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In the stages between friends and something more
Is unstable and unsure
Every interest, possibility
Comes with an Expiration date on the bottom
Weather by fate or just being the wrong mate
Im continuing my search
Sifting through the endless faces and hearts
Following the traces
Looking for the stars in your eyes
Maybe we shall meet in the ether
You will find me floating around Mars, weightless and spiraling into the darkness
I'll see you there
Jumping from world to world
Land to land
Surrounded by millions of drones
but standing alone
I spoke and no one understood
They spoke and I was equally confused
Stop Translating, It doesn't compute

Through games of charade and mime like games
The ball is rolling and I yearn to learn and enhance these words from a foreign land.
An appetite for new faces and special places where my eyes can gorge themselves upon  

Unique words and different herds
Getting past this shyness I have always possessed
Earning this backbone and confidence
I speak without falter nothing hindering me now

I am a land rover and jumper
Winter, Spring, Fall, or Summer
You can't stop me now
I feel the electricity and sheer power of the world as it is changing myself and all around me
Now I am internalizing it all
I'm riding these International winds
To places I have never been
Let's see where I will end up next
Cold showers on Hot days
Laying naked in this Indian haze
As beads of sweat glide down my cheek
I hope I black out, so that I might sleep,
to drift me off to a better place
Through the debris of outer space
Floating through the nebulae
Searching for someone to connect retinae
Igniting that spark we all yearn to find
Both body, soul, and mind  
A connection that feels prehistoric
Searching for that one human that makes us feel euphoric
My cheeks betray me
They lie to everyone all the time
I've only had two glasses of wine
They turn a rosy color and stay awhile
"Awe that's so cute" **** that I wish they stop
I find it quite vile
Either my cheeks or my eyes betray me nonstop
I don't like being able to be read so easily
There is more to me than what you see
My eyes betray me, if you look real close
Screaming about what really is
Thankfully most seem to miss this
But ever I would fall in love
those eyes will be my downfall
Yelling about my true feelings
Not being able to hide
I fear for that day
That my own eyes condemn me
Again it's pouring in Switzerland
The sounds of wet footsteps hitting the pavement
I am starting to feel something once again
So I'll extend my hand
and shake it in achievement just to realize I have no hand to shake
So here I stand in the pouring rain only just to notice the inclined plane
Not finished
I speak to the trees about my qualms; knowing they will keep them rooted and hidden from the world above.

I cry with the rain about my dysphoria; so that it's curved drops might cleanse me and wash away any anguish.

I whisper to the burning fire about my desires; so that they may ignite and transform into something unquenchable.

I confide in the wind about my loneliness; so that it might blow someone onto  my path so that I would be given a reply to all the things the trees, rain, fire, and wind have heard but could never give me an answer.
I write poems in my sleep
Allowing my dreams to speak
When I wake they fail to keep
Resulting in
Scribbles and nonsense splattered on the sheet
One day I'm sure this nonsense will start to form
Rearrange itself
Into bits of coherent sense
I will never ignore the voice of my subconsciousness
So speak on to me  my dreams
Whisper things into my sleep
That only make sense when I dream
For you hold secrets I know for sure
And I am excellent and putting puzzle pieces together
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