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Ashwin Kumar Mar 11
Is it wrong to forget?
The mind is an ocean
Filled to the brim with thoughts
Rising like a crescendo
Before plummeting sharply
Like a tsunami
Then there are the feelings
Lurking around every nook and corner
Ready to catch you unawares
And take a juicy bite of your leg
As sharks do
As you go deeper and deeper
Total chaos reigns
In the form of perceptions and judgements
Those ****** icebergs
Which can sink even the unsinkable ships

Is it wrong to forget?
The mind is an ocean
Deeper than the Pacific
More stormy than the Atlantic
Even as you swim with the tide
Alternating between hope and despair
With every high and low
You barely manage to stay afloat
Eventually being ******
Into a whirlpool of depression
As you go round and round
You sink lower and lower
Until you forget where you are
You forget who you are
And you wonder
How you came into existence
So, tell me
Is it really wrong to forget?
Why it is not wrong to forget
Ashwin Kumar Feb 12
I have placed my trust in you
Not once, not twice
But for years and years
Every time you fail to deliver
I tell myself to be patient
I say, "give it some time"
As I wait and wait
You begin to take me for granted
Your service becomes poorer and poorer
While my wallet grows thinner and thinner
I tell myself to be patient
But my face grows redder and redder
My eyes begin to blaze
My teeth grow sharper and sharper
My mouth begins to foam
My fists begin to clench
My finger and toe nails grow sharper and sharper
Still, I tell myself to be patient
But then you fail spectacularly
When it matters the most
This is the last straw
With an almighty roar
I pounce on you
Heedless of your frantic cries for mercy
And tear you to pieces
While I drink your blood
I pause for a moment
To savour the just retribution
For all these years of injustice
For all these years of betrayal
I was patient, for a long time
But patience too, has its limits
Poem meant for Vodafone India senior management. Statutory Warning: Contains violence and bloodlust.
Ashwin Kumar Feb 4
Two years of toil
Two years of utmost dedication
Two years of perseverance
Where are the fruits?

As every month begins
My eyes light up
In keen anticipation
That my efforts would be rewarded
However, the wait is so long
That it kills me from within
As I wonder whether my time is valued
For you, time is precious
You expect quality and speed
At the same time
Is it wrong
For me, to expect the same
From your side?
However, all I end up doing
Is keeping a straight face
While I listen to your lame excuses
As I wonder whether my time is valued
Whether my efforts are valued
Whether it is worth
Burning the midnight oil
For an employer
To whom I matter
Only when money chases him
The same money
Which I am denied
Again and again
Till I am a fool
To even dream
That my dues would be cleared
Poem I am writing as my workplace frustrations come to a head...for the umpteenth time!!
Ashwin Kumar Sep 2018
You are a guardian of the law
Your duty is to keep crime at bay
And bring the criminals to justice
But, as I watch you,
Wearing a khaki uniform
And swinging your baton around
As you go about on your daily rounds
I am filled with such a rage
That I hold my hand up in prayer
And desperately wish that thoughts could ****
Because you would then be dead
Before anyone could even say "police"

You are a guardian of the law
Your duty is to keep crime at bay
And bring the criminals to justice
But instead, you abuse the immense power
That you wield in your iron fist
As people come out in hordes
To protest on various issues
You swing your baton around
As wood clashes against flesh
Democracy dies a thousand deaths
However, your **** is unsatiated
A pistol replaces the baton
As it rains bullets
Bundles of cash change hands
As you quietly pocket them
You yell to the world
That justice has been served
Even as the bodies pile up
And Humanity waves a white flag
As she bows to your iron fist
This is my rant against the brutal and corrupt police force of India.
Ashwin Kumar Aug 2018
May woe betide you
May the worst of calamities
Strike your kith and kin
May you lose everything
That is dear to you
Every penny of yours
Shall be consigned to the flames
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Serving as divine retribution
For the bundles of cash
That changed hands everyday
Faster than the speed of light
Throughout your deceitful existence
Filled with lies and blackmail
Before eventually finding a safe haven
In your classy, upper middle class dwelling

May woe betide you
May every happy thought of yours
Be ****** out of your conniving minds
May your life be reduced
To one full of manic depression
One incapable of coherent thinking
Thus dwelling only on your failures
Till you eventually succumb
And self-destruct
With a flash of blinding light
Such that, all that is left
Is an unrecognizable form
A wretched caricature of regret
With your souls torn asunder
Leaving the world a little happier
A poem which is meant for my ruthless, cunning and treacherous ex-house owners in Chennai
Ashwin Kumar Aug 2018
I don't know who you are
I don't know what you do
I don't know where you are
But I know that
You have wrecked me
Mentally, psychologically and socially
Rendering me incoherent in speech
And incapable of action
Reduced to a blundering mass
Of bloated bones and sinew
Ready to collapse like a pack of cards
At the slightest hint of a crisis

I don't know who you are
I don't know what you do
I don't know where you are
But I know that
You have wrecked me
And you shall pay dearly for it
Whether it be death by a thousand cuts
Or a pill of cyanide in your cup of tea
Or a bullet right in your temple
Or a mighty fall from the tallest tower
Or a bite from a venomous serpent
Or a decapitation by the mighty guillotine
Or even, having your soul ****** out
From your filthy mouth

I don't know who you are
I don't know what you do
I don't know where you are
But I know that
You have wrecked me
And I shall not rest
Until I finish you, once and for all
And the world is rid, of your menace
A poem which is meant as a message to a troll on Facebook with a fake account

Statutory Warning: contains references to violence, death and ******. Not recommended for children, senior citizens, women in advanced stages of pregnancy; and cancer and heart patients.
Ashwin Kumar Jul 2018
The wait has been long
Two weeks and counting
As everyday passes
You tell yourself to be patient
And do your work calmly
As though everything is all right
As the minutes turn to hours
Hours turn to days
And days turn to weeks
But still nothing happens
No message from your bank
No credit added to your account
Same old excuses given
Your resolve can no longer hold
Your steely focus falters
You make mistakes
That you would not have made
Even in your wildest dreams
Every hurdle looks insurmountable
The commute to office
Suddenly seems like a marathon
You lash out at strangers
Over matters as mundane
As your typing speed
At home, you drown yourself
In Agatha Christie's finest ****** mysteries
Forgetting that you have to sleep
Just reading and reading
To escape from the mad world around you
Till your eye muscles scream in protest
You clench your fists
Flex your muscles
And sharpen your teeth
As the devil awakens inside you
Ready to pounce on your master
And seek divine retribution
For making you wait so long
And denying you
What is rightfully yours
Fairly self-explanatory!
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