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stillhuman Dec 2020
It's harder for my lungs
to open up to new air
when you're here
than when you're not

After all your presence takes
all the space I used to shape
to fit my own self
my own taste

Instead you force me
into a mold you've created
Force my body to fit
my mind to submit
my patience to coexist
with things I never wanted
A life not made for me

I'm just one of your mannequins
to pass the time
when people disappoint you
life doesn't go your way
your choices don't matter
so that you can shape me
into your own frustrations
and smother my essence

I'm just one of your mannequins
that you've left
I don't fit
in myself.
I was in love with a girl once who didn't love me back. She made me feel inadequate but also the best, most unrealistic version of myself
Kristin Nov 2020
Never enough
is a pit
you scream into it
it echoes

Never enough
is a hunger
it growls and growls
twisting your stomach

Never enough
is a sadness
of always coming up short
even when it was enough

Never enough
is a lie
that we all hear
and all listen to

Never enough
No more
Leila Oct 2020
Applauds on resilience
Persistence and stubbornness
Born to make, to create
Sees all in which nothing should exist
Imagine being that
Potential is stored inside me
Waiting but yet begging to be let out
I starve myself my laziness
What’s of all the effort if all I get is strife?
Laugh at me all you want
Is what you love worth the pain of caring?
Knowing others will always be above you
I’m so tired
I shot myself short before I could even begin
soo doo nimim Jun 2020
Here I stand in your embrace
Starting at your loving face
And all I think
Is all I am
What I don’t deserve
I’m such a disgrace
Mia May 2020
One year. It felt like a cloudy night sky.
Nothing. Darkness, suffocating, painful darkness.
And then, occasionally, there were fireworks.
Moments of joy that last for seconds, until they fade away.

I’ve been trudging through this darkness
With no progress, no developments
Beyond who I am inside.
But the world doesn’t stop turning.

I still feel inadequate and talentless.
I still feel like an empty void
That has it together well enough that no one would look inside.
But I’m about to tear apart.

I need to do something!
I can’t be a parasite.
But there’s nothing I can do.
I feel so wrong.

Help me so I don’t need help.
I've still been writing, just not as much as before. University has been a huge waste of time so far and completely killed my creativity. I also feel alone and useless, so it's been fun lately.
Sorry for vanishing for 6 months, I haven't forgotten about you all.
Mark Jan 2020

Don't let self-doubt
contaminate your thoughts.

Don't let apprehension
block your airways.

Don't let fear
hold your throat in choke.

Don't let anxiety
sever your tongue.

Don't let anything
stop you from conjuring
words from your depths.


And be heard.
Chiara Jan 2020
I love the night for the stars in the sky,
Yet I hate it for the thoughts that come to mind...
Thoughts of doubt while sleep won't find me,
Thoughts of inadequacy nagging on me.
That's why I lie awake, wishing to see stars instead
And I ask myself a question:
Just when will these thoughts end?
A Dec 2019
I feel blindsided by your dishonesty
Shocked to know that this is you
The real you
Not the prince I saved my soul for

I am pierced by your callousness
I would have laid down my very life
In order to defend your honor
Alas, morning would not have come for me

It isn't malice that encases me
It is a bottomless, frigid anguish
Because it is now clear what's inside your heart
And I'm not there anymore
Does it ever get better? Will I ever breathe again?
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
I need to teach myself
that when they leave,
when they fall out of love,
when they reject,
It's not always because of my inadequacy
but rather it speaks
volumes about them.
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