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Tammy M Darby Feb 2017
Rest your weary body
Drink from my golden goblet
The most delicate and finest of wines
A potion of wild raspberries, bitterness and jeering contempt
Assault the light that dare not shine

It is the elixir of a dispassionate heart
If you possess no fear
Taste the confectionery of sadness call
Where love frightened evades approach
Upon remembrance of the long dark fall

Sip from the golden goblet
Taste the cruel sweetness of pain
Damnation to those who denounce the motive behind the actions
Until the bed of anguish you have lain

But these rare wines have no equal in quality
Defiled by evil and cursed with shame
The unquenchable thirst for blood taints the golden rim
As the murderous night slew the rising of the day

So lift high the golden goblet and drink  
An immortal taste of time
Accompany me into the world of melancholy
Where is served the most of exquisite wines
Come close now the hour when words become whispers
Demanding recompense for the crimes.

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby Feb. 8. 2017
Written for the Monster
Elizabeth Zenk Feb 2019
How shall I endure
the ineffable waves of dolor?
Can this apotheosis of hell be dreed?
Will the unquenchable flames of dread ever be conquered?
Whether by the hands of man
or by the temptation of sword against vein.

To bite your tongue
and choke down blood
is to live a selfless life.

Some aren't as lucky
and drown in their secrets
and they are called selfish

for not being able to do
what others don't have to.
Nadia May 2019
In that moment she transforms
Unquenchable pressures rise
Rage flares into firestorms
Fury thrives, amplifies

She dances on recent slights
Flinging words of blistering flame
Fires fuelled from yesterday’s fights
She wields with unerring aim

When the fury burns to embers
When logic eventually returns
No one left remembers
The cause of her righteous burns

NCL May 2018
Kathleen Nov 2016
I feel the urge to disappoint myself again.
Like conjuring up the dead.
There is a willfulness to open the box,
to play with the bones,
to say the words in the right order and make the right incantations.
I don't want to off myself.
I want to set to motion a series of events that spells out my own doom.
To be responsible for the end of my own world.
To set my own house on fire and warm myself, homeless, in the ashes caused by my own hands.
It's a sickness. An allure. Damage.
An unquenchable curiosity of what happens if I push the glass heirloom off the shelf.

No one is ever able to stop the teenagers from renting the beach house.
Let's get this horror show started.
Emily R Jun 2016
Music makes us lose control
until the beat is like a tsunami
surging through
and replacing the blood
in our veins
with an unquenchable fire
and the world is left behind
the sound fills our head
and our souls
those who listen together
are joined in unison
to rejoice in sync
Patricia LeDuc Mar 2018
I never knew
Love to be so cruel
You were my shining star
My crowning jewel
Things I learned
From love with you
They never taught in school
You broke every commandment
And every unwritten rule
From love with you
I was used as a fool
Of your desire
That unquenchable fire
Of me you said
You’d never tire
Oh my
My dismay
This dismal day
I watch as you
Walk away
I never knew
Love to be so cruel
Chloe James Apr 2019
A narrow path leads my way.
Little did I know I would end up astray.
For what they have told you is mendacious.
nothing else could give them that sensation.
That validation.
That hydration for their unquenchable thirst.
So believe me when I say this, it isn’t the first.
Don’t always take the obvious route.
They will approach you with their knout.
Sometimes we befriend the wrong people.
Natalie Aug 2018
Along a dusky road, tail lights glare ahead—
Glowing, beastly eyes of some ****** origin.
There is no going
To be done. The heart and hum of motion has died
And drifted far along the blistering wind.
Pungent smells of death plume
With night-blackened smoke,
The foul breath of burning tires and gasoline sludge.
The air is acrid with it all.
Yellow men in hats and heavy dungarees
Wheel in their stock of the river
And let the blaze drink it dry
With unquenchable thirst.
Gavin Sebake Oct 2018
Thrive of Roses

With your hypnotic scent i reach the heaven
With your intoxicating beauty i lie forbidden
Without words i risk everything for you
Tormenting my breath with your kisses
A remedy of love, a cure for brokenness
An unquenchable thirst there lies within thee
For one who drinks shall never thirst again
You attract every eye that meets your beauty
Your passion knows no boundary
Only an old habit to soothe the broken hearts.

Gavin Sebake ©10.27.2018
It is not the old wolf here that is the predator.  This wolf can eat when he wants...he just chooses to wait for the "last request before the electric chair meal" to enjoy and slowly devour the delicacies blooming on his plate if only for the last  wonderful hours of his life.  It is the young howler who's thirst is unquenchable and hunger insatiable that will spoil the meat of each of his kills as he  devours only hearts.....10-20 a day.  

