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kier Mar 2020
even with the
bruises from beatings
and so i found that
our love was fleeting

leave the mouth
******* and cornered
fear quickens the pace
many ways to be tortured

you say
do those words
have truth
because a lie
would not be kind
at all
i like it because you can read this poem from 2 perspectives.
Ashlyn Yoshida Mar 2020
Twisting and turning
the stems are snapping
My mind can't take this wait
Burning and simmering
the petals make a tea
I don't want to drink your poison anymore
Why won't someone save me?
I'm alone in this world
tied to a chair
no one is ever here.
Secret Jun 2019
"You're doing the right thing"
They once said to her.
Abandoned, is she.
She tried to listen to them,
She took their advice.
She took him in.
Prepared his meals, his clothes, his bed.
Never a thank you was heard.
She tried to teach him that she loves him.
She never convinced him.
Each time she heard those words,
her heart broke ever so slightly more.
She was deteriorating.
Her mind lost hope each second.
He never listened.
He never listened!
She wanted to teach him a lesson.
She wanted to show how much she could've done to him for months.
It was supposed to teach him a lesson.
He just hated her more.
Poor little girl.
Mind twisted and broken.
Eventually, though,
They finally were found together.
Two corpses, eyes opened.
Her heart began to flutter.
a little story through a poem <3
Mae Apr 2019
He looms over her
greedy eyes, a crooked sneer
that croons–Up at last?
Jillian Jesser Oct 2018
and when your babies were born
you named them for the stars
but the backyard was all they ever saw
when your mother got the call
the world was obsessed
but when we change the channel
you'll still feel him inside
you'll still feel him
Manny Jul 2018
You're so beautiful
When your cheeks are blushing red
When you look directly in my eyes
With an expression that can't be read
And look where all of this has led
You're lying in my bed, just like I always
pictured in my head.
Your body shivers with excitement
Though your tears are screaming "dread"
Maybe its the breeze you feel, the
windy chill, from hiding in this shed
Or is your body breaking down
It's been three whole days since you've been fed
I had to punish you somehow
The other day you almost fled
now I feel misled, you turn down my love
And run instead
You cry all night, you wont eat bread
You shout and fight and hit your head
against the frame of this old bed.
if only you listened to
Every word I said
There'd be less pain
It's better now if this goes my way
So just play dead
Sorry about this messed up poem.  
I had this idea for a while that I wanted to write a twisted love story about a stalker that kidnapped the girl he is infatuated with.
mokitovice Apr 2018
Oh darling,
If only I could tell you how beautiful you are to me,
I know you and I were never meant to be,
But I was so capricious and reckless,
And I thought I could fool destiny,
Kidnap you, take you with me and and re-writte the code
But somethings are not meant to be,
Semicolon Mar 2018
My favourite time of the day
is when it is no longer day;
when night has fallen.

I step out of my house,
into the dark,
waiting to be embraced by the
ineffable love
and consolation
it gives me.

But oh! as the sky begins to
breathe darkness,
so does the world
existing beneath it.

As I walk down the
the night scares me.
I see
shadows lurking round
the corner;
I see
their greedy gaze
piercing through the dark,
running towards me;
I see
their selfish hands
cutting the atmosphere,
extending towards me;
I see
their brutal thoughts
waiting for me
to fall into their trap;
I see
them ***** me,
kidnap me, **** me, **** me;
I see-
I see them leave me

As the night falls,
I run away
from my favourite
time of the day.
Lilly frost Apr 2017
It's scary after dark
The moon doesn't quite reach you
The shadows cast are all new
Footsteps echo behind
You say it is just your mind
A hand reaches out
You prepare yourself to shout
A cloth
You gag and cough
Bitter taste
You should have made haste
You fall onto the concrete
What fate will you meet
Seema Sep 2017
My hands shake
As I try to touch his head
To see if his awake
Or really dead

He tied my legs and hands
So I do not run away
Stumbled over empty cans
On his way

Laying infront of me
Face down near my feet
It's almost impossible to see
As from my seat

A kidnapper by fate
Hiding from angry cops
He's worthy of hate
But why he sobs

As hours passed, I saw him move
With teary eyes, he came closer
Untied me to prove
He's not a bad guy, he's not a loser

Sat me free, he told me to go
I wanted to help him out
He wouldn't let me so
I ran off hearing his painful shout

I came back in awhile
He was laying on the floor
Rain was heavy and wild
So I closed the door

I treated his cuts and paced bandaids
He told me to leave as it was unsafe
Cops everywhere doing their raids
I am with my coffee, sitting now in a cafe

Writing this scripty poem as it plays
Cafe closing soon, the manager says
Enough of writes tonight, I rest my ink
Till another write I come to think...

Imagination within imagination, spilling off my mind.
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