Every day she plants the starseeds
that grow into wishing flowers,
their petals fall down to the earth
and we call them meteor showers.

We beseech the celestial wanderers
and when our words reach her ears,
she makes all our biddings come true,
but each one is stained by her tears.

She yearned for one to call her own
in her garden above the clouds,
but to think of herself and not of the world,
her duty is disavowed.

And so the lonely Starwarden
only smiled on us from above.
She could not keep the wish of another
just because she wished for love.

Even the most beautiful flower
must carry the curse to wilt
and even in its dying hour
new life upon it is built.

No longer will it grace our eyes,
but through death it is still giving.
A new purpose is served through it's demise:
the chance to nourish the living.

Mysidian Bard Jul 12

Broken, hard scattered shards,
seeming impossible to undo.
You were just a jigsaw puzzle
and I wanted to complete you.

Interlocking jagged fragments;
we both knew from the start
that you were missing pieces,
ones that belonged to your heart.

If we were to ever be together,
I knew what I had to do --
I began to take myself apart
to give those pieces to you.

Slowly I break with each piece you take,
but my love only increases;
for now I am a part of you,
I am your missing pieces.

I want this kiss to end,
it brings me pain to say
that I've thought a lot about it
and at risk of sounding cliche:

we wanted it to last forever
and I'm sorry that it can't be,
but when I'm done explaining
I'm hoping that you'll see.

Eternity has no meaning
as profound as it may seem;
value is found in the fleeting
otherwise we'd always dream.

The thing that makes it beautiful
is that it has an ending,
our time is short and limited
so we choose where our time is worth spending.

We choose to be together
as our lives are drifting by,
we'll take each others breath away
until we finally die.

I want this kiss to end,
on that I'm very sure.
I want this kiss to end
so I can give you a thousand more.

My chances became
equal to your frigid heart:
absolute zero.

There was a time when we were strangers;
ships that passed in the cover of night.
We sailed parallel those lonely waters
not knowing that soon we'd be in sight.

There was a time when we were friends;
you wished only to reach the shore,
but my compass was spinning, our journey just beginning
and so I took you aboard.

There was a time when we were lovers,
but our ship soon started to leak.
We battened the hatches, bailing her out,
but hopes were battered and meek.

An unspoken pact and a final kiss,
letting you drift from my fingertips.
I readied the very last lifeboat,
but the captain goes down with the ship.

Strangers become lovers and lovers become strangers
through sailing the seas of time,
but this mariners tragedy's worth the memories
of when I called you mine.

I've seen sunlight in her eyes,
a reflection of her soul.
So warm, radiant and gentle,
but a glance is all I stole.

I've seen starlight in her eyes,
a reflection of her dreams.
Dancing beneath the sea of pearls;
mirrored in a serene stream.

I've seen firelight in her eyes,
a reflection of her lust.
The crimson embers flickering;
hearts threatening to combust.

I've seen moonlight in her eyes,
a reflection of her wonder.
Thoughtful silent glimpses shared
in the silver beams asunder.

Yet every moment my memory holds,
reflected in earth and skies --
I'd trade them all without hesitation
just to be beautiful in her eyes.

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