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Colm Dec 2019
How could people die, I'd ask
In the springtime of youth
Most ignorant, find

Now I know, why people die at last
When the aches and the pains
Persuade, the mind

For they pass
And pass
As all do in time

And the new want of me
Is mine
This time

Because now, there is no one
Who remembers my ask
Noone outlives the time
Dying is fine
Kylee Dec 2019
I am filled with flour
And I am filled with dough
Sometimes I think I matter
and then I really don’t

Come now
Pitter patter
Away with me I say
Or down the hall of laughter
Away from me today

Here or there or never
I really still don’t know

I try to think it over
And end up just as filled with dough

-the bakery of my thoughts
E.E Cummings inspired
Colm Nov 2019
Where the sea meets the horizons shine
Inquisitive your eyes
Where your hairline meets your eyebrows raised
There also are mine and my praise  

The Vision - A Pretty Girls Brow Is A Horizon Of Sorts (Tess)
Colm Nov 2019
is not all       that I gained
When you said you would,       yes,
      to seeing       me

Not the source,
            but the desire       of true,       anxiety
      Your mere value alone       creates
the most anxious,       me
      To have       ever      been
            The hope       which once
Was just       a plea
A Hopeful, Anxious, Hopefully Desirable, Me
vanessa fonseca Oct 2017
Spinnin and spinnin
Head breaks off into a branch
The ends of my fingertips thin out
I am dense in the middle: thin around the edges: i can feel myself melting away.
He told me
Ill meet you there, but someone will hurt you when the time is most wrong
vanessa fonseca Oct 2017
my heart broke and spilled on the highway

i dont have any interactions with ppl that are not customer service interactions
im lonely.     feels like my brain is just logged off.
with an axe i start to work throoo my leg
my brains just off
1 million dollar winner
oh my brains just
   wont go on
i hit a pothole, pop my tire and
lose control
911 how are you today im amazing cuz I love life
im laying in the woods and i can't fall in love
with a  hammer i work at my head
til its far gone
h b r Apr 2017
new born
born new
to a world wide
with nails fine smooth
round like shells
little hands that shudder as they curl
hold me tight i will hold you
i will pearl you
between rough hands
between a box of black and white light
inside this frame i will keep you
born new
and sweet like water
brush love over my skin your skin is
so light and your eyes ripple
as the sun does when it spills over
the blurry horizon
like water over the brim of your hands
red and brilliant yellow
and cagey orange
and then it's autumn and you
are still new
and your voice could raze even the taller trees
the peeking birds hear your
warble they drop from the
branches dripping and dropping
puddles of whistles & beaks & birdnails
this is a feathered rainstorm growing growing
growing up
which is hard
i can’t make it easy only
the oysters crack open and
daylight shines softly down
to the sea floor
you lie there on the black rocks
lie in my hard hands
lie to your mother and tell her you don’t
love her (she tries to say it back)
but do not lie to everyone about everything
and especially certain things
it's what i did and it made growing up
something awful dark and
i ask again do not
sink to the bottom of the sea
coming up for air makes breathing easier
but not easy
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