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TD Aug 23
I stay ahead so everyone can see
what I’ve left behind.
Maxim Keyfman Jul 14
I'm very sad
I'm very sad
because everything

because everything
Because it's not clear
what will be ahead

I'm very sad
and the moon in the sky is beautiful
but even its harmony
does not help to soothe everything inside

and even her singing
and even her wonderful game
on the piano of heaven
can not give me rest

can not give me stars
and can not give freedom
such freedom
what was in childhood

her i
forever lost
lost as well as almost all
in this world

Amanda Jun 12
Our romance was unforgettable, that's true,
However fake it was to you,
A stranger now who i once knew,
Barely recognize eyes so blue.
Each moment a memory now that you're gone,
Living without you feels all wrong,
Trying to be brave but days seem long,
Every sunrise brings a new chance to move on,
But time won't let me forget your name,
Feel like I'm caving under weight of this pain,
Have no hand to hold, I am going insane,
Can't force your image outta my brain.

Memories far too dear to let go,
Time heals wounds, at least they tell me so,
I know happiness I will eventually find,
There are better days coming than left behind.

Life no longer brings flashbacks, memories made,
Free to grow now, but too afraid.
We both have changed, glad I didn't stay,
I am with someone else, you moved away.
I still think about you now and then,
What would have happened if we didn't end?
If I wasn't stuck with this broken heart to mend?
If we could, would you choose to start over again?
Treat me right second time around?
Keep my heart protected, sound?
Give it reason to pump blood and pound?
Would you still smash my feelings into the ground?


Dwelling on the past will not lead to happiness,
What is done is done, no need to second-guess,
Let go of memories weighing heavy on your chest,
It might hurt right now, but I swear it's for the best.

There are better days coming than the ones behind us
Quit while you’re ahead
That’s what my dad always said
And it’s great advice
But suffice
It to say
That’s just not the way
I operate
Because my heart won’t cooperate
With my mind
I find
That my heart wants to talk and to love and express
My feelings and quite frankly I detest
The way I make myself feel
Like I’m on the other end of a raw deal
With my emotions spinning like a wheel
Round and around and around and around
My heart twisted and stretched and wound
Up tightly
Nauseous and nervous and anxious nightly
And daily but rightly
Because I have nothing to show
For it
Just a few hundred terrible poems writ
And a growling angsty feeling in the pit
Of my stomach
And the desire to wear a fake smile
At least for a little while
Until the ******* begins to pile
Up again
Until it gets to the point when
I want to give in
When I want to stop caring and let the anxiety win
The thing killing our society
Slowly and surely from the inside
Pushing you down and causing your confidence to subside
Ripping a hole in you so wide
That you’re drained and deflated and fried
And feeling like an important part of you died
But anxiety is never satisfied
It will ruin your life with you powerless and along for the ride
But worst of all: it robs you of your pride
That thing that I’ve always denied
That I’ve had
The thing that I’ve been told my whole life is very bad
Because they say pride is a sin
But no pride at all is skirting that thin
Line between sin and what is fine
What is acceptable
Just because I want to know
How close can you come without being susceptible
To the pride before a fall
Because that hubris is perceptible to all
So it’s your call
Whether you want to stand tall
Pridefully sin and eventually fall
If you have the audacity, the *****, or the gall
Or if you want to let go and step back
And give in
And throw pride to the wind
But be careful
And if you’re religious be prayerful
And even if you’re not
You might want to give it a shot
Because you can be proud
Though the criticism will be loud
You can lack pride
And never have anyone on your side
There’s one more
Stop listening to your inner voice
Stop listening to anyone who wants to keep you down
Stop listening to anyone who wants to see you breakdown
Start realizing you’re worth a robe, a scepter, and a crown
Start believing that you’re sourdough even if you’re wonder bread
Remember all the good things that all the good ones said
And when you finally get there and you’re positive in the head
Take a page from my dad’s playbook and quit while you’re ahead
Vivian Zems Mar 5
When life throws up roadblocks
I don’t sit around
feeling sorry for myself
or letting the grass grow under my feet

Nah! nah! nah!

You’ll find me with my shovel
carving a path
across vast fields
venturing into new terrain
stopping to admire the view
partaking of a new menu

Yeah! yeah! yeah!

An avidity for life
that’s me to a ‘T’
you’ll find me with my shovel
carving the earth before me
Celeste Briefs Oct 2017
The road ahead
has as many faces
as the human race,
as many colors
as a sprawling wood
steeped in deep Autumn,
as many hidden corners
as a child's imaginary world,
as much light
as the brightest daydream,
and just as many shadows
as the darkest nightmare

The path unseen
laid out at my feet
watches and waits
for nothing and no one,
though scarred and pockmarked
all over by the sharp impression
of hurried hiking boots,
it bears no reservations,
and so, without hesitation,
I step forward,
feet as bare
as the day they first touched the ground
ST Rossa Oct 2017
I come from a place where they said that success was impossible.
Me, another person in this concrete jungle playing to be free, admiring those poets who came before me, seeing how incredible they are when they write.
No, they don't do science,
they just describe what they live
just touch on the attitudes of someone who they want to be.
I am so amazed to see them
stirring up debris, I want to carry their pride on my shoulders
fighting a system that corrupts,
seeing those nameless few just talk and hide
on the same street where red-eyed kids smoke greens in alleys
always getting down.
Their gray matter does not matter in a black and white future.
while the purple rain drowns out their illusions.
Lilly frost Jun 2015
Death and
Life challenges us
To face
That in which
Lay behind and ahead
Crimsyy Mar 2017
My Melancholy,

I cannot welcome you anymore,
I can't run towards you
with open arms.
You make me think of the moment when Cinderella's  only hope
was reduced to shreds;
You tasted just as hopeless,
just as irreversible,
unleashing this desire in me
to turn my back on you.

**A/N: Looking forwards to happier days ahead  (: what did you think of this one? Please comment... thankyou for reading! ^.^
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