AS Jul 3
Finally I have a drive to do more than survive.

No longer riding along with the tide.

To live,
to be equal to the way I give.

To always say what I want each day,
without being afraid.

To be engaged by each day.

To be my best,
even if it creates a mess.

Never to be less than I perceive.

To always have something up my sleeve,
to never again be so naive.

Not to be expected just to please,
to learn to lead.

To make magic happen to those who I surround,
as now I am truly found.

To be the one standing on the tower,
no longer the one bowing down.

Ready to prove myself now!

To create throughout,
to stand out from the crowd.

Compelled to rise up high,
to spread my wings and fly.

Now the sky is finally mine!

© 2018
Abigail Sheard
Aa Harvey Jun 12
Poetry is my drug.

Poetry is my drug of choice;
It gives me a buzz, it gives me a voice.
It keeps me awake, when I really should be sleeping;
Poetry is my drug and it keeps me dreaming.

Fantastic images within my mind,
Help me to find the correct line.
Who was I before I taught myself how to rhyme?
I may not understand why,
But I am becoming a better man, with time.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Suicidal thoughts and feelings
Seep out of my blood and onto the ceiling.
As they stay up there, I look up and stare.
And I realize once again that I don't really care.

Life is unfair.
It is what you make it.
And maybe one day you'll want
To get out of bed and take it.
III May 11
Ever so slowly,
I am seeing
Glimmering shards of myself
Creep back into the
Beat of my heart and
The cadence of my words.
Haze Apr 26
Woke up last night
Saw the most beautiful site
You were laying there
I couldn't help but stare

You're all I need
But I won't take the lead
You make the first move
You're helping me improve

Come lay in my bed
Cause I can't get you outta my head
We can have fun all night
Don't forget to turn down the light
III Apr 15
I've seen the sun,
It's shimmery glow,
And felt it's warmth too,
And yet,
I still swim deeper,
Without knowing why this
Is what I do.
Aa Harvey Apr 12
Empty voice

Inspire me to write a poem that you would enjoy;
Tell me what you want to read about and tell me a story.
Ask me a question, decline to use profanity;
Be you man, woman, girl or boy.
A thought, a wish, an image or a memory.

What is your motif? I desire to know of your desire.
Tell me something you think so I can create a line,
As I listen to them, as they play the lyre.
Let me become a better writer; be the fuel to my fire.
Ignite my passion for being passionate;
I am so scared of fading away, to once more become a cursing liar.

I don’t want to become an empty voice without enlightenment;
I don’t want to disappear from the pages you read.
I don’t want to be forgotten,
As someone who used to bring you enjoyment;
But my soul is dying, my spirit fading and my subconscious is in need.

I need your advice, be it criticism or nice;
I need to know how I can improve upon the words that I write.
I need to entice you back into my life,
Because without you to guide me, I will become a shadow in the night,
Who writes without originality…
Try as I might, to write something you will like.

Save me from obscurity;
Help my chaotic mind find a place of serenity.
Rate me good or bad or offer me a thought;
I will take all your words to heart and view them with awe.

If I can write no more, then so be it, let that be that;
But if there is a way to improve upon those silly things that I do,
Then give me a piece of your mind so that I have a chance.
I strive to improve as I reach out for wisdom;
I am waiting on a light bulb moment and I am feeling so numb.

Give me advice, be it fire or ice;
Just give me something to think about…

So that I can once again, try to write.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 6
Project Progress

Born under a black star, progress has been made,
But birthdays come and go and I still cannot act my age.
Destiny has been calling; it is time to pick up the phone.
Plans are in place and construction has begun, to build our new home.

There are many pieces of my jigsaw heart that need to fall into place,
But when she does arrive and I can see my future being with her,
Things will change.
Apathy will be shot through the heart.
I will have a change of heart.
Love has only ever broken my heart,
But she is coming, she is here, she is leading me onto the next part.

Growing up and growing old, but remaining young at heart.
Things are forever in creation; I think it’s time to build a nation.
A Kingdom of mine with a Queen for my Wife;
Maybe even raise a child and show them that this life,
Is not as bad as I say it is.
Tell them one day they will raise their own kids.
Tell them one day they will love like I do.
Teach them Carpe Diem, before it is through.

I will not shield them from the realities of this world,
But I will protect them from all who want to harm my boy or girl!
I will be their body armour to any and all danger.
You had better walk away, if you even think of causing harm to her!
Or breaking his heart!  Because I will get you to being gone!
This is my family!  My blood!  My passion!  Our home!
And my Wife will be linked to me through sickness and poor,
Through a psychic connection and onto the riches of everlasting love,
Because when I love you; you know it’s for life,
And if you ever doubt my feelings for you,
Look directly into my eyes
And you will see,
This is the real me.
I am love.
I am creating a palace,
Where the two of us can live.

I am writing my heart down in blood, sweat and tears on every page!
I am so passionate about love; so passionate it aches!
But I am more focused now, than I have ever been.
I now know I can only accept the best for me,
So she can get the best of me,
Because the best of me, on a good day, is sweet

I will change my image and change my ideals.
I will change my mind and the way that I feel,
But my complete devotion to my soulmate will last throughout the ages.
I have waited for her for this long;
What’s a couple more pages?
I will continue to write; I will continue to wait.
I will buy this, I will look for that
And I will be ready…

When loves does find her way.

(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Brent Kincaid Mar 15
Rickrack, got cataracts
My vision is so blurry.
Surgery done, not much fun
I wish healing would hurry.
Zip zop, roota zoot.
Hate backless hospital suits!
Clap clap, standing ovation.
For a successful operation.

Wave pompoms, ziss boom bah
For magic modern medicine
In just one day, as they say.
The right eye is all fixed again.
Go back in a few weeks
And have the left one done.
Huzzah hurrah and yippee kai yay
And the healing has begun.

Colors I never noticed before
Are now bright and shiny.
If I had known that before I
Woulda been petulant and whiny.
But, nothing noticed, nothing lost
I am looking forward to the day
When I can see completely better.
Harroo and blinking hurray!
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