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ScribeMeAName Apr 28
Materialism, reject it
Consumerism, constrict it
Minimalism, seek it.

Abandon the crowd, become the laughing stock.
Insults and mockery flow through the flock.
Your freed soul a harsh reminder
that they are chained by desire.

Enter a Stanger, leave a stranger.
Do not dare to even take a sip.
You are one, part and whole.
Complete from outside and within.
In your oneness seek him.
There is so much more to life than just consumption. If you're brave enough search deep inside yourself and you will find the answer.
Utahi Kamu Apr 15

Do not be upset if you are not as fast as
you like,

Remember, big things move slow but they sure arrive.

Pandora dO Mar 28
I am a butterfly
hidden in my cocoon
slowly growing each day
awaiting the new moon
when my wings can unfurl
and I fly away, too soon.
© 2020
Victoria Mar 15
you said that i'm wasting my time
on things that don't matter.
well, i'd rather be wasteful
than lonely.
the road to self-preservation
takes a lifetime and a half,
but on my third attempt
i think i'm finally getting
the hang of it.
and instead of shrinking in size
after every unpleasant comment
that makes no difference at all,
i expand into every direction
until there's no room to grow,
then a little bit more
and wouldn't you like to know
what i'm about to become,
wouldn't you want
to see me now?
well, i'm sorry for wasting your time,
but i'd rather be wasteful
than spend it
on trying to please
Amanda Mar 13
They say people do not ever change
I know that's not true
It is just that the only time they will
Is if really wanting to
That is the difference
I lived through you abandoning me.
There was a time that I showed you glee,
but now I could never do that again.
You are not a father, you only bring rain.
Broken from your chains, forever am I free.

You said that we were friends, but now I see.
Where there was once care, there is nothing.
Even though our friendship has been slain,
I lived.

We shared a love soaked with beauty,
until you stopped loving and tossed the key;
to my heart, you brought care, but then replaced it with pain.
No longer do I see you in every woman, and every window pane.
By embracing myself and disdaining your vain, I lived.
August 9, 2017: Through my up and down experiences of the summer, I tried to learn to accept that not having someone appreciate you is not a failure for yourself, but a chance for change within and for yourself. In fact, self-acceptance is paramount because, at the end of the day, we have to live with the things that we have done. In order to have that semblance of inner peace, we can’t be caught on the words and actions of other people.
Kevin Hayes Feb 21
The love of money
really equals the love of me
especially so because I receive such silently

My dynasty is still in progress
so begin to walk not time to talk it

too much we gotta do
to me I gotta prove
plus work is to the tenth power in solitude

So watch I move
Xella Jan 8
Milk man.
So it seems that the advancement of stone to metal
From paper to metal to plastic, cardboard to plastic metal cardboard.

Milk man. There are erupting forces that will not think nor breath as you and I and we formulated this change thinking materialism change better-
Harvest ideas, bigger better-
Thoughts out the window computers better
connection connection connection-

Halt. Milk man-
You've rung yourself dry of job.
Sometimes we move too fast. Though there is no other way.
Xella Jan 8
For time flies forward and never back-
From wood to paper to metal screen, we move.
Though minds collide from forward and behind-
Run away. Run away.
So as we buzz forward we fall two beats behind.
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