Alok K Panda Jan 1
I see your shattered heart,
poked daily,
to understand the disconnect;

I **** your pulsing veins,
hurt painfully,
to heal the disrespect;

But, do I see your crushed soul,
think furiously,
the burden of your emptiness?
Xandra Lynch Dec 2018
The snow is blank as
My apathetic manner
A seed thrusts out; new

Intense agony
Spreading and twisting in a
Worthless, weeping heart

The product amazes
Me; it's absolutely a
Lucid, pure nothing

New Year's - a silent
Lullaby; empty promise
For the hopeful/less

Nothing ever came
From nothing; good trees do not
Sprout rotten, **** fruit
99% of New Year's resolutions fail by February. If you want to improve yourself, your mindset, humanity, or society, invest time into your goal. Suffer if you need to come to new heights. It sounds cliche, but it works; make a SMART goal (specific, measured, attainable, relevant, timed) and work for it. THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS - don't try to make one; put a **** load of time into whatever you do. Go out into the world and fix it, child; it's at your disposal. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

~This has been my lackluster motivational New Year's speech
Julia Mae Dec 2018
i see your self improvement in waves and then eventually the waves come crashing back down, deeper into dark recesses, never rising above the surface again for long
and i am so afraid that you will remain there, forever lost
title credit to joyce manor.
Pat Dec 2018
She hides herself behind a mask
Building, her main task,
piece by piece. Lies piling up
She buries, she conceals, she performs, she perfects.
Her essence deep inside
a mere presence left behind
Eyes blind
Never can they know
Never can she show
How could she? Who would she be? Who even is she?
Is she even any more?
Broken fragments, shattered shadows
Always trying
yet failing.
Always failing
yet smiling.
A spiral of despair constantly consuming her,
yet smiling.
Sinking, drowning, failing
Always failing
Always wondering
Is she even any more?
Is she even good enough?
Piece by piece, walls fall apart
No longer burying nor concealing
nor performing nor perfecting.
Breathing at last, free from the past
for broken means fixed
No faking, no smiling
From now on she is.
ManxPoetryGuy Dec 2018
In our day to day lives we all make mistakes,
It’s part of human nature to learn from experience.

But unless we are able to give and receive criticism, to help each other to succeed,
How can we ever hope to get better?

As a society, we priorotize those who fail in an attempt to demoralize,
And the more we idiolize these actions, we find ourselves drifting apart.

All I am trying to say is that we should be able to criticize, and receive such openly,
So that as a group and individuals, we may learn and grow healthilly.
I saw a comment on someone’s poem the other day that didn’t try to help the writer, but instead attempted to make them feel ****** for their mistakes.
Just thought I’d write something to shed some light in the subject.
Assley Dec 2018
You liked that I was different.
My strangeness captivated you.

You liked that I didn't fit in.
My loneliness fascinated you.

You liked that I was settled.
My sadness validated you.

You made me feel normal, my strangeness became nothing but formal.

You made me feel a part of it all, my loneliness went fast it had reached its curtain call.

You made me feel alive, always moving onto something better in life, with you my sadness was no longer a source of my strife.

You didn't like that I felt normal.
My formalness irritated you.

You didn't like that I felt a part of it all.
My friendliness agitated you.

You didn't like that I felt alive.
My happiness subjugated you.
I think the image for this one was really good I just poorly executed it :((( sad day what do you think?
Ijla Nov 2018
I hope someday
when you look back,
instead of regretting
the things you've left behind,
you'll be able to see
just how far you've come.
- Acknowledge your growth -
theodosia Oct 2018
just like a seed,
i will continue to grow
tears will educate me
and sunshine-like people
will motivate me
to be a better person
i am today.
lol random
Brent Kincaid Oct 2018
You brought gossamer ribbons
To hang down into our lives
And scented candles, all around
Dancing, flickering before our eyes.
You sang lovely melodies to us
That I never had heard before.
Somehow just being yourself seemed
That you were a master’s painting
Done by some ancient admired guy.
Sometimes you left me almost fainting.

You urged us to explore and seek
New vistas and scenes near our home
And celebrate the people and places
We would discover when we roamed.
You caused this old stick in the mud
To become a wider wandering soul.
I’m fairly certain that was your plan,
Your vision, your wish and your goal.

It worked, I changed and became
A new and different kind of person.
I dance and celebrate life today
Dancing in life's gossamer ribbons.
It’s almost like watching a movie
That has won all the best acclaim.
You’re gone now, but I still dance
But I admit it’s just not the same.
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