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A Mar 9
she told me she loved me,
but she would only hold my hand.
she wouldn’t let me touch her hips
or even give her a kiss goodbye.

she told me she loved me,
but it’s been a year since we kissed.
she only hugs me when I ask for it,
my God, I miss the bliss.

she told me she loved me,
but I felt like she didn’t mean it.
she looked me in the eye,
and somehow I couldn’t see it.

she told me she loved me,
but why wouldn’t she say sorry?
then I figured that maybe,
she does love me,

but just not enough.

"If it has nothing to do with me
Then why should I even be here?"
That sounded far more narcissistic
Coming out of my mouth. But
I meant exactly what I said, and
I knew exactly what I meant.
I knew exactly what I meant.

By Aleksander Mielnikow
Lookup AlekthePoet on the Googles to find me through other mediums, if you wish. Of course, HelloPoetry is awesome though so who cares lol.nar
Daan Vandelay Feb 15
A mild case of impostor syndrome,
a severe symptom in the form of
confabulations without instigations,

are the base of our disease.
Who we are, is glued to our
actions, due to devour
what our soup tasted like before it all went sour.

This is nonsense, this is weak,
this is no writing of which people speak.
Is it even right in use to say the things, written.
Stop longing for the time of long before,

when we were all still rid
of conscious thought and feeling,

back when we were reeling in and out, casually,
of our devout inadequacy.
When do we deserve a title and when are we what we’re called?
AprilS Jan 4
I grieve for the poems
Drawing a map of my soul
Failing in the beauty of the form
My body a mirror of this
Carrying me so adequately
Beauty and grace absent to others eyes
Allen Faust Jan 2018
I wish, just for moment, that I could show you how you look to me. How even your simplest of creations are a constant inspiration. Not because they give me ideas or contribute in a synergistic manner with my own works. It’s because your pieces of literary and artistic genius give me hope that one day my own pieces will no longer be this muddled, contorted maelstrom of chaos and damnable poetry. They give me happiness when I sorely lack even a shred of joy. They enable me to bravely face the demons of my work, in hopes of quelling their ceaseless screams, or destroying them all together. In the end, your positivity helps me face the monsters that I have created to remind myself that this world will continue to beat me down, and that with the unknowing support of all of you, I can continue to fight.
Comments and criticism appreciated.
Karl Warren Nov 2017
I see you dressed in wool,
My mind unwinds,
I feel a definate pull,
To see her struggle against her binds.
Tall and thin she towers,
Headphones cover her ears,
Red and yellow leaves spiral in showers,
Can I speak and overcome my fears?

Intimately we look up from the ground,
And walk our separate ways without a sound.
Oculi Nov 2017
Feelings of inadequacy
Something not all of you can see
I've felt lonely all my life
One great, endless bitter strife
Until I met you

I never loved anything until I loved you
But you're so far from me, what do I do?
I can't feel anything but bitter cold
Is this the price of the happiness sold

From now on, I think of no one
But this beloved no one
You cannot see me anymore
No, I am nothing, no more

I've gone missing
No longer exist
One day, I hope
I'm someone you'd miss
But did you ever love me?
May Sep 2017
We all feel like we have to be the best because everyone expects us to be the best
But the best is an untouchable and unreachable standard that we set ourselves
And we set this standard but we only end up feeling that were invaluable

Invaluable because we need to have something were good at
We need a thing to feel like were good enough but other people are better
And everyone is constantly competing against each other to reach this untouchable standard, expectation

Expectation because everybody needs to feel needed and special
We need to feel special but it's getting harder to feel special because were not the best
Not the best compared to everybody else that were subconsciously competing with
Were competing because its all we know and all we know how to do

All we know how to do because were constantly placed against everybody else
Constantly compared because we feel like we need to find the best
But the best is an untouchable and unreachable standard that we set ourselves because we need to feel worthy

Worthy of the praise and the glory because were made of jealousy
And jealousy obstructs our view of who we really are and what we love
Because who we are and what we love can be compared to other people
And when we compare we come back to the untouchable and unreachable standard

You don't have to be the best in order to feel special and loved
Because were all the best at different things even if they aren't advertised
You don't need to win a competition or be famous before everybody else
You don't need to because you can't compare compassion or love
You can't compare ability and performance to other people
You can't because were all different and conditions and situations are different
No one is living the same as you are and no one knows who you truly are
And you don't owe anyone anything because they aren't you

You don't need to be the best
The untouchable and unreachable standard
Because who you are can't be compared to anybody else because they dont have your mind
They dont have your heart and your soul and thats what matters
Being the best isn't about measuring how special we are
Being the best is about feeling better than other people and being superior

Superior because we all need a little power sometimes and some people have but don't need
And some people need but don't have because they aren't the best
But we dont have to set this untouchable and unreachable standard because were different

Were all different and we need to see that
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