falls
As a river of blood
Stained threads woven together
With secrets drenched in the decaying bodies
Of those who labored to keep those secrets hidden
Sep 2016 · 1.4k
Lilly frost Sep 2016
It must be paint
It must have been marker*
Certainly not blood or a bruise
Shes the artist child always oh so messy
Well really I'm painting the marks he left on my body
Is that a bruise?
Is that a burn?
Yes sir
Well that's creative inspiration
*I know let's push her into the DIRT!
Sep 2016 · 529
Lilly frost Sep 2016
Damsel in distress
Indeed that's what you are
You sat on the side lines
Everyone cleaned up for you
Oh what a pretty princess
You clean up nice in a frilly little dress
Sep 2016 · 378
Lilly frost Sep 2016
Not this
Not again
Defiant I lift my chin
I will not break because you decided to go off on a whim
My gaze held steady but I wasn't ready
The second your clenched hand reached my face
I knew already I had lost the race
what a disgrace you'd say
what a disappointment
Though to duck is not my first urge
I've taken too many hits from you
It's to punch but I must still my nerves
From there I knew it could only get worse
I'm crying but it doesn't hurt
No emotions show on my face
No feeling in my eyes
Your little girl is frozen is that a surprise?
Your little disgrace is emptied
Is it even alive?
How could you have left yourself so far behind?
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