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Emma Dec 2018
My favorite Barbie doll is still my favorite Barbie doll when she isn’t wearing the dress she came with.
misha Nov 2018
rub those
tears off
your full on
baked make-up
wipe those mascara
drippings and
fix your lipstick
because i can
see you breaking
even if you hide it
get it together, barbie
don't cover it up, let people know how you feel because your feelings matter as well
Selcæiös Feb 2018
It's built to be a Dollhouse
so no one would fathom what treasures lay inside
No judgement or hesitations could be formed
& those coming out would stay untried

Unpredictable's crazy sister runs the place
She's truly endearing--
In the rare case she doesn't sense your
Exposed fears seething

But no worries going in!
As long as your tendencies aren't co
and your head's outta your ***
and your phone's outta your fac

You'll be posthaste to a resonating reverence
for this wonderfully eccentric/benevolently ps
ychotic place
As long as you play nice, you won't have any
deadly problems
At the Dollhouse Asy*lum
sarah Mar 2018
i must plaster on
chemicals and colors,
to be beautiful.
i am required
to be plastic,
prim and proper,
servants in my
own lives,
always being
and thinking,
and doing,
what i'm told.
i am a doll,
a tool,
only there for
the joy and service
of others,
just because i was
born as i am,
something in which
i have no control.
yellow-thoughts Jan 2018
hi, i'm blonde now.

and everyone loves it so much
but why?
why you people like this simple color
it's so boring and plain
ohhhh i hate it so much

it remainds me of perfection
it's just like BARBIE
that freaking doll
and you all like it
and i'm starting to hate
you all for that!
like what color should i get next? >.<
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