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Slipped up but it's not what you think,
Feels like a life time since I've touched drugs or drink,
Years prior have me feeling empty from all that was given,
Routine played out, last year drunk this year driven
Nic Mac Mar 26
It’s where I want to be,
That place I cannot reach.
And if I dare to look ahead,
it will taunt me, Warn me.
Go back a step instead!

“I’ll never get there!”
My vision starts to blur.
Reaching out with fuzzy hands,
To hold something steadier than my nerve.

But dense is the air and the fear, that wears me like a cloak.
They picked me up like this, they saw that I had broke.
How to step forward, when these shoulders are my home?
Looking back is easier, if you kid yourself you’ve grown.
Zane Feb 4
often i am plagued with sudden perspective shifts into realisations of my poor behaviour
in this change I drearily daydream of a sudden departure from all those who surround me
off on a personal journey of self betterment
a transformation into a far more admirable human
far and away from the impulsivity and naïvete of my current existence
for i have always felt subtle change shocks none.

how precisely this metamorphosis occurs I haven't yet learnt
yet the final goalpost is clear
I return to collective awe from my friends
the weight of my poor eating habits gone
the doubt that choked me replaced with confidence and self assurance
and a burning heart ready to set the world on fire with its unapologetic love.

but as I rub my eyes and awaken from this vision
comes the bleak fact of where I am.
the starting point I always have knelt at, ready to bolt out of the gates
sans the knowledge of how to arrive at the end
perhaps this time I'll shed my gung-** nature first
and i will choose to carefully walk to my destination.
Daniel Cuzzo Dec 2020
Thank you, beautiful soul
for understanding this.
Sadness exists for a reason,
and it's not only there
so we can fool ourselves
it doesn't exist,
that we can dispel
our darkness with fitness.

Many are afraid deep down
that we’re not good enough.
And since “love” and “light,”
is SO PC in New Age reality
we tend to resent darkness
as if it NO longer has a place
except to be displaced
with brevity, and grace.

Disingenuous thoughts are
reserved for
members of our race
who don’t seem to “embrace”
this ideology.
And we just make sure
not to go too far
in elevating ourselves
above mine or your
perceived sadness:
the “negativity.”

Just a TIP going forward,
no need to believe.
Being free is one step closer
to who we want to be.

NO need to be discouraged
by Ecco-chambers of
what you “should believe,”
how you “should live,”
in order to reach 5D.

Be real, be what you feel.
Find YOUR definition of love
and live it to the fullest.

Don’t exchange
your 3D critics for 5D ones.
Unless, you really feel inside
that what they say has SWAY
on ALL you want to embody.

It’s unlikely to be as happy
IGNORING darkness,
pretending it can be dismissed.

LIVE it, LOVE it, LEARN from it
until you UNDERSTAND
why it clings so determinedly.
Let it go with tears, blessing, a kiss.

OR we can spend our lives
not understanding this.
Banishing it every night,
perhaps it MIGHT not
come back.

UNDERSTAND darkness,
THEN let it go.
It’s not light in isolation
that’s meant to show something.

I believe you are already
on that track.
Otherwise I’d not be
tapping my right thumb
and rhyming ad-nauseum.
Live your truth. Be well.
Perhaps hell for an Earth-spell
is enough for the populace.
I have a feeling
within levels of light
there are levels of UNDOING.

THAT “undoing” is not,
feeling sad, sorting out thoughts.
The “undoing,” is the feeling,
That THIS, is ALL I AM,
THIS is how life will be
THIS is what makes us happy
AND GROWING is only defined,
when played BETWEEN lines
of ALREADY “verified” facts.

And ANYTHING else,
is a recipe to remove
this new precipice,
BRING us back

yet this is not likely
to keep us from being happy.

BECAUSE happiness,
for some,
is MOST liberating
when smiling
into that abyss.

when ONE can
they can ALSO,
flick their finger
and MAKE it
BECOME beauty.

But to think
Even BEFORE 5D –
I mean, we looked down on people
ON “happy pills,” didn’t we?
And NOW, we think, our HEARTS,
our wills are so STABLE.
(You’ve got to chuckle a bit).

This split is not the END,
FAR from it.
Dig in my friends.
I’m not the ONLY one
who has big dreams.

Have a guidebook.

“Guidebooks,” may exist,
but they’re for
those who come after.

We’re not the first race
the second or third
to enter the Galactic Federation –
but BLAME the writer in me
for saying you won’t get everything
from someone else’s words,
someone else’s songs,
someone else’s pictures and dance.

Sharpen your stupid New-Age
equivalent of pencils.
Put on your Pleiadean anti-grav boots.
Jump in those medical off-shoots
that make us younger, healthier
grow our hair back and straighten
our crooked spines.

