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Jul 2019
Two paths diverged in a yellow wood one unknown and one understood
One dark and dreamy
One alight but dreary
Walked upon by two travelers long
One impatient and oh so weary
One settled and oh so Leary

What change do we need we'll walk in between

How and why There's no outcome to be seen

To be oh to be!
Just settle once in your ways and follow me!

I cannot I am far too tired
I'm afraid I must sleep
At the cross roads of my life let me lay and weep

Get up I say it'll be ok just so long as we know the way
The lighter path may be a bit unpleasant but at least all is quite apparent

I cannot
I will not
We'll end up peasants!
Why not explore, beg for more!
A darker path for a brighter life
A future that goes further instead of scrapping the bottom line

I'm sorry to choose but I don't like to lose
Change is too scary, I'm afraid I'm leaving you

My life, my love
We've made flesh and blood
To leave for a common impression instead of working for something refreshing is the worst possible path
I'm sorry I just can't live with that

I can't follow you
I know so I must go

The two travelers paths diverged in a yellow wood
They left each other
No longer side by side
Along the paths they fretted
Waiting for a time mist dreaded
That old familiar sigh, of another traveler by their side
Lilly frost
Written by
Lilly frost  18/F/US
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