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Sometimes I want love to find me.
For when love takes over,
you'll walk the road of serenity.
You'll climb the mountain of euphoria.
You'll swim the ocean of ecstasy.

Yet, I don't think love is good for me.
I'm afraid it'll **** me in a state of oblivion.
But perhaps that's all I ever really needed;
to fall into the pit of love and never
break through the surface again.
How the career
Of so many
Tell their own
Carry their own
Hold magic in
Chosen over
Telling me stories
Maleficent 2
Strung Jun 14
I’m thinking all my charcoal thoughts—
Scorching on my mind—
I’m thinking all my crumbly words
Are worth the dark’s dull time
I sit here in the dark
And watch the embers burn
The feelings of the faces here
Mean nothing in the urn.
I sit against cold tiles,
Hiding in the dark
The fire burns me inside out
I’m alone, I’m hurt.
I sit deep in the fire
I have no more bones to give
All my blood is boiling
And my eyes have all but caved
I sit here in the fire
And think my charcoal thoughts
I want nothing else to do
With anything but dust.
Burn the legs and up the arms
I’m done with walking free
Burn the brain, the heart, the soul
I retire to the dream.
Star BG Apr 19
I often find myself falling into a spelling pit.
The place where letters are mounds of dirt.
Where has dirt fall into my eyes.
A hole where spelling correctly is impossible
but still my poem I write.
inspired by on Humorous Poetry... Lily's poem
Your love is the marvel
Changes  my things
Makes me felt with happiness

That I lost since periods
They might be short
Or might be long

Your love is the important
It digs signs at my mind
And leaves pit at my heart

But it chased the sad
I feel blossoms open inside
The birds sings at my spirit

My soul flying at height
Between angels leaving the worst
All of these, I fell in love
With the smartest
the love is the honest feeling especially when it begins with one word and ends with tie marriage
Poetress2 Apr 3
In a pit far hotter then Hell,
Satan's fate doth lie within;
And when this wicked world's over
God will then throw Satan in.
Into that lake of Fire and Brimstone,
also known as the Pits of Hell;
This is Beelzebub's destiny,
and he knows this, all too well.
Yet before this time will come,
he's seeking those to devour;
Trying to harm God's Creations,
believing he has much more power.
But woe to Satan upon that day,
when God's had more than enough;
'Tis then the Devil will realize,
his kingdom will then come undone.
His empire will certainly crumble,
as if in a major Earthquake;
Satan will tremble in utter fear,
his Demons will quiver and shake.
The words of God will be fulfilled,
when He cast Satan into that fire;
And within that Lake, he will remain,
no hope for this Beast and his liars.
And as they burn, their knees shall bow,
as each of their tongues shall confess;
That Jesus Christ is the Lord of Lords,
this truth they will surely profess!
Every night keeps within it's protective cupped palms
At least this much; few bright moments of calm.
But she was a night so perfectly wedded to the dense dark,
Even in love, doing diabolic best, as if nothing else'd work
Never occured no other,in her thoughts or deeds ever.
But he seemed to be not  aware of his eye sight's fatal error,
Always read all her printer's devil just as if all of it's  right,
Her many decisive acts finely co ordinated,  finished him quite,
Love the first casuality, gave an impetus, then followed the rest.
He who fell head over the heals for her, slumped face down in the pit
In a room full of people

I’ve never felt more alone

All the lousy chatter

Never seemed so quiet

My insides full of sorrow

Yet a deep empty pit dominates my soul
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