Do ALL of that,
then it’s time
to find the RHYME
the anti-rhyme,
the rhythm,
the broken beat
or move your feet
that are NO LONGER
flat, no longer, heal spurred
whisper in your voice
that’s now filled with choice
each and every one.
DON’T follow
each and every decision

Because when we see
some semblance of happiness,
it’s natural to fear for this,
believe EVERY deviance
will bring us closer to what was.

Because, “what was,”
was pretty bad right?
I mean,
you can get arrested
for dancing,

That sounds EXACTLY
like what I’m telling
you to do now!

Live your own truth:
with 10,000 or zero followers
BECAUSE one TRUE thing
about us all 5D’ing
Kiyoshi Nov 2020
Why shall we out ourselves in a depth we cant get out of?
Why shall we suffer in order to achieve happiness we long to hold.
Why is there pain?
Why is there the deep abyss of darkness?
We blindly follow our hearts and in the end we decay like dandelion flowing through the wind.
Isabella Nov 2020
Self-loathing is tiring
But god, it’s inspiring
Anyone would be lying
To claim they weren’t trying
To work day by day
To mend their mistakes
To reshape their ways
The ill strive for change

The strive to improve
Or perhaps just to prove
The pain is the truth
The weaknesses too
With all the crying
The bleeding, the fighting
Self-loathing is tiring
But god, it’s inspiring
Blind Pathos Sep 2020
Untitled because it is not about any one thing. It is of the stuff written about, untamed, undiscovered… un yet. That which is just beyond. Before the hand reaches it, before the eye sees, before the mind pours it into the shape that is comprehensible. It is pure. It is debauched. It is half and complete. It is the blind mice playing a symphony with small instruments in Schrödinger's black box where he suspects a cat to be. It is the mother of “Ah Ha” and the father of “Eureka” that is this tear.

Be neither this nor that
He nor she thin or fat
Be and being not
From any given lot

That grail of poetry
That makes it be
This lightless paint
What tis and taint

Who may choose may
Find who chooses say
It choose me instead
I am and was dead

Be rabbit or sacred star
Do I follow and how far
If I am weary I resume
My fleshy wick consumed

So big… yet so small
So… yet… so it is all
Great be in my being again
Now at least I have been
Arrogance is required to write on a perfectly white piece of paper. Creative acts require the timid mouse to leave his house and gamble his life for more.
Mansi Aug 2020
I no longer know
What progress feels like
Every time I feel like
I have made
A major improvement
I lose my footing
And fall right back down
From where I started
illeador Jun 2020
There comes a time in everyone’s life
Where they have to make the choice.
Between the path through light,
Or the path through shadows and darkness.
No one knows which path is easier,
Easier to navigate, to achieve, to discover.
Both have their secrets.
Both have their sinkholes,
The dens where your demons hide
And try to entice you to come closer,
Their gnarled fingers beckoning
With empty promises of security, sights unseen.
Bony knuckles drawing you in with a sneering mask
Disguised as a smile.

Those who are lucky enough to encounter the path of light first
May have a better sense of direction.
But the mission of the demons remains the same.
Draw in, capture, do not release.
Take no prisoners.
The path may be lit to its entirety
But behind every gangly tree root,
In every bramble patch
And shock of thorns
The knobby clawed digits reach,
Up into the light, your light
To grab an unsuspecting ankle.

Those who choose the easier, darker of the paths
Whether it be from boastful ignorance,
Beaten down will and integrity, or
Those who’ve given up the will to rise above,
Those demons have access
To the path’s plentiful shadows
To snicker in your ear,
Snare your clothes to pull you in.
The terrain on the darker path
May seem easier to navigate,
Linear and course pointed true,
But they’re watching standing close by,
Waiting for you to trip.

There is no shame to choosing the dark path
The easy way
When everything in your mind is so overwhelming
You just want one stretch of solid, flat land
To get somewhere, anywhere,
With smooth sailing.
But I’ve seen that path,
Walked it, lived on it.
And some that choose it, even unknowingly,
Don’t make it out.
They succumb to it, or it drags them so far down
They can’t reach the path of light’s
Outstretched saving grace life preserver.
It was almost me.
It could have very easily been me.
I’m through choosing the easy path.
I will take whatever comes my way
With strength and perseverance
From here on out.
Both paths have shown and taught me that much.

But now, I choose the light.
ScribeMeAName Apr 2020
Materialism, reject it
Consumerism, constrict it
Minimalism, seek it.

Abandon the crowd, become the laughing stock.
Insults and mockery flow through the flock.
Your freed soul a harsh reminder
that they are chained by desire.

Enter a Stanger, leave a stranger.
Do not dare to even take a sip.
You are one, part and whole.
Complete from outside and within.
In your oneness seek him.
There is so much more to life than just consumption. If you're brave enough search deep inside yourself and you will find the answer.
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