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Dec 2019 · 166
Kylee Dec 2019
I spent 5 years suffocating
And 3 years resuscitating

When will this story end?

I want to know if she lives
Kylee Dec 2019
I use poetry as my wielded sword

But I’m tired of fighting the same battles
And writing the same lines

How is this wound supposed to heal

if I keep prying it open?

-the battle is only in your head now
Dec 2019 · 403
Kylee Dec 2019
Grow down your roots

So the wind can’t shake you

Know where you came from

Know where you’re going

Dec 2019 · 216
body image
Kylee Dec 2019
I never noticed my

gut jiggle
thighs touch

knobby elbows sticking out

flat chest
wide nose

dry skin and crooked toes

Until society told me




-body image
Kylee Dec 2019
The ocean,

golden hour



-all I could ever want and need
Dec 2019 · 135
him makes me doubt you
Kylee Dec 2019
What if I was just a voice,

would you still love who I am?

Pretend my body doesn't exist

would you still yearn to give me a kiss?

-him makes me doubt you
Dec 2019 · 165
Kylee Dec 2019
You deserve the moon and the stars

And I’ll do anything to make you feel like the sun

Dec 2019 · 211
Kylee Dec 2019
"I wonder how many times I have ever kissed you”
Dec 2019 · 187
Kylee Dec 2019
I alone
will water my wilted bones

Till my memories to encourage new growth

Plow through past trauma
and rake away the scars

Plant new feelings of self worth

**** out the shame and

Mulch my edges, put on a good face

Bask in your love

Root down into who I am

and heal

Dec 2019 · 150
Don’t stop
Kylee Dec 2019
I like that you leave

hickies on my neck

instead of bruises on my heart
Dec 2019 · 165
The Bakery of my Thoughts
Kylee Dec 2019
I am filled with flour
And I am filled with dough
Sometimes I think I matter
and then I really don’t

Come now
Pitter patter
Away with me I say
Or down the hall of laughter
Away from me today

Here or there or never
I really still don’t know

I try to think it over
And end up just as filled with dough

-the bakery of my thoughts
E.E Cummings inspired
Dec 2019 · 150
Kylee Dec 2019
The blame started with eve

And hasn’t left since

Why do you insist

On hating us?
Dec 2019 · 233
wishful thinking
Kylee Dec 2019
4 and a half years later,

I still find traces of you

On my body
In my mind

And not in the good way

The way

I flinch from raised hands
Tight grips
Or sharp words

The way

I question my self worth

The way

I don’t say stop when it’s not
Or stay
Still for too long

The way

So here’s to hoping they’re almost

As I’ve been unwinding these patterns for 4 and a half **** years


The time it took to learn them
is proportional to how long it will take to rid them from my brain


-wishful thinking
Nov 2019 · 175
over you
Kylee Nov 2019
You used to mean
E v e r y t h i n g
To me

Now you’re just lilac petals
Crushed under my

-over you
Nov 2019 · 136
Kylee Nov 2019
I’m so tired

it’s as if I am digging
my own grave

into the ever growing bags

under my eyes

Nov 2019 · 150
I thought I was fixed
Kylee Nov 2019
Because trauma
pretends to leave,

just to slip back under your door

-I thought I was fixed
Nov 2019 · 247
forget me not
Kylee Nov 2019
Cut me with the petals of your favourite flower
Let your fingers
Carve my name into your skin

Forget me not (because I tried to forget you)
Nov 2019 · 303
I’m in love with you
Kylee Nov 2019
Your breath

On my cheek

Is so very sweet

Like nectar to a bee,

I can’t help but drink you in

-I’m in love with you
Nov 2019 · 277
Kylee Nov 2019
You change moods like the tides

And I am tethered to an eroding *****

Easily pulled by your waves,

you affect me, darling
Nov 2019 · 1.3k
representation matters
Kylee Nov 2019
Nameless faceless bodies
Thrown this way and that
To spice up the story line
Then tossed to the back of the viewers mind
Because there was no anchor attaching her to the plot

Nameless faceless bodies
Kept in line
By the boxes of mother, daughter, sister, lover
Never far from the one or the other
And definitely not far from him
Unable to form independent thought

Nameless faceless bodies
Chopped into tiny parts
Just to be used as enticing props
To shock
And stir
Then pushed aside for something with more depth
Than the round shape of her *******
For we know you can’t have both in cinema

Nameless faceless bodies
Fixed as a
****** canvas
To display how much this world hurts
And wants to hurt
Thrown in the trash when deemed no longer beautiful enough
To keep the audience’s gaze

Nameless faceless bodies
Nameless faceless bodies
Nameless faceless bodies
Nameless faceless bodies
Nameless faceless bodies

-representation matters
constructive criticism welcomed, unsure if it's done or not.
Nov 2019 · 101
generations of grief
Kylee Nov 2019
My spine is made
From the muffled voices
Of the women before me

To them I say
“we will listen”

Finally, they whisper back

-generations of grief
feminism, generations, empowering, women, ancestors, suppression, sexism, misogyny,
Kylee Aug 2019
When you feel the thunder in your thighs
Look up to the sky
And thank only yourself
For being brave enough to allow him passage through your lands
Given the last time you peeked through the gate
It was torn down

               Scorched the trees
               ****** the birds
               Ate the flowers
               And ****** the rivers dry

C O L O N I Z I N G      you

Turning lush forests into the Sahara
You flooded them out

Now feel the cool trickle
Of his hands on your waist
The splash of lips, on your inner thigh
Notice the depth within you
The surge of water deep in your belly
Rushing, rushing, rising
Until it overflows.
For now let me drink your sweet nectar
But remember you decide when to turn off the faucet

-The life history of my sexuality
Feedback welcomed :)
Jul 2019 · 1.5k
Me too
Kylee Jul 2019
‘Cause you think you’re so big and so tall
And us so scared and so small
But we’re not
We’re done hiding
We are rising
Does our truth hurt?

Hurt like those words
And your hands
Their stares and demands
That we did this to ourselves
It couldn’t possibly be their
Brother or lover
As long as they were admired and covered
By the strength of cowards

You showed us that there’s power in numbers
While then I’d be scared because while you all slumbered
In your thrones of entitlement and institutionalized security
We’ve been building bridges out of each other’s despair
Climbing mountains of self-worth
While you were so unaware
Of us pulling our sisters and brothers up too

Our voices now loud enough to shake your foundation
And cause you to fall, because without hesitation
We were forced to thread shame into the ends of our hair
And carry it with us

But not anymore

This conversation is so long overdue
But our time has come, we know this is true
As there are skeletons willing to rise from their graves
If it means justice finally coming our way
And shining light on all those who thought they could
Take what was not their’s

But now we are here and our numbers are strong
And we will build our own empire out of what was done wrong
Our first ruling order, is not a request
You WILL understand
No doesn’t really mean yes
It doesn’t matter the length of my dress
That your position doesn’t make my autonomy mean less-

My body is not some quest for you to conquer
We are tired of shrinking ourselves just for you to be comfortable

Times up

Your rule is over, this is our kingdom now
And so we ask
Does our truth hurt?

-Me too
Would love feedback!!

— The End —