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Haydn Swan Feb 25
You told me no one would come,
never listen to the voices in your head,
walk on paths that lead to the dark,
to the moonlit heavens amid the stars,
take to the old wooden ships,
ships that sail to those ports in your mind,
the vanity contained in your youth,
the way the curtain always falls on your truth,
smiles that hide in the gardens of solitude,
heinous streams at the back of your soul,
hands held out, make me grasp hold,
take me away, take me off the grid.
Haydn Swan Dec 2018
Why do we seek the image in the mirror,
then trust what we see in its frame,
the self gratification of the soul,
the ugliness of the truth it hides,
reflections of the things that we hide,
seeing through others eyes,
the belief in systems of lies,
throw the veil over all that we are,
taking refuge in the shadows it casts,
hidden by the pain that we fear,
imprisoned by the words that we hear,
take solace in what you see inside,
trust in the world contained within.
Haydn Swan Jul 2018
The quiet synergy of life,
the ebbs and flows of its tides,
the quietness of its waves lapping against the shore,
tempestuous waters crashing against the rocks,
its buoyancy keeping all afloat to journeys afar,
as the ancient mariners we must have faith in our vessels,
that on these waters we will arrive at our destination,
gazing into far off horizons what do we see ?
shimmering sun beams on the tips of waves,
or darkest of clouds that stir up the deep,
all will change of which certainty abounds.
Haydn Swan Jun 2018
You navigate my soul as a mariner to the waves,
knowing when the storms are on the horizon,
when the winds beat down and tear it asunder
only you can fathom the safety of hidden shores,
at the helm you grasp my hand and steer us to land,
to the warmth of souls entwining and becoming as one,
no sirens here to cast us asunder on the rocks,
only the perfect beauty in the paleness of skin,
the purest pools contained within your eyes,
the softness of whispers within your voice,
soothing all these tempestuous seas,
as the mists of time swirl through this moonlit night,
gathering me in and carrying me forth,
so forever yours shall I remain,
all eternity awaits as we sail this ship afar.
Haydn Swan Jun 2018
Trombone faces, up and down,
the smile we paint, a lurid frown,
dance to tunes we cannot hear,
suffer in silence, courting fear,

Too much said in the darkness zone,
to the voids of chaos we are thrown,
with skittish punches we must roll,
the space between the juddered soul,

tried too hard to swim this sea,
to the moonlit shores that set us free,
always others sharpening their axe,
to cut us down as scythes through flax.

yet sentinels of hope we must remain,
whilst dancing to this sad refrain,
through the darkest words that spew,
look now to arms that hold us true.
Haydn Swan Jun 2018
The equilibrium of how warm meets cold,
the synergy of spring meeting summer,
the calmness before a storm,
how the first rain drops gently fall,
the smell of parched earth as the dampness spreads,
glinting sunlight through a passing grey cloud,
folded umbrellas drying by a door,
containing residues of past yet primed for the days ahead,
the darkness of mood lifted by a lovers smile,
futures unfold in the tears of an eye,
cares taken away by the simplicity of being,
calmness residing in the eye of the storm.
Haydn Swan May 2018
I hear her in the rain,
the black rain that swirls through the mist,
she sings me her songs,
soothing my soul,
glowing as the embers of a winter fire,
a shamrock in the fields of darkness,
she moves within me, I feel her warmth,
only she can bring me the love that I desire,
for it is only she that can quench this thirst,
all else is just breath on a glass,
temporal, meaningless, a tree without roots,
I hear your call my dearest, calling my name,
oh how I shall quicken and hearken to be at your side,
there and only there do I find my sanctuary,
my eternal rest, now and forever.
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