See thru the youngsters parlor tricks my friends
Kevin Dawe Oct 2017
you will be corrupted
by your first taste of flesh
(her's and the lamb's)
bequeathed craven hungers
of conquest and slaughter
indulged for millennia

you will discover hate
the heft of steel
weight of coin
fuel of greed
and an unquenchable thirst

you will scrabble at the walls
you will leave bodies in your wake
you will curse your own
you will give this to your kin

we will do this again
and again
and again
and again
Michael John Jan 3
it is the first
well it was

for son of god
we looked to

i will spend

is mine)
in worthy
of soulful

mostly the


and to the little birds
who sing high
in the agave

and to my guitar
a true friend
who continues
to give..

all through the
hesitant years
one a small
twig on great

to live
some semblance

at happiness
as body and soul
falls apart..


but generous heart
a tasty dish
a magnanimous

best served
in loving bite

with patience
and understanding
a little spice

and wise
less than
one´s strain..

When someone asks us time
We're unable to tell because
Becomes irrelevant in LOVE

Which place we are in?
What day is it?
What clothes are we wearing?
Did we eat food today?
Why we gaze in blankness like this?

All these questions have NO answer

It is in each other's heart cages
We are locked within
It is in our embraces we hide within
Oh, we've made home within
Each other's being and soul

We've opened our heart
That's why, that's how
We can see the world of LOVE

The way we glance at each other
The way we whisper soft LOVE notes
The way we cover our body with the other
Our presence around each other
Works like a charmer

No wonder,
We want each other to be at home always
To play with, to tease, to seek, to LOVE
Our mischievous games
Our hide and seek play
"Catch me if you can" - types
Has won our hearts
A thousand times over
No wonder then
I become YOU - YOU become me

Though we show sad longing for each other
Our heart always wants each other happy

In cold nights
When we cover ourselves within a blanket
We light fire within

When it rains
We shiver in embrace
In the cold fever of our closeness

When we give a lap to sleep on
When we give a shoulder to rest on
There is nothing more or better thing
In life than this LOVE

Both of us know that
We won't be able to fulfill our longing
By unquenchable desires
To LOVE each other- more & more

How we yearn to dwell deep into each other
We try our best to breathe within each other

In the darkness of the night
Away from the prying eyes
We create the unifying "ONE"
With our LOVE... LOVING...

That is how we sustain our "LOVE"

Ashwin Kumar Aug 2019
In the name of democracy
An entire state is terrorized
Decade after decade
Freedoms are curbed
Protests are brutally suppressed
People are brutally oppressed
Education is diluted

In the name of democracy
The Army turns from protector to oppressor
Every soldier marching past
With his head held high
Sounds the death knell
For every man, woman and child
In the name of democracy
Soldiers break into houses
Wielding their massive rifles
As if it is their birthright
As the peace and harmony within
Is replaced by abject terror
In the name of democracy
All morals are flung out of the window
As the women are *****
The men who challenge this unspeakable atrocity
Are swiftly silenced with bullets
As the children begin screaming in terror
They are molested, one by one
Until the trauma overcomes them
Such that, they lose their voices
They lose their minds
They lose their hearts
Meanwhile, the soldiers slip away quietly
Having completed a good day of work
In the name of democracy

In the name of democracy
India and Pakistan, warring for decades
Use Kashmir as a bait
As a means to satisfy
Their unquenchable thirst for power
As the potion simmers on
Fuelled by hate on both sides
Curfews and lockdowns follow with alarming regularity
Schools and colleges are shut down
Political organizations are banned
The Internet is crippled
Mobiles and landlines are killed
Even the most feeble of all protests
Is brutally quelled with bullets and grenades

In the name of democracy
Consent is dead and buried
As nationalism takes centre stage
The world watches on silently
Allowing India, the oppressors-in-chief
To reclaim the moral high ground
And suddenly proclaim themselves as saviours
Leaving the beleaguered Kashmiris no choice
But to bow to their captors
Their dreams of self-determination
Shattered ruthlessly in the course of a mad, mad day
In the name of democracy
The shocking events of today forced me to rant in the form of this poem about Kashmir.  Patriotic, nationalistic Indians reading this may be tempted to troll me; but keep in mind, if you are silent on the atrocities of the Indian state and the army; you shouldn't complain if I block you - after all, humanity is above nationalism.
b for short Jun 2019
They tell my generation
to stay hydrated,
after leading us on
an eighteen year journey
to a dry well.
No wonder we’re
dying off by the thousands—
a learned, unquenchable thirst
for something that doesn’t exist.
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