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Ian Beckett May 2020
It’s almost nine weeks since I came home
Unending days bleeding seamlessly together
A sadness of leaving you as lockdown ends
Quarantine paradise as together time flies

It’s almost nineteen years since I went away
Unending flight memories bleeding together
A sadness of absence as the lockdown ends
Quarantine paradise in absence slow time
Written after nine weeks of lockdown in Dublin
Ian Beckett Jul 2019
Forty years gone in the blink of an eye
Moments passed dimly remembered
Children born now adults now flying high
Good bosses, bad companies, stock losses
Simply an enabler of life – not life itself

Our million memories merge at ruby - crystal
Clear that we were made for each other
Together our hearts beat in slow harmony
Apart - the same hearts grow fonder - so that
We are growing younger together every year
Ian Beckett Feb 2017
How can you
Experience the
Pain of now when
You are not living
In the moment?

How can you
Claim that your feet
Are on the ground
When your head is
In the clouds?

How can you
Tell everyone that
You have the answer
When your love is
No longer with you?
Ian Beckett Feb 2017
The air electric with nervous anticipation
She has a chaperone for a civilized coffee
His smile breaks the ice with “ciao” now
Spanish steps descent in nervous chatter

Ascent with butterflies and a sublime kiss
Bedroom explorations as two become one
“Will we” devil battles with “we won't” angel
Their eyes tell of bold Cupid’s lovers spell

Breakfast chocolate kisses in romantic Rome
Tosca may have jumped but they fell in love
Checking out cannot mask their parting pain
How long will it be until we meet again?
Ian Beckett Feb 2017
Wanting, waiting,
Wishing the words
That touched her soul
Would answer the question

Is it right? Is it wrong?

Who cares if this is love?

Did she believe that this
Passion, perchance love
Could lead to such
Waves of pleasure
That has her drowning
In a desperation of doubt
Ian Beckett Feb 2017
Sail away with me today my love
And make love under the stars
Mid-winter Nordic dawn becomes
A Flam frozen train to paradise

Sail away with me tonight my love
And make love under the stars
Mid-winter Nordic dawn becomes
A fjord of fog bound waterfalls

Sail away with me tomorrow my love
And make love under the stars
Mid-winter Nordic dawn becomes
A slip-sliding memory of closeness
our romantic Hotel in Bergen had a magical suite in the roof under the stars
Ian Beckett Aug 2016
Smiling lovers’ eyes dilate in magnetic attraction
Warm bodies embrace the electric charge of desire
Tingling lips licked kiss a “missed you” message
Soft hands explore through summer thin clothes
Fluttering feeling in passion the butterflies fly free
As skin-close lovers assuage each other’s absence
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